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There is no anxiety, trepidation, or expectation in my soul, although I know for sure what should happen in a few minutes.
08: 52 AM “And the sound of thunder.”
I feel your appearance at the very beginning of the corridor, I feel the magnetic vibration of the floor from the small, very not impressive steps, light and insecure.
A glimpse, a meaningless greeting — and I feel hot.
I know that you will immediately evaporate, and I will have some time to pull myself together and, upon your next appearance, pour a wave of cold contempt.
So are the days: under the hoarfrost indifference, filled with sharp pieces of hidden mockery.
I HATE YOU! 2 For what? Believe me – not from scratch.
Suppose, unconsciously, you did what you could not do to me.
Under no circumstances.
I hate you for never being in my place, never in my body, never understanding many sensations, never knowing what it is like to be such a woman.
SUCH means unusual, not the same as the vast

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majority of frigid marasmatics and hysterical fools on their heads.
You know, if a good tooth fairy offered me (for the fact that I treat my teeth in a private clinic) as a discount to a regular customer, one single desire, then I would prefer a banal exchange of bodies for a couple of weeks to all the treasures of the world.
Only in this way would we be in the calculation for the suffering caused to me.
And everything will be fine.
In the female body can also live.

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Just breathe, just move.
You get used to.
Or just it seems? I could explain endlessly, you will never penetrate anyway, you will never understand even a hundredth part of what makes you feel.
Of course, this feeling is the least like a headache or nausea; just an infectious disease with fever and chills, dryness and burning in the throat, difficulty breathing.
Anxiety symptoms.
But most of all it resembles magnetism.
If there is the attraction of living flesh, then it certainly is.
Sometimes it seems to me that it really is.
Otherwise, how do I feel it? It would be funny and strange, probably, to see yourself from the outside.
For some reason, people never fully understand how beautiful they are.
They simply do not see their obvious merits and do not know how to love what seems to them obvious shortcomings.
Do you want me to tell how my eyes see you? Your image excites me, even when you are not around.
I close my eyes and, as if in reality, I see a fragile body in a wrap of jeans slipping from the bottom of my jeans and a shapeless plaid shirt.
Any clothes on you seem alien shell.
You live separately from her, and the lines of the body are guessed unmistakably (at least by me).
Small stature, lean build, retaining childhood patina, slightly bulging shoulders, elbows, pelvic bones, small steps, (sigh).
DREAM OF A PEDOPHILE! Fortunately, in the prevailing way of an infantile sexual object, I refuse to distinguish between a mature, mature, and, no doubt, an interesting personality.
I do not see her and do not want to understand you.
It is much more pleasant to take you as an attachment to a member, reveling in fantasies about your innocence and naive desires, which, in fact, have not been so pure and attractive for a long time.
You are not interested in me.
I don’t need a love that you don’t believe in, or loyalty that has no value for both of us.
Is it only mutual respect, although where does he come from here? No, I do not dream of feelings.
I NEED YOUR BODY, your body and nothing else.
At such moments, I hate for what happens to me, and you – for the fact that you are the cause of these experiences. My camera porn.

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As if he saw my smile, he came closer and leaned against me, pressing himself in the back and hugging me tightly.
We stood so, it would seem, eternity, until I was pulled out of his thoughts by his quiet velvety voice: – So we will stand there until the night? – Why not.
– I answered with a smile, turning to him.
Suddenly, he sharply raised my face to himself and literally dug into me with his lips. Camgirl boobs.

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We did not talk about what we had until it was time to go to bed, because we were so tired.
When we got under the blanket, I plucked up courage and asked if he was as good as me.
“Of course, silly one,” he answered, turning to me, and laughed.
“I do not dislike sex with women, you know, I just prefer men.
I haven’t had a woman for a long time, ”he thought,“ It’s been more than ten years now, ”“ Well, I’m glad that I wasn’t completely ordinary, ”I retorted, laughing with him.
“No, dear, you are something special.
In fact.
“- he took my hand and put it on his penis, which was in semi-fighting condition.
He flinched at my touch.
I laughed out loud, and then began to gently caress his fingers through the panties. 1080p hidden camera spy glasses.

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It turned out badly, despite the fact that she herself was directing him into herself, but as soon as she removed her hand, everything had to start all over again.
– Kolka, why are you there? – Peter asked, watching the incomprehensible fuss in the mirror.
– Why, uncle Sing, falls.
– Kolka has once again failed.
– And you said, 50 km.
so rode once.
– You are a fool, Kolka – said Peter with regret.
– It is necessary to listen more attentively and to memorize the details, and not just the fact.
I said – it is necessary to insert in the ass! Got it? In the ass! – Got it, Uncle Sing! – Kolka was delighted, raising his wife and easily putting on a member.
From the surprise and depth of penetration, she screamed, but immediately began to jump.
Kolka helped her by pushing under the buttocks, but in a cramped car it was still inconvenient.
– Well, Kohl, shoved? – Peter again slyly glanced in the mirror.
– Yeah, uncle Sing, just uncomfortable here.
– And now, Kohl, you do not hold her, but hold on tight.
And do nothing.
How to finish – say.
Kolka obediently grabbed the door knob and the back of the front seat.
Peter turned on the first country road, and the UAZ bounced briskly at the potholes, fully justifying his nickname “goat”.
Strongly grasping Kolka sat on the spot, and his wife jumped high on each hummock, while sliding along the member.

