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Larisa pulled out the cork, and said to return the anus to the place.
The unassailable anus refused again, then the girl took dichlorphosis from the table and sprayed into the anus.
Anus shouted in pain.
Larisa once again told him to return to the place.
Anus refused again.
Evil Larisa went to the pantry and pulled out a drill.
On the way back, she felt something fall out of her asshole, she looked at the floor, but this is her gut. Top model sex porn.

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The complete impression that she was raped, if I didn’t know where she was, I would have thought so.
After letting the girl drink a glass of brandy, I calmed her down a bit and put it in our bedroom, while she herself sat down to wait for her mother.
I had foreseen her visit from the very beginning, so I prepared for her visit, bought something, did something.
Silver “BMW” slowed down at my house.
Madame’s walking was “unimportant,” as the pre-Peter nobles used to say.
Coming out of the car, Madame looked around my house and went to the entrance.
In her place, I would drive up to the very porch, she, it seems, did not have the audacity for it.
Well, that means she doesn’t feel so confident.
Point in my favor.
She was very similar to her daughter: short, slender figure, long legs, and the gait is the same easy, flying.
I already admired her.
When she entered the house, I was waiting for her at the door.
At the sight of me, Alexandra Pavlovna’s eyes flashed in anticipation.
She was preparing to yell and brawl.
But she did not have time for anything else.
I started first.
A stunning slap in the face burned Alexandra Pavlovna’s face.

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The second, third, fourth! A stunned woman could only close and hack.
Breaking her hands back, I pulled out the handcuffs and snapped it on her wrists.
Alexandra Pavlovna opened her mouth – either to rebel, or to ask, but I pulled out the gag in the form of a small member with straps, deftly inserted and fastened them at the back of the head.
With Vika’s amazement and even fear, my mother looked at me, she did not expect anything like that.
What the bitch did not expect ?! – I grabbed her hair, hissed in her face.
– I thought you would, as usual, yell and brawl? With me such tricks will not pass! Go here!

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With a strong push, I sent Alexandra Pavlovna to the corridor, to the doors to the basement.
Not keeping her heels on her feet, she stretched out on the floor.
Without letting her stand, I pulled her down.
And threw it on the concrete floor.
True, not so much that she beat her knees, but in order to make a significant impact.
Slapping on the floor, Alexandra Pavlovna looked at me with horror.
Skirt ripped up, showing the openwork top stockings.
She looked extremely seductive.
It cost me a lot of work not to pounce on Alexandra and immediately rape her.
But a terrible effort of will, I restrained.
For a start, I stripped off my skirt, and then cut off my panties.
Alexandra Pavlovna began to guess.
that she will, she moaned something and tried to crawl away.
But I grabbed her hair, sat on a low chair and threw it on my lap.
Turning around, Alexandra saw me lifting a small whip from the floor.
She protested and started to twitch, but it didn’t make me much trouble to keep her on my lap. Busty teen webcam sex.

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And when Nadia, completely naked, fluttered out of the bathroom, all of the aromas of expensive soap and shampoo, headed for the bed, the major was simply stunned by the incredible vision – in front of him was a young goddess! In the dim light of the awakened sun, Nadi’s figure was cast in the color of light bronze, and as the girl’s elastic chest was playing in time with her steps, well, her lovely round ass with two dimples could drive the mind and steadfast priest.
And so the major, who was aroused by such a vision, was never a monk.
and was not, then after a second he already caressed the tongue of the tight hole of Nadi’s wonderful ass, which soon very well received the stone member of the major.
Riding on her elastic buttocks and ending violently, the major realized that he had not experienced such pleasure and that he was amazingly lucky with his girlfriend.

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So it was only a couple of hours before the indignant scream of the major’s alarm clock was able to sleep in love.
The major was given an apartment in the house for Mosenergo workers, so when they came out of the door, there were several power engineers waiting for a service bus.
All the men very respectfully greeted their famous neighbor and also very respectfully, like a man, shook his hand, shaking their heads and raising their thumbs up – major is strong! And a couple of women looked at Nadia quite enviously – lucky for her! Clever Nadia understood everything because of the stunned looks of the major’s neighbors – it is clear that everyone has heard everything, because what walls are “soundproof” here! Having poured paint in anticipation of an official car of management, Nadya nevertheless was in seventh heaven from the pleasure of a wonderful night with her beloved man.

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Yes, and after such a happy salvation! On the way, the major brought several bottles of excellent brandy to the fire department, thanking him for his timely arrival and rescue, causing stormy exclamations of excitement there.
Going into their department and a little late, they cheerfully greeted their employees, and they, realizing by their shining faces what had happened, began to applaud quietly – the major in the administration was not only respected.
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And although she habitually blamed her husband for everything that had happened to her, she could not deceive herself.
All she is! – If you want, I will take him to the kindergarten, – Vick nods at the sleeping son.
– Do not worry about us, we will cope.
We have long been without you – and nothing.
Mom will help.
Yes, and yours too – already in a calm tone.
– Are you sure about him, who called you? He’s free? Can’t you go outside? Vika independently threw up her head, but did not manage to portray full confidence.
“So married,” Aleksey quietly stated.
– I guessed? – I will come.
I will come to my son.
You do not mind? – the girl said hesitantly.
– Of course, come.
But why? Yes, you and most soon get bored.
This is not yours!

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You will see! The girl trampled at the door, tried to say something several times, but changed her mind and left.
Already sitting in the car, she remembered that she did not put on makeup, thought for a second about it and started the engine.
– True, all right? – Denis pulled her hand and sat on his lap.
They sat in his office, where Vika brought the documents; the girl kept her back unnaturally straight and stared out the window, not turning her head to the man.
He gently stroked her leg, rising higher and standing high on her hip under a short skirt.
She seemed not to notice the intimate caress, without reacting to her in any way, which was unusual.
Without waiting for a response, nor the usual kiss, Denis made a frustrated grimace and pulled her to him; unpainted lips were lifeless and opened for him without any tenderness.

