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But the foreman drove the “devils” to help the hozslug clearing the long-closed residential building located right next to the administrative building.
New rebus for the zone: why and for what? Suddenly, the deputy on the regime summoned Andrew.
It turned out that the colony administration decided to create a computer repair shop, and that Andrew was appointed head of the workshop.
He should observe now the course of clearing the premises, and later make a list of works and equipment.
Andrei hurried with this news to Grib.
He told the thieves.
The command was given to throw more men into clearing the building, so that by five in the evening, it would be clean and comfortable.
The total area of ??the future workshop was sixty meters, and the task was handled easily.

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By evening, everything was clean, the windows were washed and covered with tulle.
The couch, which had been there for several years without use, was repaired and turned into a beautiful bed.
They brought two tables and several chairs from the administrative building.
Repaired the shower, and even installed a new toilet to replace the broken.
The mushroom handed over to Andrei an order from Ilya after the check to wait for him in the new workshop.
The key to the workshop was Andrei.
On the question of the duty officer, where he went after the check, Andrei said that he had to close the workshop and was released.
In the workshop he took a shower, made an enema again and took a shower again.
Abundantly smeared a point.
He did not dress, but wrapped himself in a sheet.

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The light did not turn on.
A shnyr ran in, brought festive food, laid it out on the table, strictly forbidding Andrey to touch it.
Hold on to the dick? Kept on! So don’t touch anything people can use.
Well, you’re a beautiful girl.
Nothing, someday and I fuck you! he promised and disappeared.
Ilya came.
Turn on the light.
I looked around the room with a drunken gaze, looked at Andrei, smiled rather, and said: Waiting? Now let’s start.
Go close the door.
What are you in the sheets? With them.
Oh you, my beauty! Well, come to me + Light extinguished.
The door was locked.
The bright spotlight, shining on the door and the gate, was so close that everything was perfectly visible in the room.
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