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She pushed us apart and inserted it into Sasha’s pussy.
With her she did not stand on ceremony, as with me, drove as deeply as possible.
Sasha’s legs were twitching from her movements, and it was the last thing to continue to caress, unless, of course, you want to knock out your teeth.
Dima began to play the language with Sasha, but I joined up with Zhenya from behind, entering the beat with her movements.
I have not recovered from an orgasm yet, so I began to massage her soft breasts, caressing the tongue of her ears.
For a while the brunette continued to watch her girlfriend fuck, but then she turned to me and began to furiously suck with me.
We changed positions several times: My wife wanted to fuck Sasha and a dog, and so that she jumped on a strap-on, Dima and I rushed around these gurias, enhancing their enjoyment of each other.
At the end of the girl was tired, Zhenya pulled out the day from Sasha’s broken-down hole, and her friends disappeared into the bath.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Dima was already standing, he clearly wanted to continue and looked at the girls who were hiding in incomprehensible ways.
I woke up when he poked a member in my mouth.
I sat down in front of him and opened his lips, Dima put his cock in me, grabbed his head with his hands and started fucking me.
I do not know what pleasure he got from this, I really couldn’t even caress his tongue.
Although, perhaps, in this way, he simply maintained an erection before the arrival of one of the girls, without risking cumming.
Dima has already managed to fairly process my mouth when Sasha came in and said that Zhenya wants me to join her.
I let the penis out of my mouth, the girl took my place, but I went to the bath.
Eugene, it seems, was going to punish me severely for what I finished at the wrong time.
She sat in a large bath filled with water, told me to sit across from her.

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At first she demanded that I lick her legs.
For me, Wife was only a pleasure for me – I liked this girl very much.
She then let me caress her, then brazenly shoved the legs into my mouth.
Then she demanded to lick her ass again.
I continued to sit in my place, and Zhenya got more comfortable in front of my face.
Her position was amazing, her buttocks were completely moved apart, and I had nowhere to go except to lick the waiting ring of the anus.
It was a bit of a strayer, the girls seem to have a lot of fun without us.
I decided that the ass in the bathroom was clean enough, so I not only licked around the hole, but also penetrated into Eugene, judging by the moans, she liked it.
Finally, she decided that was enough for me.
I took out a condom, I sat on the edge of the bath, she pulled a rubber band on my penis and sat down on top.
For all the time we fucked, she did not break our kiss.
Because of her insistence, I risked moving back to the bathroom.
Sasha came to us, but Zhenya asked her not to interfere.
When I was ready to finish, Zhenya got off me, pulled off a condom and swallowed a member, allowing me to cum in her mouth.
I was even a little hurt

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that I poured all the supplies on my stomach then, now I would fill my entire mouth with sperm.
But she seemed pleased, swallowed everything that I released into her and left the bathroom.
Sasha and Dima were resting in the room.
The guy said that it would not be bad to have a bite to eat (we were already fucking a decent time), and in the fridge it was almost empty.
We decided to throw off a little and send the girls for groceries, they themselves volunteered.
When the girls left, Dima gathered in the shower, called me with him.
I understood what it meant, but I still had nothing to do.
While he was washing, I was able, finally, to suck him normally, without his adorable sex in the mouth.
I licked the head, sucked it, bit it slightly, sank down the trunk to the testicles, came back again, swallowed its cock, then started to suck it frantically.
Dima suggested I have sex in the bathroom, I was not against it.
He sent the shower a little to the side, so as not to disturb us, I settled on the opposite end.
My ass has not yet moved away from Eugene’s strap-on and took Dima’s cock with constant pain from every movement.
I liked it, pictures from porn films appeared before my eyes, the blissful faces of girls when they tore at their butts.
The members were huge, and they asked for more and more.
I was in the same position, so I asked Dima the same.
He pounded his cock to the very depth, moving faster and faster, his ass was burning, and I was euphoric.
Sasha glanced over to us: “Oh, you are fucking again? Lesbian latin amateur watch webcam.

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, she was not going to joke: Well, I’m telling you that I will soon be married and that’s all! The end of free life.
I have the right to finally have a good break? I listened to her.
I was surprised.
But I was glad.
Replied: You have, of course! Let’s go then? We got into the first car, having agreed not to let go of our hands and not to kiss, until we hide from prying eyes, and also we did not decide how best to act in this situation.
Vika openly indicated her intentions for the coming night, but with Liza we had a conversation that I didn’t even know where to start.
Vika advised us to throw a couple kopecks so that we could stand at the entrance while we were up and figure out what was happening.
The girl said that if Liza did not like something, then she would be brought home with comfort.
I had never known before that the kind-hearted Vikulya, adored by all classmates and teachers, could be such a belligerent bitch.
While we were going to the round-the-clock shop, Vika decided to clarify some points.
Clarified that she is not a lesbian and not bi.
Therefore, I asked these topics, in which case, not to raise them at all.
She said she did not mind casting lots, and fuck me in turn with Lisa.
But not with her, and not at the same time with her.
I was discouraged by how vigorously and cynically Vika talked about the upcoming process.
As if the tomatoes on the market chose.
The reality of what was happening was believed with difficulty.