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The groans of both resembled a soundtrack for porn.
After two kilometers Kolka said: – Uncle Sing, I’m everything.
Peter turned around and slowed down.
– Hear,

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and you will? – He turned to me – we still have to go back along this road, it is a pity to shake, if without benefit.
I silently pulled out a protruding dick and took my wife off Kolka, put her ass on myself.
Peter led the car back.
From the very first meters, I realized that the way deserves the Nobel Prize.
The wife jumped, then almost jumping off from the member, then sitting down on him with all the weight, unevenly scattered bumps made piquant unpredictability of frictions.
I finished long before the track, but a member, pleasantly squeezed at the root of the sphincter, pulled out only when we stopped at our entrance.
The men, after unloading our belongings, insistently offered to take them to the apartment and even bring the wife to the bed, but I vividly imagined what her holes would look like in this situation by morning, categorically refused.
Pogrustnev, the men wished a speedy recovery, and inviting them to come for the mushrooms, they left.
We rose to ourselves and, tired of today’s adventures, fell asleep.
The leg is completely gone in four days.
However, we did not go for mushrooms next weekend.
Although, by an unspoken agreement, we never discussed what happened, I saw that it did not go out of her mind, and I could not forget my wife, who was standing in a clearing with cancer and taking in two men from both sides.
The following Friday, returning from the restaurant after meeting with friends and being tipsy, we even repeated Peter’s know-how, stopping some kind of bomb on a UAZ and sitting down at the back, asked him to take us to the street where already repaired a hundred years. Camshaft vw passat.

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Trying to look under the blouse for an apron.
After all, everything is so close, and not seen.
Puts a menu.
The feeling that she is studying it with me.
I start to sort out the dishes out loud.
Everything that I choose – she discourages, everything that offers her – I do not like.
At some point, she leans a little lower than is customary for the waitresses, almost whispers in my ear “I don’t need to eat here.”
I believe.
Although the smell of walking around the station square, drool already on

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his shoulders.
“Angela, my angel, bring me a hundred brandy.”
Even in brandy glass.
Lingered for a second nearby.
I’m already smooth.
“Angela, sit down next to it, anyway, there is no one in the cafe except me.
Take yourself a coffee, a bun, what’s edible at you, shall I pay? We have breakfast together? “” No.
We can not “Called the driver.
Drove, waiting.
I am cognac.
The owner issued an invoice and took the money.
Another cigarette.
The sun rush, walk on area.
Angela comes up.
Waving a rag over the tables.
He asks me: “What kind of perfume do you have?” “Like? I do not remember the name.
“” Very unusual. “I put a hundred rubles under an ashtray, I get up, I am going to leave.
“Oh, what are you talking about !? It’s not so accepted here, it’s a lot, why?!” She said.

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We stand against each other.
She is head down.
“Make me a company tonight,” I ask her.
She quickly pulled out a pen and wrote something on a napkin.
I put it in my hand and ran away.
He walked across the square to the car, the sun was scorching, inside the brandy, in his hand a crumpled napkin.
There was a bad smile on his face – he had never met women like that before.
Only in the car reviewed – it was her phone number.
So I was hoping.
After a stormy working day, during which I did not forget about Angela, I walked along the Sochi embankment.
The sun was setting, the spring sea rustled.
I went to the breakwater and called.
For a long time we did not speak.
Angela agreed to come to the center, we agreed to take a walk and have dinner.
I still had time for a rendezvous, so I went to the store and bought a dry martini, juice, grapes, nuts, candy, cheese.
Even if nothing happens today, I’ll do everything myself.
I waited in a street cafe near my hotel and sipped my beer.
Angela didn’t have everything, all the waiting periods had passed, and I was a little upset and was already planning to go to Morpheus’s arms, as Angela appeared from the darkness of the alley.
“Angela! How nice to see you! Let’s have dinner?” “I do not want” “Walk?” “Yes, come on.” We switched to “you” and none of us was embarrassed.
After all, we are already familiar.
: -) We wandered around the evening Sochi.
Already started to close the cafe.
I noticed that Angela was becoming distracted, a smile appeared less often.
“Are you tired?” “Very!” “Well, you haven’t said anything before! I, of course, are a fool! You’ve been up all day, and I drove you to walk.
Do you want to sit in a cafe? “” No “.
And then I finally decide: “Do you want to go to my hotel?” “Let’s go, but I’m afraid the reception will not miss” take her hand and lead.
Aunts at the front desk, of course, tried to squeeze something out of themselves. Leppiexxx bongacams.

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Hidden cam lesbian videos.
And after 30 seconds, my body seemed to have broken an electric current, as it turned out later, it was Annie who joined Marinka.
They caressed my pussy together, one fucked her tongue vagina, the second pulling the clitoris.
An orgasm covered me instantly, and behind him more and more orgasms.
My legs gave way, and I finished and finished right in the mouth of my girlfriends. Hidden cam lesbian videos.