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Biting her lower lip and not even hearing a sigh, he changed tactics.
Firmly hugging her waist, he ran his hand between her legs and stuck his finger in her panties.
After a pause she obediently relaxed her thighs and stared at the wall.
After a minute of persistent stimulation of her vagina, she caught her breath, and she stiffened.
– I missed you.
I do not live to see the evening.
, – without slowing down the pace of movement of the fingers.
Turning his gloomy face to him, she intermittently asked: – Do you want now? How? Smiling smugly, he lifted her up and laid his hand on his groin.
Kneeling down, she unbuttoned his pants and opened his pinking penis.
With displeasure, he looked at her suddenly embarrassing movements, not unusually slow tongue and some sluggish, cold lips.
Seeing all this inhibition, he wondered if anything would come out right now.
Pushing the girl away, he zipped up and looked skeptically at her.
She did not rise from her knees, dropping her head and turning over the edge of a miniskirt with her hands.
Sighing, he relented; perhaps the gap was not easy.
He hoped that she would quickly turn everything with her hubby, as with him yesterday: without fear and reproach.
And then these snot.
The man took her by the shoulders.
“So that’s how we’ll do it.”
Today you go to yourself.
you put yourself in order to us: you will sleep there, you will lay out things, you will watch TV, you will prepare something.
In general, think of something to do.
And tomorrow we will celebrate this business.
well, your freedom.
And as a cucumber from me: no tears, no snot! Buy yourself something, go to the salon, let them do something with the face.
Is everything all right with us? Nothing happened? Well, no, no, that’s not good, – seeing a tear crawling down her cheek.
– You will dismiss the nurse – I will return you back to my husband.
I don’t need a crybaby! Stumbling on her desperate look: – Yes, I joked, joked! – Honey, do you love me? – in a whisper, seemingly looking into his face.
– Of course! Otherwise, why did I call you to live in your apartment? – he confidently stroked her face, rubbing annoying tears.
A little cheered up, she rose from the floor and went to her office, pushed by his mischievous slaps on the pope.
The sum with zero result – My happiness begins. Czech model casting porn.

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but very still nothing is a man with an interesting gray in the dark hair and blue, like license plates on Cops, eyes.
He winked at his reflection and left the bathroom.
The story of how the first time I was dressed in a girl.
Remembering now I changed all the names.
My name is Sasha.
The story for more interest will be from a few individuals acting on that day.
Photos from the Internet of a person are a little changed.
The story from Sasha.
In my youth, like all boys, I secretly tried on women’s things (swimwear dresses) sisters and mothers get sexual pleasure by trying not to get dirty underwear.
And once I had my own dress, which I hid and wore until it was not enough, but everything turned out as I tell you now.
It was a gift from my neighbor, the girl Lika, whom she was in love with and she knew.
I was 20, she is younger than she is 19.
We sometimes kissed sney.
We often played at her house when there were no her parents, the four of us together she is her cousin Katya to her 20 and her younger younger brother Lika Vasya him 18.
The girls played dolls – princesses, and we were in war games.
Sometimes they played together then to the store then to the hospital.

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Then they began to play kidnappers, they hid the hoards of girls taking turns taking them to another room and asking where they hid the treasure.
In advance, they put on more dresses, skirts, jackets, different hats and wigs, and shoes.
Each time they put on the clothes of their mother’s neighbor, Aunt Anya’s name, so that they could undress like a make-believe they stay in tights or sports clothes.
Their breasts were then very small and they put on the bras of the mother of Aunt Ani’s mother and Aunt Ani’s third size did inserts and her clothes in order to appear as adults and to go in high heels.
Lika put on her mother’s black shoes, a boat with heels that she was a little too large and there were gloves on (she saw vinyl for the first time and caught fire on them.
) Katia red mesh gloves.
We first undressed them a little and started tickling out the treasure tied they resisted playfully laughed We scoured and searched them and they liked getting into panties sometimes hiding their breasts and squeezing them very much and they didn’t say at first

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they threatened that we would kissing if they do not tell Vasya his sister Lika, and she always stood up for this, and I threatened Katya.
And then we were connected and I kissed Lika and her brother Vasya, his cousin Katya, they were delighted with this.
Once we switched roles, the girls were offered to us saying that they would no longer play with dreams if we refused.
That day, our three musketeers fil showed on TV and we decided to play the characters of the film.
Katya is now Aramis for today, and Sasha is to call Milady so now she is in a red dress. Watch sex and the city 2 movie online.

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And then Anna screamed and a jet sprayed from the vagina.
– AAAAAAA YES !!! YES!!! DAAAA !!! GOOD AAA AAAXXX GOOD !!! YES!! YES!! LLC DAAA !! Andrei was simply amazed by this picture, and fearing that he might be caught, he quickly left for himself.
He was shocked.
He just saw a masturbating mother.
He passionately wanted to have sex with her, but how to offer it. With these thoughts, Andrey finished off abundantly, dabbed his towel and fell asleep.
In the morning, Anna woke him up. Andrey quickly got up and went to the bathroom to wash and brush his teeth.
He was shocked by yesterday, but didn’t file a mind, and talked with Anna as if nothing had happened.
At breakfast, Anna began to discuss plans for the weekend.
Andrei, finishing his coffee, asked: – Mom, are we going to swim in the river? – We can go to the river, and then in the evening we will flood the bath, how do you like the idea? – Great, mom, just tell me you used to wash with dad in the bath, and now alone? – Yes, I go off alone.

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Then you.
For him, it was not news, they always bathe.
On the way to the bus station, they walked and chatted about everything that is possible, but he did not dare to ask about yesterday’s incident.
Half an hour later they were traveling by bus in the direction of the holiday village.
Finally, the bus arrived at the final stop, everyone got out and went on different sides.
Andrei and Anna walked together towards the field, it was the shortest road to their house.
All the way, Andrew just thinking about sex.
Going into the house, they began to change clothes, and soon he was standing in his shorts.
– Andrew, and now let’s go to the river, are we buying? – Well, then wear swimming trunks, take a towel, and wait for me on the porch.
Anna turned to the box to get a towel, and when she turned, she saw her son completely naked, putting on her swimming trunks.
– Do not be ashamed though? – Yes, there is a bit, I just thought that I would have time to wear swimming trunks.
– Oh you.

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Well, let’s go to the river.
They came to the river, but there was not anyone there, and Andrei and Anna decided to swim like that.
they entered the water, and there they began to spray each other with water.
Having bought enough, they went to the house.
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Along the bed we have a wardrobe up to the ceiling with glass doors and opening my eyes, I saw in reflection that my wife was on her knees putting her ass out, and my boss was fucking her from behind, putting her nightgown on her back and holding her buttocks.
There was enough light so that I could see a rather big member of the chief.
Then he lay down next to me on the back and I felt how our matrimonial bed creaked from the presence of another body.
– Sit on him, my girl.
The wife took his dick in her hand and sent it to herself.
She put her hands on his chest and began to raise and lower her ass then speeding up, then slowing down, crouching on him to the end, and then doing her ass circular movements. Hot hollywood sex movies online.