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Everything seemed that at the last moment everything would be an exquisite practical joke.
Hastily typing in the shop of drinks and snacks, we finally drove to the entrance of the seven-story building.
Of all the windows of an apartment building, only one burned – the window of my sister’s apartment.
I paid the taxi driver, threw the money on top, asked to wait.
I explained that I will leave either, and let him go.
Or the dark-haired girl will come out, and she will need to be taken wherever she says.
We went up in the elevator to the sixth floor.
Lisa opened almost immediately, offendedly purred: Well, finally! Did you go through Beijing or what? She and Vika were bowled in fake greetings.
At school, the girls were not hostile, but the girlfriends were never special either.
Always were in a neutral relationship.
Vika continued to go ahead and immediately resolutely got down to business.
She asked, albeit with a smile, but with a dry and openly malicious: Well, Lizka, how are we going to divide the peasant? The brunette was taken aback by such a ramish question.
Zalapotala about the fact that she is not going to divide anyone, does not understand at all what Vika is talking about.
The blonde has finished her: Well, that’s great.
So, Sasha is my today, then do not be offended.
Agree? It was here that Lisa realized that pride is not the topic.
And if something does not suit you, you can bring it home, a taxi stands at the entrance.
If you stay – we will throw a coin.
But this is only for Sasha.
I’m not a prude.
I saw him undressing you all evening with his eyes.
I will not argue, I may have a worse shape than you, but believe me, I will find out how to compensate for this.
Vika skillfully, in a woman’s way, downplayed her merits.
She and Lisa, indeed, had different growths (Lisa was half a head taller) and figures.
Vika was a little less graceful.
Not full or stocky, no.
Just a bigger chest, thick ass, shoulders wider.
But both girls girls, believe me, were just amazing.
They would ask me to choose only one, they would have to burst.
The degree of confrontation increased, and I was silent, baldeya from the new sensation. Livejasmin search.

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All the “youngsters” of both sexes (except Kitty), including me, were ranked as cancer.
Our pop points were in full power of the boys and girls.
At first they made the “buttons”, played with us in a kind of our hospital.
They took an empty syringe and as if they were doing a shot in the buttock.
You know, it’s very nice.
“Yes, they made a button in the hospital, it is very nice,” Lera said.
-Yes, well, well, it was just the beginning, and still very pleasant. Sex hd hidden cam.

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There was a hole in the door for an old key, but it was lost long ago.
“Now the girls will be coming up here” – it burned me.
From this thought, my pisyunchik stood on end.
I can see them all naked.
I got dressed slowly and waited for the moment when the doctors left the hall.
Arrow flew into the back room and stopped – come what may.
I hid in a corner and waited. Webcam multiple orgasm.

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No one likes sex in a condom, but the pussy into which my swollen cock flew was so pleasant, cramped, cozy and tender that my thrill could not be spoiled even by a prezik.
I enjoyed entering it at first slowly, savoring every second, in the light of rare lanterns, admiring how her neat petals twist out, hugging and caressing my thick cock.
Then, quickly, listening to how her moans intensify, and how they turn into a scream when I start hammering her sparingly, to the full length of my penis, as I like, hard and hard.
This is unreal excitement when this amazing girl, who has already won my heart, really gives you the first evening of your acquaintance, and when you slow down, give yourself a break, and her pen stretches backwards and starts pushing your hips forward, forcing again you ram her little pussy with all your might when you realize that she likes it no less than you.
And all this in a car, on the embankment, in a place to which this girl can not belong, and where she should not be.
Looking at her writhing back, head thrown back and mouth open from groans, I could not hold back for a long time, with a growl I drove my cock as deep as possible and, shuddering, leaked all the accumulated stock of sperm, imagining that her tender pussy was not protected by anything.
I pulled off the condom, heavy from sperm, and collapsed in the seat, catching my breath from the pleasure I had experienced.
Marinka spun and sat beside her, smiling.
We started kissing again, and again my dick crawled up as her skillful tongue penetrated my mouth. Free voyeur cam sex.

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And diligently suck it, helping myself with both hands.
And also: will he fuck me? And his friends? Will there be? Together!? Or (quietly), – even three of us ?? And all sorts of thoughts that I do not remember now.
But, at the same time, I managed to watch with one eye the trinity on the bed.
They changed positions.
They did use the capabilities of the human (female) body, discovering all the new places of penetration into it.
They slightly turned around, and I SEEN how Mishkin’s long term disappears in Vika’s ass.
And then it appears! And when this long dick disappears in my girlfriend, the girlfriend wheezes like strangled.
And sweaty bodies continue to squish, eggs, in tact with body movements, make wet slaps.
And the rhythm increases.
And in my mouth I have a wonderful Seryozhkin segment, it swells up when I run my hand down the trunk, tightening my thin skin and sitting my head all the way.
– Pulses.
The testicles tightened and hardened.
The head is smooth – smooth! And taste, of course! – Completely different taste.
The taste of a new man and the taste of a new life for me.
It is a pity, now I can not transfer those emotions, those feelings.
Rather, I can not convey all the sensations.
And shame from the shamelessness of the fact that I suck a member of a stranger to me a man and do it with other strangers who fuck with me a girl with whom I myself had sex a day ago.
And the wild desire to swallow foreign, forbidden sperm, the taste of which I tasted so well at night in a tent.
And the envy of Vika, who can so easily let in at the same time two men and receive SUCH pleasure from it.
And envy Seryoga that he has such a beautiful wife who can afford to have fun with other men with him.
A lot of everything.
And then Vika suddenly screamed and, immediately, her cry choked, turned into a growl, which was picked up by one of the men.

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And suddenly the whole monogonous kunstkamera on the bed jerked convulsively, as if a current was passed through them, moaned three voices and growled.
I don’t know what I did, but Seryoga joined the orgasm company and poured his seed into my mouth.
However, not watered much.
I was waiting for more.
But it was still funny, not at all like Dimon, and I gladly sucked and swallowed everything.
Here! Well? – On the beach, is it time for me to advance? Or you can not wait to read the sequel? OK! – I continue.
After a synchronous end, the tusovka was somehow quickly blown away.
Seryoga left my mouth, leaving sticky sperm on his teeth, and flopped down on the bed.
Mishan, having shot himself off, rolled off Vika and lounged on his back, with his still-standing member looking at the ceiling.
Only sweaty Vika, panting and stooping, continued to sit on Vitalik.
Although, everyone was breathing heavily.
Even me.
And I did not finish! And I was somehow a little hurt by this.
Then, with a quiet smack of wickedness, a scion of Vitalikov fell out.
And I began to watch as streams of sperm flow from my girlfriend.
It’s funny – they flowed in time with her breath! That flowed, then did not flow, when Vikiny holes slightly compressed.
At that moment I really wanted to see that the juice of two men also flowed out of me.
And also, that at this moment someone, even a man, even a woman, would watch how these juices flow from me.
And gently smeared them with my finger across my folds.
These are vicious thoughts.
Then I remembered my coffee, drank it in one gulp, wished the company good morning and left on their way, not paying attention to Seryogina for languid persuasion.
– Dudki! Either they want me