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Nude naked pussy teen ru amatuer cam. What I still usually need to conquer, try to conquer, and not stupidly say: “Well, on my knees, bitch, and suck my bolt!” “I would like to fuck you for a couple with my girlfriend – she would lick your pussy, and I tore your ass! ”came a new comment.
I imagined this picture and drove the vibrator deeper, just sitting on it.
I pressed my wet slit against the chair, feeling like a toy almost completely plunged into my bosom.
Her legs trembled, a long moan broke from her throat.
And only half a minute later the orgasm finally covered me with my head.
I almost completely disconnected – I only felt my own cries of pleasure, completely not hearing them.
I don’t know why, but lately it was getting harder for me to finish. Nude naked pussy teen ru amatuer cam.

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Forgive me, forgive.
He muttered, licking her like a watchdog.
– How could I be so mistaken in you, my pure, bright girl, my joy, my miracle.

Affection swelled in her throat, infecting Karina, and she responded to Viktor Evgenich, for the first time hotly kissing him – with force, from the heart, butting her chest and shoulders – not excitingly, but impulsively grateful, with sobbing and hugging.
Every minute they became more and more inflamed, smearing each other with saliva and tears, feverishly wrapped themselves around each other, as if they wanted to grow together with their breasts and stomachs, and violently licked furiously, not knowing who was licking whom and where; clothes seemed blasphemous, and with Viktor Yevgenich, rags flew like leaves from an autumn tree — and he, naked, wrapped Karina with his hands and feet, enveloped her in her body, and she wrapped herself around him in the same way, waving a sticky pussy into his thigh, and licked him frantically, with a sweep, looking into his eyes and laughing with tenderness.

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org) Karina snorted under him, choking him with kisses, wrapped her arms and legs like a monkey, and hung on him, pressing his chest into his chest, and they both laughed, mumbled some absurdities and sucked each other’s lips like fish, scrubbing each other’s nails and rolling on the floor.
A lump of tenderness swelling, bursting in both bodies, swelling and bursting, and bitter tenderness poured out of them with licks and tears, streamed out between the legs, wasting away with a tickling geyser, bitter-sweet, like a tongue licking tears.
– I.
– croaked Victor Evgenich, when he could speak.
– In my? – mischievously smiled Karina.
– Not.
They laughed, and Karina, pink and happy, climbed onto his chest.
– Fight! – She said, butting him.
– Hello! – In my opinion, I am.
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Chubby webcam porn. So what are you borzeze ?! Wanted a kid, not pierced once – with a narrow hole in the bottom? Okhuel ?! ! Well, I smeared my hole: – I unzipped my trousers with a lock: “Sanya: Sanya: sorry:” – Ulyudov turned pale.
“Hands: hands, fag, take it away! Do you like to ride from the mountain – love to drive the sleigh: I wanted to fuck you in the ass? You will be fucked: so be it!” The door closed: and from there muffled voices sounded: “Stop, bastards!” – “Sanya! Sanya! It hurts, Sa:” – “Vaseline grease is stronger:” – “It hurts, Sanya, I can not!” – “Stop, do not twitch: spread your knees wider: well!” – The sound of a blow.
– “Stay calm! Above the ass: more:” “I can not! Do not! It hurts: I can not! It hurts: oh-oh:” – moan came from behind the door: “Bitch, asshole does not say:” Misha He started – at this time he entered the washroom: On the left, the door led to the dryer: to the right – immediately – to the toilet, divided into cubicles, – there was a light on there, dim, slightly bluish, and there was silence: From the dryer to the soldier came a deaf: ” Aaaa! ” – like a groan, he heard from the dryer: and in the chest, his heart sank in Misha: “I can not:” – “Do not pussy!” Without a doubt, someone: someone there, behind the door, was tearing: Misha instantly covered himself with sweat, and – Misha immediately got the dick in his underpants: “I can’t, Sanya!” – “Damn! I say, stand still:” – Castle platoon: and who is with him? In his fist, holding the scrub – two notebook sheets – salabon stared silently at the door of the dryer: Well, yes, Ivanov is shaking someone: do not fuck yourself for a session! Chubby webcam porn.

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Alla opens her mouth and tries to reach a member of her husband.
Slava finishes her face and Olya’s ass.
but does not stop, but again inserts a member into Olga’s pussy.
I can not stand this picture and pour directly into Alla.
My jet beats her in the uterus and she feels the convulsive movements of my penis.
her vagina is compressed and fluid is poured out of it.
she also came.
chain reaction begins.
with a cry, my wife arches her back even more otklyachivaya ass.
tenses up.
her face is weary.
martyrdom expression.
and falls almost exhausted on the table.
Dima with a drawn out moan pulls a member out of Lena’s mouth, who frantically continues to jerk off her pussy, thrusting 4 fingers into it, and pulling the clitoris with her other hand.
Dima’s streams of semen fall on my wife’s cheek.
he smears them with the head of a member pressing it against my wife’s face.
Lena screams, pounding her fingers, the last time.
and out of it just a stream of fluid flows.
she convulsively twitches and calms down, head down.
all breathe heavily and move away from what happened.
suddenly tired fatigue hurt overstressed muscles.
I want to drink.
without a word everyone sits down, the women head to the bathroom.
we drink a sip of wine.
we still need to comprehend and digest what happened.
but we still have time.
Anyway, now everything was just fine.
She loved when I took her away from work and

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took her away in an unknown direction for her, each time waiting for a surprise: whether the park, outside the city on a troll, sauna, bath, hotel room, apartment of friends, swimming pool, restaurant with a separate office, in which the room service just will not enter.

