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Pretty, like a doll girl.
Sitting in a half turn at the table, she checked the notebooks with exaggerated attention.
And I admired her tightly covered skirt with a round ass and neat balls of resiliently protruding breasts under a thin blouse.
Under my admiring glance, a pale pink blush flashed on her cheek.
Like, she’s good! What do you do Helen! – silently coming up to her, I asked.
She jumped up in awe, and almost fell down, hitting my head in the chest.
I instinctively grabbed her by the shoulders, she lifted her face, and somehow limped once, closed her eyes.
I kissed her plump lips.
Gentle and warm.
Our kiss lasted for ages.
Humbly clinging to my chest, she continued to stand, head thrown back.
Looking up from her mouth, I looked down and in the section of the blouse I saw the snow-white hemispheres of the semi covered with cups of the bra breasts.
Gentle and seductive.
Leaning towards them, I began to greedily kiss them and losing my head, climbed under the narrow skirt.
Under the tight elastic of the panties, I found a tiny clean-shaved slit.
Thirty minutes remained before the break.
Leaving the girl, I quickly went to the door and, turning the key in the keyhole, returned to her.
Crouching on the table, she stood, leaning her palms on the tabletop.
She had a stunning view of the symbiosis of sacrifice and sinner.
She didn’t even straighten the upturned skirt, from under which her slender legs were visible.
Having lowered shorts, I have pulled out a member and, having directed it in a little slit, I have pulled it on myself for hips.
She stood as inanimate.

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It seemed to me that she was not aware of what was happening to her.
But, this was not the case.
Our intercourse took place in complete silence.
Sometimes a weak moan escaped from her hot sponge lips, along with scorching breath, which I suppressed with a kiss.
Knocking her on the table, I began to passionately drive a member into it, holding her divorced legs.
Coming out of it, he twisted pink flesh, stretching after the trunk.
The final chord was an orgasm that turned me inside out.
She could not hold back a moan of bliss as my jets began to fill her vagina.
A call for a break caught me during my return from the school canteen.
When the women returned to the staff room, they were pleasantly surprised to see that I had dragged from there, almost all the buns, and a whole tray of sweet tea.
We had a little snack.
Helen, also modestly continued to sit in her place at the table and also, like, and before what happened between us.
In her slightly rosy, from not passing excitement cheeks, flashes flashed delicate blush.
What a pity that I can not visit her in the evening.
This evening I did not have to spend with Irina.
Returning to my school, I was pleasantly amazed at the joy that the girls of my class, as well as some colleagues, showed about this.
I myself, was glad of this no less than them.
In the evening, as we agreed before departure, the girls came to me.
Together with Vera and Ira, another girl came to visit.
I remembered our conversation.
The girl seems to be called Lena.
In her appearance it is difficult to say that she is young.
Looks the same age as her sister and her friend.
She knows that she came to me to fuck.
It removed from me the burden of moral responsibility.
I did not persuade her and did not seduce her; I myself asked for bed.
While the girls were bustling in the kitchen, preparing dinner in a businesslike manner,

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I decided to get to know her closer.
We talked, sitting opposite the working TV.
Getting up from my seat, I approached her.
Raising her face up, she looked at me.
Under my gaze she turned pink.
Taking her warm hand, I lifted and led her into the bedroom.
Having closed the door, I embraced it and, kissing, made my way from behind under the hem of the dress, the elastic of the underpants and covered the full hemispheres of warm buttocks with my palms. Adult webcam chatroulette.

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