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, or – bye.
Come home.
There is something to think about and what to do.
I send myself into the shower.
I do not have time to properly clean myself, as my faithful get into my shower with a thief.
We wash together.
While we are washing, I think that I wash off not Dimonov’s sperm, but Dimon thinks that I wash off sea salt.
Dimona, it seems, has a sexual attitude.
I – not very.
At least on him.
Get out of the shower, trying to plan the day, as he wrote.
– He did not get enough sleep and offers to stay at home, but I slept, but did not finish, so I do not want to stay at home.
We come to a compromise, and I go to the beach, looking in, on the way, to the cafe.
By the time I returned to the beach, the people came to life. Live sex masturbation.

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All this time, the colonel said something.
The words resounded hollowly from the arch and settled down with a heavy lulling gimp on the backs of the soldiers and the female soldiers.
Suddenly, among the words something bright (saving-bright!) Flashed.
Ivan grabbed the thread.
-: Gnusinsky! Private Gnusinsky! – Are you deaf !? Break down! – There is.
“I need a meat mincer in exchange for a civilian.”
Your grandmother — my long-time combat friend — recommended you to me. Chubby sex tube online.

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When Pavel stood up after the meeting, the chef’s gaze treacherously slid over the entire figure of the young lawyer, and then over his young, elastic ass.
When he came home, Andrei took a shower and went to bed with his wife, but the flashes of today’s meeting again flashed in his head, the member began to smoke, and without thinking twice, turning his wife around, he began to rhythmically fuck her.
Quickly and violently finishing, the man lay on his back and did not even bother to show a little caress to his wife, but simply went into his thoughts again.
All weekend a man was raging with fear, the desire of the forbidden, anger at himself and this guy, be he wrong.
It seemed to him that it was just absurd, because he is a heterosexual man who has lived for 37 years already, he has a beautiful wife, a prestigious job, friends, everything in his life in his place and everything is fine.

So what the hell is this ?! How to explain yourself such a burning desire, and to whom? To some pretty jerk, his subordinate, whom he really doesn’t even know! “Everything, you have to get it out of your head, this is just an absurd misunderstanding!” – he thought.
Monday came – the time of the next scheduling.
Poor Andrei! He did not yet know that today the firewood would be thrown once more into the fire of his personal Hell.
Having done everything on the machine, the man left his office, walked down the corridor and went into the meeting room, where all the heads of bank services were already sitting

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“But what is it! Again he! Who called him here! “- such a thought flew by the Chairman in her head.
They all reported on the affairs of their services, and then it was Paul’s turn.
Today, the guy looked extremely exciting, and not from the fact that he was somehow sexually dressed, but rather because of the light blush on his cheeks, sweet smile, confident speech, burning eyes, but with all this, the young man kept his gesture and word professionalism (yet he was not in the club to build his eyes!).
It would never have occurred to anyone now that Pavel was worried that all the weekend he was thinking about him, dreaming and fantasizing about Andrei, but also suffered from the thought that all this was just nonsense! Yes, no one would have thought about it, except for one person, to whom the waves of the inflaming desire and passion of a young heart elusively reached, and his heart – well, well, not quite the heart, but the member – glowed at the thought that this very moment he could rip the pants off the guy, throw his strong legs on his shoulders and well.
“What the fuck is this again! Everything, it is necessary to finish with it (what an interesting thought)! After the meeting, I will call him to my place and tell him that he no longer calmed my eyes! Got it! “- Andrew thought painfully.
After the meeting, he really called Paul to his place.
– Did you call me? – The young man asked the chief somewhat uncertainly.
– Yes.
Come in, sit down.
So why Tatiana Ivanovna was not at the meeting today? – at the sight of the guy, Andrei’s confidence in what he was going to tell him disappeared somewhere.
“Because she is ill,” said Pavel, surprised by this question.
“Hm,” the man paused and stared at his subordinate, not knowing how to tell him what he wanted to say.
The young man smiled slightly playfully, because it was at this moment that he realized that his leader was now in his hands, and the dreams that even the evening seemed to Paul to be a foolish fantasy were not really that stupid. Sex new online.

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Clawed paws ripped dry land, stepping towards the girl.
Forch’s claw picked up the witch by the chin, lifting her face up.
“Did you realize what you were doing, daughter of mortals?” Do you really care about what will happen to this dust under the feet of the gods? It will be dozens of years, and their bones will lie here in the ground, gnawed by grave worms.
In the meantime, you will forever burn in hell for the death of those who would have died so long ago! Liassa’s dark eyes gleefully met a fiery look.
“Does the demon lord, the keeper of the abyssal flame, really know what revenge is?” – boldly pronounced her lips.
– Yes, but do you know? – with a mock asked Forh, seizing her hand.
The witch with hate gritted her teeth, feeling serious pain from burns.
– Know the small part of the torment to which you doom yourself! The clawed paws of the demon lord tore off her clothes, blowing her into the wind.
No bras, no commoners then wore any panties, and after a few seconds the girl stood in front of the messenger of Hell in which her mother had given birth.
The monster’s tail wrapped around her waist, leaving purple marks on her, rose up and firmly squeezed her right breast.
Shivering with overwhelming rage, Liassa angrily clutched at him with her nails.
Suddenly, this flexible whip hardened, lifting it into the air and bringing it to the demon’s chest.