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once for extreme offered at her house, presenting her on the family bed.
no, no sharp.
Do you want to try on yourself the role of heroes of jokes about husbands on a business trip? besides, neighbors who do not know what to do and who should wash and clean their bones.
Interesting, and did she ever beloved man blowjob in the car when he is driving? And her skirt today is much shorter.
You look lovely today.
when you expose your knees so hard – do you think a man can stay calm? and look at the road when your legs are slightly apart, and the skirt is slightly raised up, and beautiful knees are so teased.
Are you doing it on purpose? and think you’re only excited by the end of the trip? baby, put your hand on my thigh.
clever, you immediately knew where and why.
do you like his condition? do you think he has to endure so much time? especially when you start to caress him so through your pants: it’s better to give me my pants.
Oh, what a nice and tender palm you have, especially when you caress and squeeze it.
Are you starting to like this madness? do you see how he missed you since last night? did you miss him too? I want you to take it in the mouth baby, here and right now.
Of course it will be more convenient for you without a jacket.
one hand firmly steering wheel, and the other – in your hair, feeling the silky hair and your palm and lips on the penis.
You know how I like women who lose all the complexes and become so relaxed as you are now? you are superb baby.
and lightly your head even lower to you.
You know how to mouth and tongue.
you so swallow and suck it from me.
pancake – if you saw people’s eyes at the traffic lights, especially a 16-year-old boy.
Imagine his condition: to see how an adult and beautiful aunt leaned between my legs.
much would give the guy to be in the cabin.
clever baby, do not stop, you know how nice it is to introduce you to his mouth and feel your tongue? did you give someone a blowjob right on the main street of the city? that no one ventured a little one to do that? bending over and pushing you between the lips? but I wanted to, I wanted to admit it, I wanted to feel depraved and desirable, and to feel how a man forces you, and then puts and introduces. Hd porn video watch online.

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I began to move my tongue more actively, she began to fidget at me in time with my rhythm of movements.
After a couple of minutes, she again began to shake in her orgasm, sitting on my face, and at the same time she began to tear up my stomach with her rather long nails.
I tried to yell again, but my mouth was covered with her crotch.
However, she understood my intentions and immediately struck me in the balls with her hand, I jerked like an epileptic.
Soon she got up from me, and immediately put her foot on my face! – Stop twitching, freak, get used to the new order, she said sternly.
– You behaved badly and was punished, but that’s not all, now in honor of our wedding you will give me pleasure all day.
you will lick my ass.
Then you will kiss my feet, you will serve me food and clean the apartment, and I will severely punish you for any mistake! – Her voice was stern and instructive.
Part 2.
Since then, half a year has passed.
I am subjected to cruel punishment for any offense! And on Saturdays I am subject to execution regardless of my behavior.
And today, on Saturday, I will get my portion of the rod, but while I am standing in the corner on the peas and waiting for my wife to return from her lover.
She does not hide the fact that she has a “trakhal” and that she spends time with him when she wants! This is also a part of my punishments, usually she, returning after the love joys, makes me lick her pussy to shine, and then she starts to whip me.
All right, I can hear the front door opening, and I can hear my wife’s confident approaching steps.
She enters the room, she is beautiful.
she is wearing a short, tight-fitting skirt, black high-heeled shoes on her, it is already clear that she is in anticipation of my execution.
– Well, dear, did you wait for your beloved little wife? she said cheerfully.
– Nothing, now we will fix this thing, now you shouted at me properly.

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, saturday is saturday.
– she sang merrily, and untied my neck from the battery.
Then she quickly took off her panties and sat on the sofa, spreading her legs wide, gestured to me at her pussy.
“Carefully lift me up after my hahel,” she strictly ordered.
I quickly crawled up to her and began to diligently lick the crotch, realizing that I would be beaten even more slowly for sluggishness than expected.
Five minutes later she commanded.
– Enough, fit in! – I crawl on my knees to the stool and lay my chest on the seat, my ass slightly raised to the top, and my head hangs over the floor.
A wife with a springy gait comes up to me and takes the first rod from the bucket.
“Today will be a hundred,” she says with a steel voice, “And then with another belt fifty, she announces her sentence.”
“You had comments from me several times during the week and brought you little money, so you’ll have to answer with your ass,” she said in a businesslike tone.
I begin to plead for indulgence, but in return she takes my hair and lifts my head, the next moment she stuffs her pants into my mouth.
! I’ve been used to it for a long time that in this

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way it mutes my mouth so that I’m not yelling loudly.
My mouth is plugged and I hear a characteristic whistle whistle.
It is difficult to describe all my terrible feelings at the time of whipping.
I try to scream, I try to dodge my ass from the blow, but then, she immediately clamps my head between my legs, and I am completely in her power.
After fifty blows, when I completely excised, I beg for mercy with my disjointed mooing with shorts in my mouth, she experiences a powerful orgasm and with a slight moan collapses into a chair opposite, then a smoke break.
She picturesquely sits in front of me in a chair and, with her legs crossed, begins to smoke.
“Cry a little, honey, you feel better,” she says mockingly in her voice.
“Today, I have yet regretted you, but the next fifty will be much more painful!” The smoke break is finished, and she again takes a fresh rod.
This time, she immediately fixes my head, holding it between my legs.
Spanking continues.
She told the truth.
This time it’s a lot harder to hit.
On the seventieth blow, I lose consciousness.
Consciousness slowly returns from cotton wool with ammonia, which she always keeps ready at the time of execution.
– Well, oklemalas, then we continue, there are still thirty left, then a belt.
!!! I try to beg, with my moaning with shorts in my mouth and an insane, imploring look, but all is useless, she is adamant.
I take the last blows again to the point of insensitivity.
After the hundredth of the rod, I roll onto the floor with a bag. Webcam arab sex.