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She shakes her ass with all the force in time with my hand.
Finally, the bitch begins to tremble and moan even more.
She finished without permission! In a rage, I take out her panties from her mouth – I didn’t let you finish! You disobeyed me! Now I will punish you, creature! – Please, just don’t hit me with a rod, do anything, just don’t hit me with it! Fuck in the ass, beat with a whip, but not with a rod.
– I see you liked to fuck in the anal, whore, and this is not a punishment for you.
Come on now you help me finish.
You will lick the pussy of your mistress, and if I do not like it, I will beat the bar for 5 minutes! I untied her arms and legs and handcuffed my wrists.
She took her hair and dragged her to the bed.
She sat with the edge and force pulled her face to her pussy.
The bitch enthusiastically began to caress my clitoris.
Her tongue is skillful, she does it for the first time, obviously.
She bit the pussy lips, sucked the clit, while moaning sweetly.
Yes, she loves women’s pussies as much as I do.
It turns out that this is not a punishment for her, but I do not care.
She moves the tongue faster and faster, and I can no longer restrain myself, my moans are louder and louder, the orgasm is getting closer.
I grabbed the bitch in her hair, tightly pressed her to her pussy.
The orgasm rolls like a wave, I lean back on the bed, and my moans subside.
Then I get up and see how this bitch looks at me lustfully.
She definitely wants more.
I reattach it and fix it in a standing position.
I take out my favorite item – metal nipple clamps with weighting.
I begin to crush her nipples, then take turns each in the mouth, gently biting.
Bitch moans like crazy.
This time I don’t shut up her mouth, I want to enjoy the moment.
I start to bite my nipples more and more painfully, but the bitch likes it.
I look at the pussy – it is all shiny, grease almost flows over the thighs.

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I go down, lick the grease, start gently sucking the clitoris.
She presses the pussy against my face with all her might.
– Please caress me, let me finish, I want this.
– You already finished without permission, whore.
Enough for today! – Just one more time, help me! I want to.
– It is impossible! You can not stop! What makes you think that I

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will caress the pussy of a slut like you? I’m grossed out.
– Please, Mrs! Only once! I washed and shaved my pussy right before I visited you, she is clean and I am not a whore.
I’m not a whore! I again fall to the pussy and eagerly dig into it.
Pussy is really smooth and pleasant, it is a pleasure to caress her.
But I’m not an equal partner of this bitch, I have to punish her.
I take metal clips for nipples with weighting.
First I hang on one nipple, then immediately on the other.
The bitch screamed and cried, began to breathe heavily.
I again fell to the pussy.
She is still wet, I lick her, bite the labia, the clitoris, a little tongue penetrates inside.
Within 30 seconds, the slut shook to convulsions.
– Thank you, Madam, thank you! Thank.
I untie her.
The bitch is all in tears, the mascara is smeared, metal nips with weights are still hanging on her nipples, her ass is all red.
I kiss her, tongue penetrate her mouth, dug my hands into my ass, slap her, wrinkle my boobs, move clamps.
Then take them off.
She goes to dress.
I offer her a shower or coffee, but she refuses, she says she needs to go home.
I take her to the door.
– Repeat somehow ?, she asks.
The end of the story.
The next Monday in the office, the next work week began.
Olesya, as before, was among the first to arrive at work, exchanged a couple of phrases with security, chatted with friends of girls, took the mail left by couriers at the weekend, and went to her office.
In the morning, only coffee saved her — she didn’t sleep like hell.
Alexey again took up the projects, and the day before she saw him off at the airport after midnight (he flew off to another city for a week to sign another contract).
Her mother-in-law moved to their home for a week so that Olesya would not have to take time off.
“So now it remains only to stretch one day and go to bed early” – the girl thought, sitting comfortably in her chair in front of the computer.
Almost three weeks have passed since their last meeting with Victoria Alexandrovna.
After that Friday, when they “talked” after work, the head of the customer service department went on vacation.
When she returned, no one knew.
Nobody knew what happened then in Victoria’s office, except for her and Olesya (it turned out that the boss made sure that no one interfered with them by sending all the staff home 15 minutes earlier). Indian porn video hidden camera.

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About me – that, I’m fine.

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Only the heart of the stone lies, the cats are scratching.
And so – I study, yes and good.
Soon I will become a lawyer.
People will be judged.
And at the very conscience is not clear! Do not worry, he says, you have revenge for me, so I simply have to sit for you.
That’s just the point, saying that Father Victor was my lover.
I saw him with my mother, and lost my mind, I loved him.
My father was silent for a long time, he could not come to himself from such news, she was so unexpected for him, and turned the whole course of his thoughts.
Like and noble, he committed an act, for the daughter went to prison, but the motivation has now changed, and he needs to rethink it all over again.
In his eyes, I’m no longer a heroine, but an ordinary slutty girl who has spread herself over a priest.
And her mother, before Father Victor, had lovers, she was walking from her father.
And he has a mistress in the city, and they have a son, that is, my three-year-old brother.
In general, everything went awry.
It was hard to figure it out.
We had three bottles of vodka emptied while we were getting it right.
On the one hand, they are tearing up his ass here in prison, being forced to carry out the aspirant, for tillage servants.
On the other hand, I am no longer a girl, because of me, he drags this very thing.
And again – two years without a woman, and here I, who was under the cover of a break with her mother under Holy Father Victor, were underlain.
What is it worse? I do not know what my father was guided by, but I did not dare to resist.
Maybe she was drunk, and maybe she was sorry.
In short, we fell asleep with him in a tight embrace.
And when I returned, I realized that I got pregnant.
What was to do? Abortions are forbidden by God, on my conscience and so full of sins, just add – the wheels will not stand.
Although I killed Father Victor, I did not cease to believe in God, so deeply he put faith in me.