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Again meeting the gaze of blazing eyes, the girl grinned.
“Why are you lingering, Lord of Hell?” If you are all so timid, I’m afraid I will have to go to the angels! The demon roared, bringing her body down.
A witch’s bosom, strung on a phallus bursting with heat, pierced by a previously unknown flour.
– Yes-ah-ah-ah! – There was a piercing cry in the silence of the night.
Again and again pushing Liassu onto his huge penis, dousing her both outside and inside with his flame, the demon did not believe his ears.
No mortal woman could deceive the lords of Hell, appearing transparent in front of their eyes in the light of the pentagram.
But the rumor could not deceive him — the girl undoubtedly urged him on with loud cries, while her body — and Forch could not help but feel it — was

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beating in terrible agony of torment.
To say that it made an impression on the keeper of the flame is to say nothing.
The girl’s claws pierced her flesh, the tongues of fire licked her skin, and the tail squeezed the witch more and more, putting her on the demon’s phallus with terrible force.
For a long time, a demon who did not know such intercourse soon finished under the seemingly endless cry of Liassa, filling her insides with fiery liquid.
The tail tore it from the member Forch and threw it on the ground.
The woman was half sitting on the ground, her hands on the ground, running her fingers into the dry grass.
Rage filled her driven soul to the brim, and if she could kill this grass, she would have done it with pleasure.
Burning demon sperm splashed out of her bosom, burning stalks at her feet, and she smiled maliciously.
“Now,” the voice of the messenger of Hell resounded in her head, “I will take your soul too.”
Whipping forward, the monster’s tail wrapped around her neck and brought her face close to the face of the fiery lord. Webcams 4k xxx.

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Only vaguely remembers that all three were inside at the same time and then her ass was rather strongly stretched.
The couple still spent some time at the club and returned home only by morning.
Two days they came to their senses.
But then, any memory of what happened led to violent sex between spouses.
Nadi Popa has really returned to normal, but now it has become even easier to enter it.
Nadia had the ability to experience several orgasms at a time, which Oleg was very pleased about.
A month later, the spouses simultaneously pulled into the club, where they soon became regular visitors.
Once a month they made themselves a sexual shake-up, after which they had a honeymoon period.
The story is real and did not happen to me, but to people close to me.
Names are authentic.
The first experience of a swing relationship with Olga we acquired a month after our marriage.
We knew about life before the wedding enough, decided on their bisexual orientation, discussed living together and decided to find partners.
There was no experience, swing clubs, too, dating sites were not very developed then, so we decided to go to the sea, where there were wild nudist beaches, we chose a place in the vicinity of Gelenzhik.
Arriving and removing the cottage near the beach, they began to look closely at the visitors.
There was nothing particularly interesting, except for the onanists who spied on us and furiously jerked off, although we took a note of one of them, the big guy and his dick were of impressive size and impertinence had no boundaries – he approached us a meter or two and demonstrated his decent unit.
Olga was clearly interested in him, without hesitation, I invited him to our dacha in the evening.

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He came just by the time when the kebab on the grill reached readiness, and the wine was cold enough, as it turned out, he was called Victor and he lived and worked in the local sanatorium in the guard.
After drinking, having a snack, I offered him a threesome sex, to which he of course agreed, Olga sat next to me and I started to caress her, while showing her charms to Victor whose riser happened right away, I used my fingers to make her not quite developed vagina cool and wet He began to poddrachivat his penis, approaching us.
I took his dick and put it in Olga’s mouth, she began to give him a blowjob and less than half a minute later he released a decent stream of sperm into her, but didn’t take her head very well and drove her dick into the very throat, from which she choked and coughed, I realized that he, except for jerking, didn’t really know anything, having coughed up Olga reproached him with incompetence and I started to take action by inserting a penis into her bud that began to copulate with his little wife in the eyes of Victor, kissing her on the lips stained with his sperm .
She sat on me, my dick entered into it to the end, and after a few minutes she began to orgasm, from which the member of Victor again became a fighting stance.
When I finished her, I put her on the sofa and gladly licked my sperm, which flowed out of her beautiful cunt, inviting our partner to copulate, he didn’t wait long sticking into her unit and started pumping it with strong blows, I thought that I would enjoy it for a long time This spectacle, but he made a mistake after a minute, did

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not give satisfaction either to Olga, not to me, it’s good that he took out and finished on his stomach, I thought and asked him to give me a blowjob, he did not refuse and brought my dick in a tough state.
Feeling Olga’s disappointment, I again forced her to orgasm and finished with pleasure.
At this, our not very successful first experience and ended! The next day we came to the beach and met a man of about forty, he sunbathed not far from us, started a conversation, he rested with his wife and they lived nearby.
He was in very good shape had a good dignity (at least 20 cm) with a beautiful open head, which was at least 5 cm and quite thick.
When his wife came and undressed, I was fascinated by this woman with the perfect figure, standing breast and not quite normal, located very high and perfectly shaved vagina.
Mikhail (that was the name of a new acquaintance) offered Olga a swim, and I stayed with his wife Inga on the shore. Bongacams may be.

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Free sex movies online free. Do it again, honey! Anna grew bolder and began to caress her friend more actively, but also gently, trying not to press on the affected skin.
She slowly held her tongue straight over the hole, kissed her buttocks and looked like a red flower torn by a huge dick gradually relaxing under her caresses.
Rosalia moaned and asked for more.
Anna liked it, but did not excite.
– Anna, how nice! I beg you to lick again! Oh!.
How I envy S.
, Ltd.
Anna heard the last words, but did not remember that rumored S.
recently got a mistress.
Rosalia threw back her head.
org) Her voice became lower and began to interrupt.
Anna spread her buttocks harder to hold a wide tongue through the hole.
She had already opened to meet the caress, and Anna felt a salty taste and delicate, like velvet, the skin inside.