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Valencia bongacams.
The train stopped.
Conductor raised the bandwagon: – Who needs – vykindshteyn, in short – spit out.
Welcome to gassy Gorlovka.
Mother and daughter went to the platform.
They looked at the people for a long time, but the women did not see their Slavik.
– It’s true? – suddenly asked the mother.
– What are you talking about? – the daughter shuddered.
– About the toilet.
– Who do you believe? Temporary companions? – Dasha remembered about an unfamiliar whisper in the corridor.
– They pushed the gossip into your head and disappeared from your life, and you, having believed, you will chew on the perceived information for a long time.
– Look, like a bird chirped loudly.
I have nothing to do, how to inform my father about this.
– I will not be silent either.
I’ll tell you about Caucasians, about: – Dasha began to list all of my mother’s sexual partners.
– Shut up, nebl creature
I will answer your question simply.
How to understand who wrote? See below for the mail.
And if my name is there, then it’s me !! And if there is an inscription Alex.
then this is alex.
– just Alex.
Greetings to you my dear

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readers! At your request, I nevertheless decided to write you a full version of the story, which is based on the real events of my girlfriend.
We have hidden a lot from you, but since you wanted to continue.
I decided to write the truth about this (although I didn’t really think that my story would intrigue you so much), but still I am very pleased! In this story there are a lot of parts, and I will continue to write only in exchange for positive feedback.
My friend Luba today is 26 years old.
She has two boys children.
And soon there will be a girl.
What happened to her at the age of 18 before her 19th birthday is a real story and not a fiction.

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Some people think that in erotic stories only fantasies, but I assure you that this is not always the case.
Well, let’s get started.
Write me any questions that interest you and I will answer you with great pleasure.
My version of the story will look a little different, you know why (as much as the heroine of the story missed and wished not to write about it).
But now everything is different and I can write everything from A to Z.
Lyuba’s parents are very rich and busy people.
They are on travels and business trips all the time, and sometimes, they don’t even have time to spend with their families.
As a child, Lyuba and her brother, elder brother Arthur (he is one year older than Lyuba), met only twice a year.
On the New Year and on the day of birth of children.
They were brought up by a nanny and a grandmother.
Then, when the kids matured, their aunt, who lives not far from them, started raising them.
Arthur went to school in 4 years.
And Lyuba is three.
This is possible, but these are very rare cases, although thanks to such parents it is not surprising.
They studied perfectly well, they were always neat, well-mannered children.
Well, just a sight for sore eyes.
When Arthur was 19 he moved to the fifth year at the university.
Luba was then 18 and she moved to the fourth course.
Lyuba perfectly passed all exams and passed on to the 4th course.
The weather was super.
The end of May and the beginning of summer.
Her mom called and said that they would arrive only by the end of September.
4 months.
“It remains a bit,” thought the girl, who was walking home in a good mood.
She wanted so much to brag to her brother and tell him the good news.
But from that moment it all started.
I am writing on behalf of the heroine.
__________________________________________________________________ Hello! My name is Luba and I am 18 years old.
Today is my good day.
I passed all the exams perfectly, the holidays started, the summer, I found a boyfriend and we get along well with him.
Although I really like one boy.
His name is Achilles and he is 20 years old.
She is a year older than my brother Arthur and this is his best friend.
I like him, but I don’t have him.
We hardly even communicate with him.
But when he is next to me, my heart stops and starts to feel dizzy.
Did I really fall in love so much ?! But now it is not so important.
Good weather, the birds are singing, the blue sky, the clouds, the warm gentle breeze that plays with my hair. Valencia bongacams.

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Lesbian erica campbell.
Members out we did not pull out, everything happened in the gorge of panties, behind the openings of the chirinok unbuttoned.
And only then, realizing what we had done, I pulled out my hand in horror.
Sasha looked down, as if only now he noticed that something was happening in his pants, swung slightly and hurriedly pulled his hand out of my pants.
Awkward, without looking at each other, we began to button up.
Well, no one came off.
Then they somehow straightened out the form, and went out onto the park path.
After orgasm, it was difficult to go.
The legs were weak, the body almost did not obey.
Still, in half a year I managed to jerk off three times, no more! And where in the army to masturbate? It was a dreary soul, the head was ringing, the thighs were unpleasantly tickled by the sperm flowing down, there was moisture on my fingers.
Well, what moisture is understandable.
We walked without talking.
Not even looking at each other.
September October.
What to do with all this, I had no idea.
It would be possible to blame Sanya for everything if my fingers did not rush towards his member.
We could blame the wine, but we weren’t really drunk.
Even the army could not be blamed – a hundred of the same guys walked around, but they didn’t climb to each other in their pants! Sasha and I didn’t say a single word about it, behaved as if nothing had happened.
There was not only any frank conversation, but also ambiguous phrases, unmotivated smiles, unusual looks – nothing at all! For some reason I was very interested that in those days Sanya felt looking at me, but he did not betray his thoughts.
But it was strange for me to look at him, talk, joke and at the same time remember the feeling of his penis and buttocks on his hands, remember his fist on his own penis, and his palm on his ass.