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Solved – all in the power of God.
And so life is twisted, let it further squint.
So you were born.
And when my father left the term, they secretly moved here from everyone.
His mistress was killed when he was in prison, his son was brought up with relatives.
He returned, got a job in a nearby village.
So they raised children, he is a son, I am a daughter.
No soul knows what happened, for that incident was the only one, the first and the last.
Yes, only, his son.
Alexander? – barely audibly whispered Alexander.
Yes, the son – Alexander, and the daughter – Alexander.
You are a brother and sister, only from different mothers.
Yes, in addition, my father, also your father, and grandfather at the same time.
That is why we didn’t want you to get married, prevent it as much as possible.
It was necessary to immediately say about this, why was to imprison Alexander? Immediately – it was all the same when you became pregnant, remember.
Yes, and how to say this to your daughter.
What else could you talk to her about? Alexandra aspired to the road.
By the father you come to say goodbye? The mother asked.
How could you! – only said Alexandra.
Father looked like a battered dog.
Wrinkled, gray-haired, disheveled, descended old man.
He sat in a chair, legs spread wide apart, his head between them so that his hands almost touched the floor.
Alexandra thought that if the artist wished to depict humiliation, he would not have found a better nature.
An old worn robe of indefinite color, and blue sweatpants with stretched knees, complemented his pitiful portrait.
They were silent for more than an hour, glancing at each other studying glances.
Of course, they could not hear each other’s thoughts, but both of them already understood perfectly well what was in their hearts.
Then why the words? Alexandra got up.
Grandfather, having collected his last strength, slowly rose, took a step towards her, but then calmed down, stopped in indecision, lowered his hands.
Alexandra, moved by some strange feeling to her, approached, clung to him, and so she stood for several minutes, unsuccessfully trying to feel in this aging body something native for herself, twice dear, fatherly and grandfathering, something that she had dreamed of for twenty years , but did not feel anything, opened her arms, and went to the exit without saying a word.
The father went after her, while he opened the door, he caught up with her, put his hand on his shoulder: Do not tell Shure, he is weak in spirit, he will not survive.
Alexandra did not immediately understand who she was talking about, only when she came down from the porch, she caught the meaning of what was said that Shura was Alexander, his son, her brother, her husband. Free online porn tube movies.

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I prefer the second method.
“Then I will take it under my knees,” decided Masha.
– Put your right hand across both legs of the baby, – Lena asked, – Yeah, like that.
Bulk up to the top.
And push a little wider.
See how everything is open between his legs now? “I pushed my boy-nosed gadgets forward,” Ksyusha giggled.
– For me trying? – Masha asked mockingly, – That it was more convenient for me to touch your little bit with testicles? They all laughed together, drove me even more into the paint.
It was a shame to feel helpless in front of a 12-year-old girl.
I fidgeted angrily, trying to break free from her hands and, to my surprise, easily freed one, and then the other leg.
“Seven-year-old is hard to keep,” Masha told Lena, trying to catch my legs.
– Let me help you, – Lena quickly took my legs and lifted them up to refusal, pressing my knees to my shoulders.
– Thank you, – Masha nodded, – Cool boy you hold.
Everything is open.
Even a hole in the pope.
As if to confirm her words, I could not stand it and farted loudly. Russian girls webcam porn.

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And, of course, we are talking about a beautiful, charming pro, and not about the station half-drunk woman who has decided that she is the domino of superstar! Why do we treat scat so much by applying golden rain? I will not say for everyone, only about myself.
And for me this is also a problem, yes, it was in my practice.
but whether the case – in a drunken stupor, or to catch an erection, when he was exhausted.
I do not know.
You need to decide on this.

Unless of course you’re not a goner koprofag, he’s a shit! And if it is still possible to share the rain with like-minded people, then I did not hear that someone would boast that the lady would make him do it.
“Copro”, however, can I not rotate there? Somehow my incomparable Mrs., discussing the next scenario, asked about the “scat”: – And why, is it for you? Well, of course, the Mistress gets extreme sadistic pleasure, seeing as a slave with lust or, perhaps, mainly, by her whims and pressure, eats her feces, kisses and licks her shit, sniffs bowel movements, drags when she serves her defecation when she poops on his body, mostly in his mouth, on his tongue!

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And you? How are you? After all, we are not “Madam Slave 24 hours a day!” As always, she made the situation very clear: indeed, we live a decent life and, I dare say, a happy life of a man and a woman, but in sex we have a red line “Madam Slave”, with sharp, extreme aspects.
She once told me that if she caught me licking the toilet after her or eating her toilet paper, she would be disgusted.
But in sex, we all go crazy with delight with this very sex, enjoy our transcendental fantasies, And when a person chases an orgasm, he often wants to blow himself up from the inside! It is clear that this is not with every partner and not in every situation, but why not?
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I kneel in the bathroom, wash off.
The ancient stone castle, gray walls, will soon begin to merge with the darkness of twilight, the sound of rain, the smell of rain, the air, which can only be in the rain.
And a beautiful woman, proudly frozen near the window, alone, looks into the distance, at a road swelled by water leading to the castle.
The earth still remembers the heat of sunny summer, so whitish steam rises from green lawns spread out in front of the majestic structure, even more thickly this steam twists from the forest visible not far away, which in the coming darkness seems so mysterious, distant, mysterious.
White thin clubs soar above the ground, worsening the already weak visibility, and seem to be eager to merge with the low-hanging dark gray clouds, of which the rain constantly rains.
A woman does not tear her eyes off the sodden road, which, fancifully winding, goes into the dense forest.
The sound of a murmuring small river, flowing silver ribbon behind the castle, is mixed with a cheerful crackle of the fireplace in a wide, but comfortably furnished room.
Lush carpets on the walls alternate with ancient armor and weapons, on the floor snow-white warm skins of unseen animals.
On the walls dance fancy shadows from the uneven flame of the fireplace.
An ancient dark castle, so ancient that even the stones themselves, whose memory is one of the longest, cannot say whose hands laid them

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here, in this mysterious and alluring primeval beauty place.
Whose will pulled them out of the shadow of darkness in the unimaginable depths of the earth and carried them here, building something completely, it seemed unnatural to this place, but, nevertheless, so successfully harmonizing and combining with it.
Only a woman knew this, frozen by a beautiful statue by a window in one of the fortress towers, one type of thickness and strength of the walls of which could completely discourage the desire of any even the most desperate commander to lead troops to attack.