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She sped up, and her tongue every second fell into the ass and slid out.
– Oh, Anna, please! Do not stop! – Rosalia bent and moaned loudly.
With one hand, she reached her wet lips, and Anna heard and saw two fingers that squel through the water, then completely go inside.
The finger of the other hand also went in her mouth: she loved to imagine that this was a big dick of her husband.
From this, Rosalia’s head became empty.
Anna’s tongue was already loose in the ass: the hole relaxed, its color became bright pink, and now Anna saw how a little asterisk could change so that even a large member of Count K could change it.
She really wanted to make her friend more pleasant.
Therefore, she still stuck her tongue as deeply as she could, violently licking everything inside.

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Rosalia moaned even louder with every breath.
Ten minutes later, there was no one in the bathroom.
Anna sat on a charm.
She needed to see Leon.
As if he could clean it !.
Anna recalled Rosalia’s very hard look after she recovered from her orgasm: a hard lesbian look.
How was she in her bath? Mermaid! She tickled and dragged to the bottom, wrapped in long hair.
What an absurdity! Is she really so crazy?
However, who is not mistaken.
Just forget.
Rosalia will no longer be at court; she won’t dare.
No memories, nothing.
A pale green scarf streamed from the female to the floor.
The next morning she received a short note about Rosalia: “Dearest Anna! I remember nothing”.
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She melted into my arms, but after some time from such unobtrusive caresses, and she and I started up again.
Ira felt my dick, began to revive in its depths, and began to twirl with her ass, trying to strengthen the pleasure that she received from it.
I also wanted a little bit different, and I got up, lifting it, and when we were already standing, I left her burrow, at the same time turning her face to me, and dug into her lips with passionate or even greedy kisses.
So kissing, I pressed Ira to the cabinet, standing on the side of the sofa, and slightly lifting her, put her to the full depth, she grabbed me with her legs, and broke the kiss, moaning strongly from the surging feelings and sensations.
I rammed Ira’s mink, not sparing either myself or the closet behind us, she, clutching at me with a dead grip, and podmahivala to me with her ass, trying to implant on me as deeply as possible.
By fucking her this way for some time, I decide to return to a soft and comfortable sofa.
And without breaking the connection, and, without ceasing my pleasant movements, I transferred Ira to the sofa, carefully putting her on him, continued the tyranny of her pussy.

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Having hardly disengaged her legs, with which she held me, I threw them on my shoulders, and leaned toward her with a kiss, folding her in half along the way.
Fortunately, she is a sports girl, and most importantly, extremely flexible, so this trick did not cause her any inconvenience.
Folded in half, she could not do anything, completely surrendering to my mercy, and receiving from this unusual sensations, she began to shake a little and sob from the rolled up orgasm.
And I continued, and fucked her pussy at an increasing pace, knocking out all new moans from Ira.
It lasted forever, for me, and unbearably sweet for her, but everything ever comes to the final.
And I once again began to irrigate the bowels of Ira, the bay with each movement all new jets, and shot for a very long time, as it seemed to me.
She also sailed while I filled her bowels, holding me close and taking my whole stream and enjoying it.
When we were released, almost at the same time, I turned it over and put it on me, as well as at the very beginning, still not leaving it.
Ira, a little tired of the excess of pleasure, lay on me, resting and basking in my arms, I also rested, recovering myself and recuperating.
We even fell asleep a little from this bliss, I woke up from the fact that Ira, cuddles her ass on me.
And this is a rather pleasant awakening,

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I did not interfere with it, giving freedom of action.
Ira noticed that I was not sleeping, and moreover I did not interfere with her message.
She took my shoulders, for stability, and literally began to ride me, with a large amplitude and ever-increasing speed, moaning out loud and screaming more and more often. Bongacams ledi1 video.

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Relax your ass and let in.
Already not so easy to enter, eh? Fine? – Yes.
Ouch, it hurts.
– Droho stronger will not hurt.
– (doing) – Look at more than half already entered.
Like? – Yes.
I’m going to break inside now.
– Then the jerks are

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stronger and stop.
Dick suck
– (doing) – All the pub in your ass.
Yes, suck harder, swallow.
Yes, like this.
All I finish on your face.
– Stop it.
Fuck, ebi stronger zucchini, I also finish.
Bitch, and !!! Stormy orgasm in both and the body slumpily fall to the floor.
From the ass sticks tail zucchini.
The camera continues to shoot.
Finally, the first serious task! A graduate of the journalism department Katya had been languishing for two weeks in the editorial office of a small semi-advertising newspaper and for all the time she gave out only a little note about the accident.
But she dreamed of big reports, series of articles, hoped that she would be noticed and from the out-of-date publisher she would get into a much more prestigious one.
What to do, youth is characterized by ambition.
But the day before yesterday, the editor invited her to prepare a great material on prostitution.
For two days she processed everything she found in the press and on the Internet, recalled the stories of former classmates who combined both the oldest professions in the dormitory.
Everything was almost ready, but she decided to add a zest – to pretend that she wants to get a job in an sex service agency and share, so to speak, with vivid impressions of whether it is easy to become a prostitute.
Of course, she did not intend to work on this path – in the end, a potential brazen nose and a statement about too low rates were waiting for a potential employer.