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Several times I, when Alex could not see this, specially considered him.
He was very thin and ungainly.
A pretty face that for a conscript soldier is more of a misfortune.
Sanya picked up, of course, in the army of swagger and all words, but it was obvious that this superficial, but inside he was like a rotten nerd, he remained.
I could not say that I had never before felt someone else’s hand on my ass or cock.
The girlish attention was not an everyday thing for me, but there was no complete curiosity either.
The difference was that this time the hand was male.
As soon as such thoughts covered me, I began to look for excuses.
Well, man’s.
So what? I didn’t even remember my orgasm.
That is, without flinging one’s soul, I could well have said that I had not received pleasure.
But at the moment when the desire rolled at me, I could not help thinking about Sana.
Of course, I fantasized about girls.
I imagined their beautiful faces, affectionate eyes, slender bodies, tender hugs.
But there were fantasies about what happened between me and Alex.
Involuntary fantasies that piled on me themselves, and they had to drive away by an effort of will: The sixth of October.
The shower room was cold.
A pair of sinks, tiles on the floor, tiles on the walls.
Under the ceiling fluorescent lamps.
Twenty-two souls on one side and twenty-three on the other.
No booth division, of course.
All in common, all for show.
Why are real peasants, conscript soldiers, shy? Alex bathed in front of me.
Not for the first time he chose this particular place, but until today I somehow did not think why.
The water was cold.
I, moaning, moistened my skin and jumped out from under the icy streams to lather.
Sanya rubbed his head in some two steps from me.
From under the palm of his hand glittered eyes.
I was embarrassed.
Moreover, he was indignant.
Well what is he staring! Someone else will notice, and then explain that you are not a fagot! Sanya still looked at me.
I turned my back on him, trying to somehow hide behind, but it was probably no better.
Now he was looking at my butt.
Turned sideways.
So he saw both a member and an ass.
Before? But so I initially stood.
Well, there’s no getting around this Alex.
Come out of the shower, give him a face.
My neighbors, right and left, the same

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as the Sanya and I, the soldiers, paying no attention to anything, washed themselves near, very close.
Spray from them now and then flew to me.
Sometimes our bodies collided. Lesbian erica campbell.

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Webcam sexy german family.
Without lubrication, my wife’s ass first let me in reluctantly, but in the end we both got what we wanted.
I drove, it seems, did not understand why decently dressed people chose his car and why the woman sat on the man’s lap all the way.
For this special thanks to the long and wide skirt of his wife.
– And go for the mushrooms! she said the next morning, waking up and sipping sweetly.
Quickly assembled, an hour later we were already on the train.
And here we are again in the forest.
Again the air, rustling leaves, the singing of birds, the sun above the treetops.
After wandering around all day, we sat down to rest before returning to the station.
Having a snack, I began to collect things.
– And you know what, dear.
– the wife stretched, looking slyly at me – for some reason it seems to me that now we will go and I will twist my leg.
So let me stay here, and you go on the road.
Maybe someone will agree to help us.
I pulled out a long tip and screwed it to the bidet.
I tried the water temperature.
And he stood in front of the surprised Rosa on his knees and elbows, putting his ass up.
– Rose, carefully insert the tip into my ass by ten centimeters and slowly increase the flow of water.
Rosa took the tip with neat female fingers and began to gently insert it into me.
With her other hand, she slowly began to increase the water pressure.

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“Enough,” I said.
I felt water begin to fill my rectum.
I already wanted with might and main to the toilet, but I waited a little longer, bent in different directions and only then sat down on the toilet.
Rose calmly looked at my oddities, but did not say a word.
A beautiful dark, almost dark-skinned beauty stood silently in front of me.
I just thought how she could hate me at that moment.
But on her face there was no shadow of disgust.
She still meekly stood before me, awaiting further instructions.
– Rose, do you want to do this to you? – If you want, do it.
– Have you ever done this yourself? – No never.
I washed the tip in warm water, rinsed first in alcohol, then again in water and put it on the tap.
– Become how I stood.
Rose gracefully knelt and bent forward to stand on her hands.
– Rose, on elbows become.
I spread a soft towel under her elbows and slipped it under my knees.
– It will be more convenient.
Rose bent even lower.
I admired her body.
When you look at a naked woman in such a posture from behind, sensible thoughts immediately fade into the background.
Two calling holes looked at me.
Rosa’s anus was something like a snowflake.
Large folds converged towards the center of the snowflake.
The anus was as plump as her whole body.
Under the anus could be seen vagina.
But not as close as I saw it at Milka, but much lower.
Labia lips lazily hung down the edges of the hole.
I carefully began to insert the tip.
The rose slightly arched under him, but almost without any difficulty I was able to let him in to the full depth.
I began to strengthen the jet.
He did it very slowly.
Rosa put her head in her hands, then raised her again.
It looks like she needed very little,

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but I kept holding the tip in her.
The anus jerked slightly, trying to push the alien body, but Rose was silent. Webcam sexy german family.