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Her graceful tall figure concealed an incomprehensible threat and hidden force.
Thin features, straight nose, strong-willed mouth framed with scarlet lips and sky-blue ice eyes, coupled with wavy hair to the middle of the back of dark gold, made the woman look like an unknown goddess to this world.
And who knows, the ancient elders, wise by experience, will say, perhaps this is not all that far from the truth.
As night fell, rain only gained momentum.
Even without that, dark clouds began to thicken more and more, which is why the sky now seemed to be the gateway to the incomprehensible boundless darkness.
Only fancifully wriggling branches of lightning, which began to be born somewhere in the depths of this dark chaos, black clouds of clouds illuminated for a moment with fiery flashes, forcing creeping delusion to retreat, but only so that in a moment it would return again with a new force.
Night covered the earth with an impenetrable dome, neither the faint glow of the stars nor the slightest ray of faded moon.
Darkness, darkness and rain.
At such a time, even the most hungry and dangerous predator hides deep in its hole, without risking to stick its nose out.
Peaceful plowmen and villagers tightly lock all the shutters and doors, unconsciously falling down in front of the holy images, praying to protect and protect them.
For it is believed that the Lady of Death herself goes on a hunt in such a terrible weather, and woe to the unfortunate whom she finds on the road, who did not have time to return and firmly lock themselves at home.
His torments will be indescribable, and any torture that could have come on the perverted mind of the shoulder cases of the masters of the Holy Inquisition will seem to him joyful pleasure.
Stupid belief, if you look.
If this Lady of Death is so powerful as it is described, why should she not simply smash a village or even a fortress into small pieces, then enjoy the torment of the survivors enough? – deep deep voice, broke from the lips of a woman, seemed to immediately sound from everywhere, giving rise to the impossible echo here.
Even the flame for a moment frightened blinked and it became not so bright to burn, and the crackling stopped, as if the fire really decided not to attract too much attention of the owner of this strange voice.
The room was noticeably dark.
You are right as always, Mistress, – a gentle languid voice came from across the room.
In a graceful arched doorway there was a charming girl with her amazing beauty.
Long, slender legs, high lush breasts, thin waists could reduce anyone’s mind, and if you add to the figure also perfect facial features with seemingly deliberately enlarged black eyes and bright red lips and all this frame a waterfall of lush golden curls, the resulting effect probably almost everyone would call the ultimate beauty. Live streaming porn tube.

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I didn’t try to do anything else without permission, but simply lay and breathed in the divine scent of the female crotch.
Having soared up to the seventh sky from the realization that the Mistress came down to me and allowed me to serve as a chair for her, I accepted this award with real reverence: nothing can feel this magnificent velvety skin, inhale the unearthly fragrance emanating from the petals of her beautiful bud. compare with that! The small smooth little ring of the Mistress’s anus was directly in front of me and attracted thoughts, attracted me.
I realized that I wanted to know his aroma, feel the taste and give pleasure to the Lady by caressing his tongue.
Chapter 7
New Mistress.
The sore neck ached a little, but, trying to move it, I immediately was squeezed by the elegant movement of the hips and ass of the Lady: – Do not move, you prevent me from concentrating! – She was obviously angry, and I decided not to add fuel to the fire.

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My posture on the floor, with legs extended in front of me, was such that I actually sat on the penis and testicles.
The legs of the Mistress at the same time rested on my thighs, exacerbating the already sweet pain that delivered incredible pleasure! Putting the paper aside and turning on the TV, the Hostess ordered me to release the penis and began to play with his toes, turning over the testicles and caressing the trunk.
In my heart I wanted to purr from pleasure, but then she got up and went to the window: – So, slave, I see that you are trying and want to serve your Lady, this is commendable! But you are not trained at all and you know almost nothing! – Yes, Madam, I really want to serve you! – I stared in awe at the crotch Mistress.
– Do not interrupt!

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It’s late, and now you will go home.
My daughter arrives tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock, she wants to see you.
So in 9.
45 you have to stand naked in front of the gate with a member between your legs! Do you have time to wash and remove all body hair again! The lady took off my collar and ring: “Well, go, otherwise I still have a lot to do,” she turned to the table, and I was about to leave when I realized that the clothes remained in the park.
– Madam, I can not go so can see me! – So what?
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The girls clearly enjoyed my virginity, savoring the established fact: “Us, bl.
mi commanded a virgin! This is n.
u some! I also taught that it is possible, which is impossible, but even with x.
it is not familiar! Yes, at least they kissed her? ”They shouted:“ Fuck! In the city, they will know, then they will flow and climb.
Th! ”The girls obviously didn’t want their friends and girlfriends to think later that they“ went under the hood ”.
“What are we going to do?” Natasha asked everyone in a drunken voice: “If my girls find out that I have been on duty in the kitchen for a week, they will write me down!” “Aha! And me! They will say that what a cool person I am if I couldn’t break off the hype in the camp! ”Echoed Irina.
Nastya, who apparently wanted to continue sexually, suddenly suggested: “Let’s fuck her! And all will be well! Moreover, she does not mind! ”
I was, of course, against, and I twitched my body, but the movements were such as if I agreed.
The girls laughed and began to decide how to perform this procedure.
“It is necessary for her to drive the bottle neck there!” Suggested Natasha: “I was so torn off.
Kolka still could not enter, took out a bottle, put me on cancer and stuck it! It was the only way to break, almost immediately the whole bottle entered! Hurt was n
c! But then kayfovo! “” And I was printed out with my fingers, Seryozhka immediately said that he would break with his finger, so that I did not suffer, first I stuck it, and then I would stick my whole hand, and even twist it there, I thought I would die, “Irina confirmed.

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“So what ?! Bottle out, pi

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yes flowing and ready! Who will interpose? ”- asked Lena.
“We need to finish the cognac first!” Said Nastya: “And then I’m already stuffing the muzhik to this virginity!” The girls took turns to finish the cognac, coughing and snorting.
I looked at the defloration weapon that was being prepared for me and wept.
I was not afraid of pain at all, I was morally ready for it for a long time, I was oppressed by the realization that my tselochka would be torn off not during the act of love, but like that, shamefully, with a bottle in the hands of a drunken lesbian.
I addressed prayers and requests to all the gods and wanted only one person to come here and save me from dishonor.
As if hearing my prayers and requests, in the corridor someone’s voices and footsteps were heard.
Girls, scared, quickly.
they covered me with a sheet from another bed, hid a bottle of brandy and sat around me, pretending to knit knots, leaving a gag in my mouth.
From the corridor we heard more distinct male voices, and I and the girls recognized the voices of our boys in them.
Apparently football was over, and the guys returned to their room to rest.
The girls already wanted to relax and continue the procedure of my printing, when, suddenly, from the boys’ room, there was a loud cry: “S.
ka! Who pulled the bag out ?! Is that a Stukalka again? ”Some movement began in the boys’ room, which then began to move in our direction.
The door of the women’s room opened and Seryoz, leaning out in the doorway, asked: “Baba, and who took the bag with our supplies? Stukalka? ”The girls laughed out loud, and without explaining anything, just showed me, lying on the bed, tied, and gagged.
I saw how Sergei’s eyes widened, and he immediately shouted into the corridor: “Guys! Get down here! See what the girls with Stukalka have done! ”In the corridor, quick steps were heard and our guys, Vlad, Nikita, Oleg, Sashka and Roman, followed Sergei into the room. Live sex indian video.