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She easily phoned one of these institutions, taking the phone from an advertisement that lay on the table at the head and made an appointment.
And here she is at the appointed place.
It did not take long to wait at the indicated intersection, almost at once silver toyota gently stopped at the sidewalk.
– Baby, are you on the ad? – Yes! – Sit down! Katya did not count on this.
I thought we would have fun on the street, if it works out – I’ll write it down to the dictaphone, no, I will remember, add to the rest, and the material is ready.
Now she was sitting next to a very large-sized uncle of thirty-five with a rough face, adorned with a hefty birthmark on her cheek and bald shaved hair in a car that was traveling quite fast somewhere.
In the back seat was a woman wearing a headscarf and dark glasses, which Katya didn’t even see.
(Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) – Oh, and where are we going? – In the office, of course, who agrees on a job on the sidewalk? We have a solid company.
But something I would like to know now.
What’s your name? – Katya – Age? – Twenty two.
However, now let’s talk more specifically.
The car stopped and Katya, slightly pushed by the ambaloy, entered the entrance guarded by a gloomy concierge.
The office was located in the immense Stalinist apartment with high ceilings and corridors adapted to ride on a tank.
The woman sat at the office desk with a brand new computer, the ambal plopped down on the chair by the door, and Katya remained standing.
The woman was examining her intently, and there was something to see, Katya was quite a spectacular girl (slender gray-eyed with luxurious brown hair, a neat little nose, a beautifully outlined mouth, legs “from the ears”, a strong waist, beautiful thighs and a strong high third size breast) , besides, gathering for an “interview”, she quite boldly worked with makeup.
“Have you lived with men before?” – asked the lady, obviously the owner of the salon.
– – Yes.
– And for the money? – Not yet.
– What can you do? Classic, screaming, anal, striptease, lesbian, role-playing? – Actually, only classic and a little striptease.
(for the sake of her beloved, Katyusha, in her third year, ran to strip-dance school for two months and really learned something).
(The main character got to work in a brothel! Masturbation cam porn.

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Come on.
– Look.
Her eyes are big and look terrible.
Big-eyed then what.
Oh, I can’t.
I feel bad.
– Do not let go, push her eyes.
– She smtrit me! Can not more! – Blow her eyes! Shipi! Scalding your teeth, make faces! Get close to her and look right into her.
– Fffff.
– Blow her eyes.
More! Go and tell you !!! – Her eyelids twitch.
– haha ??!!! Webcam sex page.

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He jerked the thing on the barrel and the water poured with noise.
He put the panties back in the basin, covering the sheets, making it look as though it was.
He opened the latch and went out.
The woman looked at him with a smile, while Sergey was out of breath and sweat appeared on his forehead.
Wait here please.
– said the woman and went into the bathroom.
“It’s time to skip from here,” Sergei thought, but as if he had grown into the ground, his legs did not want to move.
He looked into the bathroom and saw the woman stoop over the basin.
He was looking at her ass.
She stooped even more and stood there for about 10 seconds.
Then she pulled out panties and turned to Sergey.
Did you touch it? She asked.
– said Sergey.
In the life of his words did not sound more false than now.
Why are you kidding? They are all wet.
Do not move.
Said the woman.
She went to Sergei.
He shook all over.
The woman held the pants in her hand, and she carefully looked with her brown eyes into Sergey’s eyes.
Then she moved her head to his face and began to sniff his mouth.
Sergey felt her breath and the touch of her nose to his lips.
A member involuntarily stood up.
The woman sniffed the corners of his lips, then ran her tongue over his lower lip.
Sergei’s breathing was really serious.
Well, really sniffed and licked my cropped panties.
Yes, – said Sergey, – I could not help it.
Do you like dirty games? And do you want to see how I’m cocoa? And then lick my ass? The woman asked.

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– said Sergey and began to smile.
Are you a virgin? Yes.
Stay here.
Said the woman.
She turned to Sergei ass and began to rub them about his standing member.
Sergey was stunned.
What is your name? My name is Ann.
Said the woman.
And I am Sergey.
Stay silent and watch.
Anya took off her jeans and threw them aside.
Then again, she started rubbing her ass against Sergey’s member.
She was only in shorts and a t-shirt.
I can’t stand it for so long.
– said Sergey.
Be patient.
Smelled my panties.
now bear with it.
– Anya said.
She took off her panties and shirt.
Sergei first saw the naked female body.
He opened his mouth to breathe deeply and rapidly.
Anya sat down on her knees and bent over with cancer.
I told Sergey to lick her asshole.
Sergey sat on his knees and put his hands on her hips.
He bent down and stopped with his nose centimeter away from her hole.
It smelled pleasantly of shit and black hairs were growing around it, on which there were small pieces of shit.
And when you posrette not wipe your ass chtoli? – Sergey asked.
Not always.
Come on lick.
– Anya said.
Sergei stuck out his tongue and with his tip touched the center of the anal.
Then he could not stand it and greedily stuck his lips, licking these few square centimeters, tried to crawl his tongue deeper into the hole.
Anya moaned from pleasure.
I want to fuck you.
– said Sergey.
No, it’s too early, all now I want to crap.
– Anya said.
She crawled to the toilet and squatted on the harnesses.
Sergei crawled behind and began to look like the little hole opened up a bit and shit climbed out of it.
A piece got out and fell into the toilet, and water splashed onto Sergei’s face.
Then came the next piece of shit.
Anya rubbed a finger with her finger and stuck it in Sergey’s mouth.
He stuck to his finger, running his tongue over his fingernail and all over his finger.
Well, that’s it.
I shit
– Anya said.
She got off the harnesse bent over with cancer.
Sergey eagerly got out her anal.
The member was ready to explode, but when he reached out to masturbate, Anya told her to remove her hand.
It wasn’t difficult

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for Sergey to do this; it was almost impossible to do. Teen anal fisting cam.