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At night, they stood on the deck, breathing in the fresh sea air.
Duval’s hand was on his wife’s shoulder.
Her hair, blown by the wind, tickled his face.
“Honey,” Anna said quietly, turning her face to him, “say, and you.”
want to return to yours.
still occupation? – Are you talking about piracy? – said Duval.
“Yes,” she nodded, looking at him with an inquiring gaze, afraid to hear the answer.
“Don’t worry,” he smiled, kissing her hair, “more than a year ago I told you that I was done with it.”
I am the captain of “Zeus” only during our voyage on it.
– I.
where are we going? How and where will we live? – We are sailing to my homeland.
– To France?! – Anna was surprised.
– But.
you have lost all connection with her.
– Not really, honey.
Serge’s face became sad and thoughtful, a fold lay between the eyebrows.
“You don’t know everything about me,” he suddenly admitted.
– What?! – shuddered Anna, having recoiled, – do you really have some other secret? Something scary ?! – Oh, no, no! Do not be afraid! – he smiled sadly, – on the contrary, it is even.
good news for you.
He again fell silent, and Anna was silent, seeing that it was difficult for him to begin his story.
“A few years ago,” he finally spoke, “I decided to find my relatives.”
Mother died when I was six years old.
Therefore, first of all I wanted to find a father.
I hired a clever man, an expert on all sorts of delicate tasks.
And I learned that my father.
lived a reckless life, he was a player.
He died shortly before I began my search.
His estate was completely in debt, creditors put it up for sale. Naked nanny cam.

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But he couldn’t carefully examine the discovery, as the sound of the opening door and the cheerful voices of the mother and grandmother were heard from below.
Anton grabbed a thick magazine from one of the shelves and slammed the door.
Hiding the magazine under his t-shirt, he went down to the first floor and walked past the grandmothers and mothers sitting at the table outside.
Having gathered to find somewhere a secluded place to watch the magazine, Anton heard his grandmother calling him.
“Antoshka, go look for Masha and Zhenya.
Mom is leaving now, let them say goodbye. ”
Anton nodded his head and went to look for sisters, having decided that after her mother’s departure, she would definitely look at a magazine.
All stood near the car.
Katya was already dressed and collected.
Having kissed the children goodbye and telling them to obey her grandmother, she went to her mother.
“Mom, I hope everything will be fine.”
“Do not worry, daughter,” replied Elizaveta Sergeyevna and smiling pinched her daughter through the blouse by the nipple.
Katya blushed and looked back at the children, but they were already busy with their business and were not looking at her.
Having once again said goodbye to everyone, she got into the car and drove out of the gate.
Mom and children waved after her.
“Well, kids.
Mom left, now we go to wash.
Quickly all in the bath.
Run “, said grandmother, closing the gate.
Masha and Zhenya immediately ran to the bath.
Anton remained standing.
Inside it seemed to break something.
Fear even sweat on his forehead. Spy cam homemade porn.

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Helga sighed with a sweet moan, trembling from a dizzyingly gentle arousal.
She had never experienced such a thing to Albert.
Finally, after already almost painful caresses, he gently, but persistently turned her to him and with some greed he clung to her lips.
Unlike the caresses, the kiss was fierce, wild, with undisguised passion he kissed and bit her limp lips, and she could barely breathe from her overwhelming feeling – much deeper than just excitement.
It was a primal happiness to belong to him.

And he could no longer restrain himself, crushed her chest, buttocks, covered with kisses her neck, chest, time after time confirming that Helga is now his.
Almost thoughtlessly, she began to take off his clothes, she wanted to snuggle up to him in earnest.
Sensing the hot skin of his chest under her arm, she began to kiss her, kiss everything that was opened under her clothes, allowing the fabric to slip out of her weakened hands.
She heard his breathing, raspy and hoarse, when she reached his body, she felt the whole rapid beat of his heart.

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Helgi’s skirt befell the same fate as the top, and Albert smoothly lowered her palms to her elastic ass, wetted holes in thin panties.
Helga, not hesitating, groaned in a voice of lust, and, although Albert did not say anything, she realized on a tactile level that his excitement had increased.
Suddenly their tender caresses and passionate kisses broke off – Albert abruptly picked Helga up in his arms and, barely restraining his impulse, pushed against the wall.
Helga was even surprised that they were standing so close to the wall — she couldn’t imagine this room at all, completely isolated from the light.
Squeezed between the wall and Albert, she clutched at his hands and clasped his torso with her legs, completely hanging on it.
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To stretch my bones, – Olga replied laughing.
– Yes!? – Nastya raised her eyebrows.
– And I do not suit you? Do you miss our toys? – Nastya offended.
– Yes, all this is not that.
I want this fucking.
I miss you.
I love you, but all these toys.
They will not replace real sperm and hot dick.
– Olga answered.
– Just do not be offended.
But I want you to share this joy with me.
– You know that I do not like male affection.
Last few years.
Only you.
I don’t need anyone else.
– Nastya complained.
– Call Christine.
Have fun with her.
She really is not quite a girl, but you like her affection.
– Olga advised.
For the past 8 years, Nastya has not paid attention to men and talked with them exclusively for work.
The bitter experience of a woman in love who was deceived about being abandoned left a deep wound in her soul.
After the divorce documents were signed, Nastya disappeared from her surroundings for 2 years.
She lived in the taiga.
All alone, except for the animals inhabiting the vast expanses of Taiga.
But as it turned out, Nastya is not the only soul in this deeply forgotten corner.
Once, an old old man came out to her dwelling, which she built herself with her own hands.
He looked about 90 years old! But in fact, he was far beyond 100.
He himself did not remember exactly how old he was, since he could not tie the year of his birth to some well-known fact.
Wergen, so was the name of the old man, those with whom he used to communicate.
But already 20 winters as he had not seen a single person and didn’t much regret about it.
He had a family, a wife and seven children.