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As we drove, we talked about school and all small things.
Romka was with me delicate and tactful, even too delicate and tactful.
I liked him, and I began to think about how to make him understand that I can allow him more than he now has.
There were several days before the New Year, and I almost did not leave the Romkina apartment.
He occasionally took me outside to show local sights, but, to my regret, he never even hugged me.
I walked around the house either in my mines, or in short dressing gowns.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed how he was staring at my feet, but he did absolutely nothing.
There was one bed in the apartment, and anyone else would have enjoyed it, but Romka laid himself on the floor.
I was almost completely desperate, but I decided at night to portray that I had a nightmare.
In the end, Romka calmed me, hugged me, and we went to bed.
And there was nothing else.
New Year’s Eve has come.
We met her together.
We listened to the President’s speech, drank some, ate and sat at the table, watching TV.
I decided to take the initiative.
I dropped the fork and crawled under the table.
Romka did not respond.
I crawled under the table to the place where he was sitting and began to unbutton his pants.
Romka was very surprised, tried to pull away, asking me what I was doing.
I smiled and said that this was my New Year’s gift to him.
I pulled his cock out of my pants.
It was not very big somewhere 15-16 cm in length and 3-4 in diameter.
Months of training with Vadik were not in vain, and I easily swallowed Romkin member.
Romka sat rooted to the spot, he was very tense.
However, as I continued to give him a blowjob, he began to relax a little and allowed himself groans of pleasure.
Romka did not last long, and soon my mouth filled with his sweet and sour sperm.
I have automatically swallowed it, noting at the same time its pleasant taste.

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I crawled out from under the table and sat on my knees Romke.
His dick was still sticking out of his pants, but we forgot about him for a while.
We started kissing.
Romka kissed better than I expected.
He began to stroke my back, and I decided it was time.
I dragged him to the bed.
I threw him on the bed, lowered his panties, lifted her skirt and straightened Romkin member.
I slowly began to move, adjusting to the size of the member that walked in me.
Romka first tensed again, but then relaxed.
After some time, he, hugging me behind the ass, rolled over, and I was under him.
He began to move very gently in me and a pleasant languor spread throughout my body.
The excitement that I felt now was very different from what I experienced under Pashka or Vadik.
After some time, Romka, prudently pulling a member out of me, finished me in the pubis.
I said that I was not all yet, and then he did what I had never expected.
He leaned over and started licking my girl! I made kuni for the first time in my life, and I really liked it.
I never thought that I would learn something new about sex from Romka.
At this time, he eagerly licked my pussy.
His tongue seemed to be everywhere.
He then ruffled my clit, then plunged into the depths of my pussy.
I pressed his head to my vagina and moaned shamelessly.
Soon I rapidly finished off from the Romkins.
We lay, hugging, and kissing.
He offered me to be his girlfriend, and I thoughtlessly agreed.
I forgot about the starving Vadik waiting for me in my hometown.
The next day, we did not get out of bed with Romka.
Contrary to my expectations, he turned out to be a good lover.
And then I had to go home.
I kissed him on the platform and promised to write and come to him for the holidays.
Then the train started, taking me away from my beloved.
The iron beast drove me back to my hometown, where my parents and Vadik were already waiting for me.
Our men’s hostel was planning a party of whores and pimps.
I have already told my neighbor Rick that I plan to dress up for a party like a whore.
A few weeks before the party, younger sister Rick and I quickly became friends.
She spent three days and two nights teaching me to dress and paint like a woman, and also helped me get things I needed to wear.
We did training walks around the city

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at night, and everything led to the fact that I masturbated some stranger in his car.
Before Anna left, I confessed to her that I was dreaming to seduce her brother.
Anna endorsed this idea, saying, “You need to arrange this at a party of whores and pimps.
“The day before the party, Anna called and said that she and her boyfriend, Phil, are in the city and plan to stay for a while so as not to miss the party. Shoplifter sex online.

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He grabbed my hair and dragged me into my room.
He locked the door behind us.
Came up to me and said: – Take off your pants to panties.
Alex stood and looked at me.
I took off my clothes, then a bra.
He came and pulled me to his ass.
His hands began to pull my panties down.
– I like so much how you tremble, feel my dick? He will soon be in you.
And now undress me.
I began to take off his shirt, the buttons did not give way, as my hands were shaking.
-Live, I finally took off his shirt, then his pants.
He stepped over them, took off his socks.
I froze.
He took off his boxers.
I looked away, I was disgusted.
– Lie back and spread your legs.
He began to stroke his erect penis, took out some jar and began to lubricate it.
I lay down on the bed, he sat down next to me and began to insert a finger in my hole, I jerked, and my hands unconsciously began to push him away.
He stood up, took out the handcuffs from the bedside table and turned me over onto the stomach, bound my hands behind my back.
– So, you will not disturb me.
Alex turned me back again and spread my legs.
Then he leaned on me and I felt like his cock began to put pressure on my hole.
He tried to push it into me.
The pain was getting stronger, I tried to move my knees, but he did not let me do it.
– Please, I whispered.
– You can not wait? Now.
He finally entered and leaned forward, sharply and strongly drove his dick, making me a woman.
I screamed, Alex froze for a long time, then stuck it out and walked in again to its full length.
It was very painful, but he kept moving his hips harder and harder.