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“I wonder what you were going to check for him there?” – Larissa smiled, – The testicles descend into the scrotum in infancy.
“It can be seen with the naked eye

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,” Ira chuckled. “Both are in place.”
Larisa and Ira came closer, starting with interest to observe the manipulations of the nurse.
– First, it is necessary to check the boys for an inguinal-scrotal hernia, – the nurse began to explain, – That’s it.
Sasha grimaced as he felt other people’s fingers unceremoniously crush his scrotum.
“Now we’ll just feel the testicles,” Tanya continued, “A seven-year-old should have a well-pronounced cremasteric reflex.
The nurse began to gently pull at Sasha’s scrotum, grinning as the boy twitched from tickling.
– Stay calm! – Tanya raised her voice, continuing to drive with her fingertips along the cringing boy’s bag.
Shivering all over from unbearable tickling, Sasha felt that he was quickly covered with goose bumps.
Cold, strange fingers seemed to be looking for the most sensitive places between his legs.
– See how the testicles are tightened? – turned the nurse to Ira with Larisa.
– Yeah, – Ira nodded, – Trying to escape from your fingers.
“The reflexes are normal,” said the nurse a minute later, playing with Sasha’s testicles.
After them, Tanya took his pussy.
“Disorder,” she frowned, flexing a thin boy’s wand with her fingers, “The head is only half open.”
“It’s too early for such babies to worry about that,” Ira smiled. “They only need a pipun for one thing — to walk in a little way.”
– What does it mean early? – the nurse objected, – At seven years old, the skin should already be well pulled off.
Do you know how much shit accumulates under it? Not to mention the irritation and microtraumas.
Boys, after all, at this age they begin to engage in handicraft.
With all the ensuing consequences – irritation pisyunov and other delights.

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Carefully returning the delicate skin to the place, Tanya jokingly shook Sasha’s pussy, causing the counselors to laugh.
“You have a great job, Tanya, work,” Larissa smiled, “The little priborchiki groping.
– What did you do to the pedagogical institute then? – the nurse asked her maliciously, – Could, like me, in the medical school.
Tanya took out a swab from a can on the table.
– Bend down! – she ordered Sasha.
Sasha obediently bent over, feeling that other people’s fingers immediately unceremoniously parted his ass.
The next moment, a cotton swab quickly entered.
“I didn’t manage to get scared,” Tanya grinned, pulling her out, “Everything is free!” – And the temperature to measure? – Nurse Ira slyly winked, – In the pope.
The most accurate way.
– Yes? – Tanya narrowed her eyes, – I can give you a thermometer, since I want it so much to pop my ass in the ass.
You will measure temperature twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.
“And to those who disobey, every hour,” Larisa added.
– Did you hear? – turned to the boys Ira, holding back laughter, – You will behave badly, I will begin to measure the temperature.
In the pope, like kids.
And if this does not help, I will ask the nurse for the biggest enema.
“Stop making me laugh, girls,” said Tanya.
“You haltur, Tanka,” Ira smiled, “You can’t measure temperature, you don’t force you to write in a jar for analysis.”
“You seem to know better than me how to carry out a routine inspection,” Tanya snapped, “If you want to work as a nurse, white coat and go ahead!” Here’s a jar for you – keep everyone under a small tap and hold to pee.
– Well, I do not know, – Ira giggled, – This jar will probably not be enough.
– Already changed your mind? – smiled Tanya.
Standing in line with the rest of the boys, Sasha began to observe how she deals with another victim.
It was still embarrassing to stand naked, but at least the girls – especially Sashin the counselor – were now staring not at him, but at the nurse Kohl standing in front of him.
But not only they watched the inspection.
Turning his head at the laughter he heard outside the window, Sasha saw two girls from the first squad.
“They also show with their fingers,” he thought hurtly. “The curtains are wide open.
Everything is seen”.
Quickly about something having whispered, the girls came closer, after which one went to the entrance to the first-aid post.
Half a minute later, she cautiously entered the office through the wide open door, which the counselors did not bother to close behind them.
– You have.
– the girl giggled softly and made an effort over herself, continued to pretend to be a painful tone, – Any headache pills? “Why, her head aches,” Sasha chuckled. Naked girls live stream.

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The farmer agreed.
“so-so, dear colleagues,” thought Victor, “who would say? This is just the beginning, in a month all the real essence of a person will be visible.”
Victor already began to imagine how prominent scientists of the whole world create a new psychology based on his work, 100 years ago it was with Freud and Einstein, how his high suddenly suddenly broke off the idea that Natasha probably would not fuck his horse indoors.
“Infection” – he thought, and rushed into the garage.
There he got into his Porsche and rushed to the nearest electronics store.
He was lucky, he was able to immediately find a very expensive model with advanced optics.
Wasting no time, Victor drove like crazy towards the cottage.
“if only the rights were not taken away,” he thought, regularly striking the ceramic brakes of his car where the automatic cameras with the radar stood.
On the autobahn, it accelerated to from 200 to 280 km / h and kept this pace for more than an hour.
He did not know that horse transportation was carried out at relatively low speeds.
Leaving the car in the forest, Victor walked to the dacha on foot, found a cozy spot there and lay down with the camera.
About an hour and a half later, the peasant left, and Natasha and her son stood near the horse, in which the mother gave birth.
Unfortunately, the lighting did not make it possible to shoot everything in all its glory, but it turned out quite well enough to make this high-quality porn.
Misha pulled a cot from the bedroom into the courtyard, a small TV and a player and put the same porn on it. Dorm room hidden camera sex.

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Classification of lantana camara. And although he was a bit puzzled by a small platoon platoon Ivanov, he strictly, of course, could not judge Valerka: the heart melted in the chest with hot sweet flour: The platoon commander pulled his hands out of his pockets: took out his trousers and lifted with a lump, oh, in love the boys were buzzing between their legs! Yes, boy! Zamkomvvod he, of course, and the sergeant, and for nearly two years already served: all the way! Just what does all this mean if you are in love? Grandfather, salaga: bullshit! There is Valerka, and the two of them are here, and his pants bulged with a hard lump: not soldiers, but boys! Just guys.
The boys.
And also – spring languor: and another thing: more – love! Is this a perversion? – Svyatkomzvoda Sanya again asked a question to someone, as if he was arguing with someone: There are such as the Ulyudov: so what now? What have the bastards lustful ?! He is not gay, but pidaras: it is stupid to see in him the measure of relationships, this is time.
Secondly, and this is important: he will not force the gray-eyed man – he will say that he loves, and: who knows! Maybe in his heart he will awaken the reciprocal love, and Valery: he will love? – Svyazkvzvod Sanya again asked himself: and again he did not know what to do: where to find such a word to explain the soul? The guy with the guy is great! So the boy will say: The castle commander was a pederast, of course, and he really wanted it – his member stood like a bayonet! Sanya followed Valerka quickly, quickly: and, covering his penis with his hand – pressing the hot barrel to his stomach, dying from bliss, he entered the shower: Ely-burnt: two in the bath! Classification of lantana camara.

