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In the depths of the room, an inconspicuous wardrobe apparently had a locker at one wall, and opposite it, something like an old cupboard, dishes and crystal in which, however, was not there, but stood on top of a lonely loudly ticking alarm clock.
But the rest of the space of the room was occupied by a large sofa, compared to the rest of the room furnishing, which looked like Gulliver among the dwarfs.
The sofa was already covered with sleeping linen and one corner of the blanket was hospitably turned away.
– Let’s get acquainted? So you ?.
– the voice of the hostess brought me out of the contemplative state.
“I am Anton,” I almost reported having gotten off on my friend’s pseudonym.
“And I am Vitalia,” she said, and held out her hand to me.
I took her cold fingers in my hand and kissed her.
– I love the gallant gentlemen! – laughed Vitali.
“How many ironies,” I said, offended by a grimace.
– Oh, no, no! No irony! she cried, and smacking her cheek impulsively.
– It’s so nice.
We women (it seemed to me that she uttered this word with particular pressure) so love good manners in men! Strange, but this obvious tune and exaltation did not spoil her at all, it looked like a completely natural female coquetry and a desire to please.

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And I liked her more and more.
“What an interesting name is Vitalia,” I continued the conversation.
– Greek.
For some reason, as a rule, they shorten it to Vita, but I don’t like it so badly! Friends call me Talia or simply Tasha.
“Tasha, it’s necessary, how cute,” I thought, and added to the ear: “Talia?” So the Greeks called one of the muses, – I began to shine with erudition.
– She patronized, it seems.
I stalled.
So far my knowledge did not extend.
“Comedies,” my interlocutor caught in and rolled her eyes in feigned horror.
– God, also erudite! I have a good day in the morning.
I could not stand it and laughed.
With a sense of humor, which in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred is an indispensable companion of the mind, she definitely had everything in order.
Definitely, I started to like her more and more.
– It remains to find out whether you

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like me? – here as if read my thoughts Talia.
She took a handkerchief from her shoulders and was now standing in the middle of the room.
The short robe of the fitted style was sewn from translucent fabric and didn’t hide anything, and only black lace panties-thongs were wearing clothes under the robe.
Providing me with a fully panoramic view, Talia twisted so gracefully before me a couple of times in such an elegant pirouette that I thought that she would be more suitable as Terpsichora.
Yes, she was about twenty, maybe with a little.
Graceful little head, long beautiful neck.
Very proportioned figure with a thin waist and much more developed hips. Cute teen webcam masturbation.

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