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After a couple of minutes, he finished right in me.
I didn’t cry anymore, I just sobbed under his movements.
He stopped, walked out of me.
Lay down next.
I lay still.
His penis was in blood and even between my legs I had blood too.
After some time, he spoke: – That’s my girl, or rather not a girl anymore.
He laughed, lay on his side and began to drive his hand over my body.
He grabbed the nipple and began to twist it.
– I’m in the bathroom, when I come to the bed should be covered with new linen, and you washed should sit on the carpet.
I want to work out with you.
He got up, unzipped the handcuffs and opened the door, then Alex went to the bathroom.
The whole body ached, especially between the legs.
I entered Alex’s room and sat uncertainly on the floor, I was wearing panties and a beacon.
He was gone for a long time, I was tired of sitting on the carpet and lay down.
I could not sleep, I thought that maybe we quickly need him, and he will leave me alone.
The door opened and he entered the room.
– What a nice baby.
He came up to me, he was wearing only underwear.
– Lie down on the bed, on the back.
I got up and lay down, as he said.
He took off my panties, spread my legs wide and entered me with a finger.
The pain intensified, I bit my lip so as not to scream.
– You’re still narrow, that’s good.
It is a pity you will stay so long.
He began to fuck me with a finger, then with two fingers.
Alex pulled away, took off his pants and drove a member into me, it was almost as painful as the first time.
– no, it hurts a lot.
Need to wait, please.
– Baby, I’m not going to wait.
What for? This is all the buzz in the resistance of your body.
He began to move in me, but then he came out and turned me over, putting me in a pose as a “dog.”
He pressed the lower back, I caved.
He entered again, the pain was severe, but Alex took me by the waist and began to have me at a frantic pace.
I didn’t get any pleasure and thought only about when it would all end.
Alex finished and lay down next.
– I bought you pills, so that you would not fly, do not forget to drink them.
I do not want kids yet, but not with condoms.

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-You know, you’re my 4th virgin, but everyone was so different, somehow I will tell you about them.
And now we will watch a movie.
He reached for the TV remote and turned it on. Mature camera sex.

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She had taken pictures of Eleanor so far, carefully, gave her husband a video camera, wanting him to continue shooting, and she licked Eugene’s eye, collecting sperm from him.
Then she bent over strongly, and now her face was lower than her.
Eugene, meanwhile, closing his mouth, began to mix sperm inside him with saliva.
It was visible on her cheeks.
Then she leaned over Eleanor and, opening her mouth, began to squeeze the contents of her mouth into Eli’s mouth.
After such an exchange, the girls’ lips merged into a kiss, during which they eagerly swallowed the contents of each other’s mouths.
– Let’s go today on the stones? There is nobody there.
Yes, and I want to lie on the rocks.
– At breakfast, Eugene threw a new idea.
– Yes, right you never want the whole beach to stare at you? – I grunted with a grin.
– Yes, Zhenya and I are already tired.
They stare, money does not pay, – wives laughed.
– Besides, today we decided to wear closed swimsuits.
– Yes, yes, and there, on the stones to remove them, – here I decided to flash with a slander.
– Go behind the car, – Eugene cheerfully shouted at me, and I reluctantly got up from the table. Online video sex site.

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And without hesitation.
I suggested that Robert hold the next meeting at our home.
At the same time, he did not even guess that I had a wife.
I invited him to 12.
I calmly drove my wife to work, he took time off with his own and arrived home.
About an hour later, a rather sexy person was reflected in the mirror.
Black stockings with a belt, white lace underwear, translucent red short peignoir, hairstyle and rather bright makeup.
And having run my eyes around the apartment, I cleaned up all the things and photos of Lena.
At exactly 12, the intercom rang, I opened the door and went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed.
Going into the apartment.
– I’m in the bedroom.
come on in
A few minutes later he entered, to my vulgar mind, he was glad and literally immediately began to pester.
– Do not rush.
There is wine and two wine glasses in the kitchen.
He silently got up and soon returned.
I deliberately looked at my watch, but, on the contrary, I wanted to go crazy and drank about half a bottle.
I put the glass on the floor and sat down to him.
through thick trousers a bit crushed his cock.
He quickly left the clothes on the floor and lay down in the center of the bed. I lay down between his legs and taking him in my hand, looking into his eyes began to caress him with his tongue, slowly sinking him in his mouth while massaging his large eggs and after a minute.
I smacked my lips loudly, and he moaned with pleasure and soon released him from his mouth.
– Do you want my ass? He was burning with the desire to grab my hand and sat on top.
I took him in my hand and slowly began to sink into myself, dropping completely, I tucked my legs and began to lean on his chest.

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The room was filled with our moans, he greedily squeezed my buttocks, and every time I tried to go deeper and deeper.
And then something happened that I waited.
On the groans violated the angry golos of the spouse – “What’s going on here?” Robert immediately stopped talking, and I turned my head without dismounting.
Lena came up to me and gave me a slap in the face and called me a whore.
And after that, crouching on the bed next to Robert— And who are you ashamed to ask who? —I
– It has long been dating.
– Well yes.
– And here I am my wife.
of this creation.
Go on! Robert sluggishly began to move in me, Lena took off her dress and remained in one of the underwear sat down with us — And I would like to.
Robert was clearly pleased with this outcome, Lena threw me off her lover and wetted her pussy with saliva.
I looked at it from the side and soon, unable to bear it, I began to caress Lena’s chest.
She made a few more shocks on him fell to the side.
– Come on.
Lick me! I spread her legs and eagerly dug into her crotch that smelled like a lover’s cock, she moved to Robert and taking his cock in her hand began to suck him.
Robert was at the peak of pleasure and soon he took

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the initiative in his own hands, he pushed me aside and put Lena with cancer.
I lay down in her pose 69.
Lena fucked my open ass with fingers, and he.
sending an elastic member in her ass slowly began to press.
Lena screamed loudly and after a few minutes his eggs touched her pussy, which I greedily licked.
And he became her.
fucking passionately, Lena literally squirmed under him and above me, a member at a fast pace moved in her eyes before me and after a while Robert screamed and only having had time to take out a member of the sperm began to splash on his wife’s ass.
Releasing everything.
He led him to my mouth, I licked off the remnants of him and he got out of bed — Come on.
lick her ass! Robert clearly liked it.
And I began to greedily lick her.
After all, Lena contentedly fell to her side.
Robert – Now I will rest for a while and you can repeat it.
– Let’s not today.
I have to work.
alone with my husband, I will not leave you.
so that’s it for today.
Robert packed up and left us. Live porn video hd.