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They lived in the north of Yakutia.
But during the Great Patriotic War, the Red Commissars took him to the front, where he fought with a sniper.
Reaching Berlin after returning from the war, Uergen did not find his home, he burned down.
I did not find my family hijacked it in an unmistakable direction all the same red Kamissars.
As he was not looking, he could not find his family.
He was pissed off by one of the local officials, calling him insane, only because wherever he could, Wergen looked for his family and beat doorsteps.
And once in a breakthrough, he called him a “fascist henchman.”
The official quickly “found a board” on Wergen.
Guessing that they could plant him, Uergen disappeared in the north of the region and every year he moved deeper into the taiga.
And this is how he lived for more than seventy years as a hermit.
He was an excellent hunter, fisherman, and a flight attendant.
Everything that nature gave him he used zealously and without special necessity did not kill anyone.
Went out to the guard Nastya Uergen not by chance.
He felt that

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soon he could not even walk, he became old.
The old man did not forget the language, as he periodically wrote poems on earth to his family.
Nastya, seeing the old man, strangely enough was not frightened, although she thought that there were no people in this land.
Fed, warmed, laid on his ottoman.
In the morning the old man told her that he had led to her.
Nastya took care of him as a father.
The old man taught Nastya how to survive in the taiga.
He once happened to Nastya attack.
He was seriously ill with his lower right side.
As the old man did not try to help the “daughter” with forest means, nothing helped.
Wergen decided to take her to the people.
Long traveled, with frequent and long stops.
A week later, we reached the outer village.
Uergen sat Nastya at the nearest apartment building and went back to the taiga.
Nastya did not know that his vision was last.
Nastya found a little girl about 10.
Called dad.
The man quickly took Nastya to the nearest feltscher.
And he without anesthesia, only with the help of a glass of alcohol made her an operation and removed the appendicitis that was already ready to burst.
Then he urgently called the car and sent it to the city.
Here Nastya woke up only on the second day, since she was unconscious. Sex and the city 3 online.

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Best porn cam website. Can they drown? – No, at this time their chicks are growing up, so they just poop on their heads passing, then you will not wash for a week, she smiled, some of them shaved their heads after that.
Look, look at the local kid, Vaska, bald all over, it was him that a week ago, while drinking a cape, he turned around and did not notice how he was beaten, he had to shave his head.
– It is clear, but how can we protect ourselves? – You just have to dive when they approach, because they scream when they attack, they probably want to scare.
We went down to the beach, Irina went to a booth and began to take off her dress.
– Well, what are you standing, take off your clothes, I will give things to my acquaintances and sail.
I quickly threw off the shirt and shorts, Irina gave all our simple belongings to some aunt, and we moved to the sea.
With all my swing I jumped into the cool water and swam to the cape, soon Irishka caught up with me, she swam perfectly, I couldn’t keep up with her and she slowed down a bit. Best porn cam website.

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She is tall, her legs are long and I don’t have to squat or pull my ass up.
He moved the horseman through her wet crack, ran his hand under his stomach and began to rub the clitoris.
Natasha immediately breathed, was brought on the table.
It feels more comfortable.
Now I inserted my instrument into her vagina, and grabbed my hands on the titties.
It is very convenient in this position for the girl beeps to her to pull up and sit down deep.
And the work went.
When I go deep into the hole, I pull it on myself, and when I go out, I pull my chest forward.
And the rest, everything is as usual – tremors, tremors, tremors.
Jerks back and forth Natasha stomach on the table.
I squeeze her tity apples, nipples rub their fingers.
A dozen times pushed and Natasha started up.

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She hurts backwards to booty, so she began to turn her backside – she moves it from side to side.
In short, everything turned out much more pleasant than it was with her for the first time.
But she does not give voices, she has such an orgasm – without sounds.
Here and on me rolled.
I throw sperm into it.
Then he stopped, let go of the tits and the broken ass of her ironing.
Natasha is resting motionless, and the tired jigit is still inside her.
Catch my breath a little.
Natasha, turned her head towards me and asked me with a look: can I get up.
He lifted her, hugged her back, and she gently sticking out her ass pressed me.
The loin was arched forward, so that concerns me only the shoulder blades and backwards.
Played still Natasha titechkami.
He milked her with taste and sent Natasha to wash.

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She walks, and on the inside of the thighs my sperm flows in a mixture with its juices.
Lena was freed from the duties of the table and sent to the kitchen.
– Prepare, please, tea.
Now let’s catch our breath and come tea to drink.
Gathered in the kitchen.
Natasha is at the table on her knees, she cannot sit down, and I sat Lena on my knees and milked her tits too.
What kind of tea is here! That’s all: Dressed and said goodbye.
On the stairs got the headphones.
Better safe than sorry – you need to check what they say, how they react to what happened.
Lena (extremely excited): – Oh, how scary it was! I thought that after you, he and I flooded.
And in bed it was good under him!
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