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And good luck to you! ”
Having gone a few steps inertia, the girl turns around, looking at me perplexedly, obviously with some disappointment, but also with relief; uncertainly, half-turning backwards.
I smile at her, wink and wave my hand.
She smiles back, wider and bolder with each passing second, also waves her hand and takes a few more steps away from me; then, thinking for a moment, he stops, runs up to me again, and clasps his arms around his neck, with a slight involuntary groan imprints a juicy kiss on the lips; laughs foolishly, chirps cheerfully: “Bye-bye”, and almost skips off; already from the very doors of the school, once again turning around and smiling from ear to ear, waving at me with both hands at last.
Everything, now I remembered her, in reality, the face of this stranger belonged to an aspiring English teacher, who tried to teach me this language one by one (then, actually, what about the School of Arts? What are all the same strange quirks from the subconscious).
I follow the girl with a look, take a deep and happy breath, turn around and, terribly pleased, go about my business.
And spring begins on the street.
The air is filled with moisture and movement.
Life goes on.
The dream is over, and outside the window is already dawning.
I wake up with a light and fresh head, a full of energy body literally throws me out of bed.
The day promises to be successful.
After the wedding of a friend, Lera closed in on herself.
She didn’t want to see anyone, missed discos, the whole world was not nice to her.
Buried in a pillow, she cried at night, bitterly remembering every minute, not even, probably every second, of that tragic night.
Why did this happen to her, what she did wrong, why fate is so cruel.

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She just did not allow anyone to, virginity for her was the most sacred.
A week passed, and the pain did not stop.
It was soaring in the lower abdomen and in the perineum, well at least stopped bleeding.
But these pains were tolerable, compared with mental pains.
The heart was breaking apart.
I’m not a girl anymore.
She could not imagine what she would say to someone with whom she would later decide to spend the rest of her life, who she would truly love.
Most of all, of course, she was worried by the fact that if the whole village finds out, there will be talk and gossip.
And the impatient Lerochka will turn into a leker Lavka.
I would rather have classes, so I want to go to the city, and forget this nightmare.
But in the village it was quiet and calm, the friend was silent, as she showed the sheets as her innocence, and Vitek was afraid to open her mouth.
Suddenly a rape will be reported to the police, or local youth will take revenge.
No one noticed the change in the girl’s life, the parents were preparing for the harvest, and the younger sister ran all the way along her friends.
And only one grandmother drew on the behavior of her beloved granddaughter.
Insularity, excessive silence and strict female eyes betrayed Leroux.
And still favorite blue panties, soiled supposedly in menstruation, could not help but alert the experienced woman, who had seen a lot in her lifetime.
With tears in her eyes, she washed the bloody stain, boiled them.
I wanted to throw it out, but after thinking it over, I decided: “If Lera did not do it, then they are dear to her”
And they were dear to her because their grandmother had bought them.
The old woman experienced no less than her granddaughter.
She did not ask Lera about anything, she knew for sure that the time would come and she would tell everything.
It did not take long to wait.
Left alone at home,

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Lera, with tears in her eyes, said: “I have become a woman.”
“Keep quiet” – her finger pressed to her lips, the grandmother answered: “I know everything”.
But she did not know that the granddaughter did this against her will.
A wise woman predicted to her beloved that this is not her fate, Vitya is not your pair, you don’t love him, and your prince will appear on a white horse, and he will understand and forgive you.
But while no less severe tests are waiting for you, and you must overcome them with honor, perhaps even over the heads of your girlfriends.
With this thought, Lera went to a distant city to study.
New furnishings and activities distracted from past thoughts. Best live sex shows.

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