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In place of arms and legs, too, were the dicks, in the place of the mouth was pussy, but dick they beat the same as now.
We are responsible for this gang, Yuri was a big hairy egg.
They lived peacefully and did not disturb anyone.
It is true sometimes, when they hunted sweaty dinosaurs, they ran across a red hat that went to her grandmother and carried every shit to her.
The fighters were sprinkling everything with their entire squad.
But once a big hairy egg caught a mammoth, he brought it home and chopped off his arms and legs with a kitchen hatchet and fucked him.
After some time, the mammoth crap and died.
When the pidormots were huddled in his gavn, they found a rotten egg, they laid an egg under the hedgehog that possessed the life-giving power of its gavn, and a small lupine hatched out of the rotten egg.

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By the search of the tribe of Novorovzhdeny, they bathed in the shrine, and the port was fucked by all the tribes.
The boy was called an asshole, but then he said that he wanted to be called an asshole maxim.
As time went on, the boy developed, went on a hunt, fucked a red cap, tormented his carrot on the bank of the shitty river.
But soon residents began to notice that the boy began to change gradually, his body began to turn into a piece of shit and rotten.
Residents began to avoid it and pedrit.
One day he got angry and put a stick in the chief’s dick, and sprinkled his poisonous sperm on his house.
For this he was driven out of an urban-type settlement.
And the boy had to go to the jungle with many dangers.
He began to live in the garbage heap belonging to a small settlement of fucked nigiri.

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Asshole maxim turned into a stubborn slush.
At night he made his way into the settlement of the queens and stole from there the local residents of goats and rams.
Then he began to set conditions that if the residents of the settlement would not pay him a tribute, he would destroy this shitty village.
These pedaks were all frightened and crap and ran to the prophet of the oldest resident of the village her name was Irka.
This piece of bacon constantly drove all garbage she developed senile insanity, and in the place of the brain was shit.
But these stupid assholes always believed her.
She advised them to hire to the service of the great and terrible freedom fighter of all the omissions Ilya of Murom.
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“It will be more correct to shave,” I agreed hopelessly.
My girls enjoyed the process before they abandoned themselves – they invented some shorter hairstyles to me, carried out their ideas, took pictures of the result and immediately began discussing new hairdressing ideas.
When they completely exposed and refreshed pubis cologne with cologne, it turned out that it does not fit well with overgrown testes.
It is not always possible to shave the testicles in the traditional way – from time to time I had to get acquainted with their ability to use rehedefer.
For the sake of art had to endure.
I, as I could, distracted myself from the process of contemplation of the environment.
And there was something to see.
Two young, completely naked and extremely excited bodies were spinning around me this way and that, in the heat of creativity appearing in the most unimaginable and touching poses – so my pistil was cruelly harsh from constant overexcitation and, every now and then, prevented them from performing the necessary action.
Finally, the testicles also became like integuments for infants.
But then came the turn of my ass.
“Shaving is everything,” philosophically uttered a small one.
When they turned me over on my stomach, I had to raise my ass higher and, thus, give them full access to everything they needed.
Being in such a little comfortable posture, I consoled myself only with the caresses with which they accompanied my swarming between my halves.
The last were my hips – then the cream came to an end, and the desire to continue too.
“Smooth, very smooth,” the hairdressers contented with the result, massaging and pleasing each cell of my body between my navel and knees.

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“And now the promised gift,” said the tireless child and literally curled up around the idol who had grown sick of such attention.
“A childish little bloke, a toy of mine,” the girl said, stroking the elastic trunk with her fingers and, from time to time, greedily licking the head with a delicate smacking.
Mom could not withstand such a spectacle and once again survived the avalanche in a protected gorge, frantically clamping shameful flows of moisture with her hand.
Now it became unbearable for me – I gritted my teeth and roughly splashed the male substance that had been long tearing out, directly onto the lips of a kitten who had clung to the lever of sensuality.
– Yes.
yes, my hooligan, give it to me, give it all to me, ”the girl mumbled and, putting her palm up, began to kiss the column along the entire length, licking the long-lasting balm.
From her virgin vagina, thick and warm drops of finally realized desire fell on my chest.
My tormented reader, of course you want to know what happened next.
And then there was nothing, that is, while there was nothing, because it is at this moment that I lie in the arms of two tender fairies, listen to their sleepy snuffling and wait, when finally everything that they shaved off grows – for I can’t live like this anymore!
You probably know how the game is fascinating and how

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pleasant it is to sip a cold beer to play or watch Vidic, especially when there are no annoying ancestors at home.
On one of these beautiful days, let alone summer ones, I did it all.
Killing another monster, I suddenly heard not a scream, not a moan.
What is it – I thought.
Probably a sound card decided to work out those 2.5 pieces of dough, which I put into it.
This cool device – he said – provides just a super-soft sound, do not compose yourself, take your brains, very cool.
And I, of course, under this very convincing chatter, bought a card.
Within two hours I was smoking, that I was seduced as the last sucker, and they threw me like a cormorant.
The huckster seller, his mother for his leg, naturally listened to me the next day, very sourly, answering what they said you had warmed your ears, I needed to be divorced, nothing got lost, and if that was your problem. Teen homemade cam porn.

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