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Look, the neighbor will play around – soon, as usual, you’ll lock yourself up, they say, to tell you that you live next door to a slut from whom her husband goes anywhere on business trips.
Well, something like this.
Interspersed with laughter and mutual flirting and caressing each other, we embraced Tatyana, in the middle, went around our house.
We went to our porch.
I frankly thought that my neighbor, since I had already managed to fuck Tatiana, then quietly and peacefully retire to my apartment.
But it turned out to be wrong.
He told me, with a gesture, showed two buttons.
I specifically hung on his shoulders and skirt, and a blouse – they say, get out with Tatiana’s clothes to his home.
But being already naked, Tatiana began to look for the keys to the apartment in her purse.
Opened the apartment, and the neighbor literally fell in to them, clasping Tatiana below the waist.
And then he raised her in his arms and brought it to the apartment in his arms.
– I can not fuck so much today.
We must wash, make up more.
– You’ll wash yourself in the bathroom with me.
And then he locked herself in the bathroom.
What’s happening? I relaxed into the chair.
“Ah, Tatyana-Tanka-Tanechka,” a neighbor sang playfully singing to the chant — well, in general, the bitch-bitch-slut is now clearing you inside my mother-in-law, my prostitute.
Slaps were heard, and almost immediately after the smacking sounds of sucking kisses.
– Well, come on, push the leg apart.
– Here you will excite and you will regret – Tatyana retorted, cool a little, and while I rub my head with shampoo.
Oh oh oh.
– What’s wrong? Not there stuck? – Yes, you so shave, just-brutalized that I can not get a shampoo on his head, that’s in the eye and hit.
– Well, when a real

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man inserts, it’s better for a girl to close her eyes.
For a while they were there puffing-and-moaning.
Finally, the door opened, or rather someone pushed the door by accident.

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Tatyana was sitting on a washing machine with her legs thrown over Sergey’s shoulders.
She so sincerely tenderly with love on Sergey’s back drove her hands; caressing his shaggy back.
Apparently Tatiana, sparking enjoyed the fact that right now Sergei is descending into her.
She seemed to be looking in my direction, but her gaze was somewhere past me.
– Tanyuha, well, you can not without the audience.
Well, if not all, then at least her husband when fucking show.
With these words, her detached gaze finally focused on my gaze and in the same instant Tatyana broke into an orgasm.
– Yes! Yes Yes!!! Yes Yes Yes!!! I’m all for my husband.
– while she herself took her hands off Sergey’s back and grabbed one of his hands and plunged her whole palm into her tits.
– As I love you, a prostitute, I send you.
All their fuck-ee, blyayaya.
Apparently Tatiana began to issue a member of Sergei with her vaginal muscles.
– Everything, come on, whore’s husband is your turn now – at the same time he just took out his bolt from Tatiana, but he still continued to drive his lips with sexual pangs and Tatiana’s clitoris.
A couple of times, again deepening the prick in the vagina and immediately sticking the head of his penis out.
– Well, what are you doing.
You’re doing some fucking out of me again.
And I’m a lady, my husband and I go to a cultural institution.
“But at the same time, the clitoris itself is bothering itself.
And the handle itself sends the head of his penis again inside his vagina.
Well, not a bit of worrying about the fact that the dick has already lost an erection; Yes, and from the pussy scattered streams of sperm.
Sergey literally threw Tatyana’s legs from my shoulders onto my shoulder.
But Tatiana suddenly woke up and gave out: “no, only after the wedding” and threw her leg off my shoulder.
And next: “Ildarchik – are you not dressed yet? We have to go to the theater in five minutes. ”
All three of us are so bursting with laughter.
It seemed like everything; Well, just any little things cause laughter and joy.
This is very cool: Sergey, who stands nearby, is naked and contented; Tatiana, who is already standing in the shower on half-bent legs, is equally happy with orgasms.
Tatyana washes away the shampoo, which she apparently applied to her head for a long time.
Here I am, who immediately rubs Tatyana’s back with a washcloth.
Good lord Tatiana, which is just that when I fucked man.
Well, this man, Sergey, laughing, comments on all the evil that is happening, cynically and with obscenities.
But from the foul language, Sergey with laughter as well poured, and Tatiana, and I, too.
Tatiana did everything so quickly that I suddenly felt like a turtle, in front of which, like in a kaleidoscope, naked Tatiana rushes back and forth. Japanese webcam orgasm.

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The second hand, he did not stop massaging my clitoris.
I moved my ass towards his movements, wagged my hips, I was in the seventh heaven of bliss.
In order not to cry out, I bit myself on the fleshy part of my hand over my thumb and looked up.
Oh God!!! More than half of the chamber did not sleep.
Sick, having risen on elbows, fixedly watched as they fuck me with a hand! The man behind accelerated and heightened movement.
I looked from the eyes of Vadik to the excited eyes of the men of chamber number seven.
There was no point holding back.
I opened my robe over my chest and grabbed my nipples between my thumb and forefinger.
I twisted the pea quietly.
And here is the harbinger of the first convulsions of pleasure – my body began to shrink down below, I could not breathe, which sounds came out of me incomprehensibly.

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oh, those fingers in me !.
fucking my ass !.
how good, god !.
just do not stop.
come on.
and Vadik peeping, and all those faces.
come on, go on.
and my fingers on the nipples.
and these fingers behind.
just do not stop.
what a miracle.
come on.
a little bit more!!!.
Through the ringing in my ears, I could barely hear footsteps in the corridor, right at the door.
Whether the man behind me pulled out his fingers, or I jumped off myself, but I managed to get straight at the very moment when the commanding nurse appeared at the door.
I stood with my robe unbuttoned, staggered, breathed unevenly, everything floated before my eyes.
What’s wrong with you, dear ?! Are you OK ?! – Nurse hissed.
I could not answer and just nodded.
Go here.
Said the nurse, and I obediently went out into the corridor.

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I never managed to take a look at my “offender”.
What’s the matter?! – she continued.
– Get a hold of yourself! How long does it take to change the drip, say!
Go to the top ten, fast.
There, a hernia is cut out in the morning, he needs to shave his dick.
Come on! She put a curved enamel bath with a razor in my hands.
And put yourself in order – she corrected my robe.
Her hand lingered on my chest a little longer than it was necessary to straighten clothes, but I did not pay attention to it.
Having pressed the bath to the ribs, I went further along the corridor, looking for the tenth chamber.
Finding her and going to the door, I realized that I had not asked what patient I needed to shave my groin.
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