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Valentina slightly spread her hips and leaned back, sitting down on Valery’s member.
– Oh.
How good, honey.
Do not be afraid.
I’m already all flow.
Just get in me and fuck like a whore! – Valentina moaned, not embarrassed in expressions.
“You want this, don’t you?” Do you really like to hold my ass and pull on the penis? Come on, dear, bolder! Still.
Like this.
– moaning Valentine, podmahivaya Valeria, who held her by the hips and pulled.
Valentina thrusting her hand caressed her clit with her fingers, sometimes clasping Valery’s scrotum and clinging to her.
Less than three minutes later, Valery went deep into Valentine several times and abruptly left her.
The woman understood everything and quickly knelt before him, clasping her head with her mouth.
Several large servings of sperm splashed out on her tongue and into the throat, but to the last she did not let the penis out of her mouth, swallowing everything that fell.
At the same time, Valentine constantly rubbed her clit and inserted two fingers into herself, trying not to miss the surging orgasm.
He noisily breathed with his nose, for some time he stopped sucking and only kept his head with his lips.
Having calmed down a bit, he gently licked the already fallen cock, sucking all the remnants of sperm from the head and lifting the cock to Volnov’s belly several times and licked his testicles.
– Mmm.
Thank you dear! – Valentina thanked him, looking upwards.
– Thank you for understanding! – Valerie raised her from her knees and sat her down on the bench.
– Thank you, – thanked Valentina Volnov and kissed me on the lips.
– Mmm.
Salty, – Valery felt the taste of his own sperm.
– Yes, you have a delicious salty sperm.
Do you like it? – Valentine asked, adjusting her panties and dressing her skirt.
– Yes, it seems not nasty, – answered Valery.
“Okay, let’s go have dinner, go home.”

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I’m waiting for you tomorrow night.
We have all weekend ahead, – summed up Valentine.
– OK.
Come on, – Valery agreed and kissed Valentine on the lips, followed her into the dining room.
In the morning, Valery came SMS from Valentina.
“I otdezhurila.
Very miss you.
Thank you for not leaving me yesterday.
Thank you in the evening as you like.
All three of my holes are waiting for you.
Waiting for seven.
After reading the SMS, Valery went into the shower, shaved.
Then he went for a run.
Having taken a shower, I went to the base for groceries and household chemicals.
Had lunch.
Did the housework.
Again took a shower and dressed went to Valentine.
Popped into the store, bought brandy and candy.
Strangely enough, but going to Valentina’s entrance, he did not meet a single acquaintance.
Rising to the floor, he rang the doorbell.
Valentine immediately opened the door.
She was wearing a lightweight robe, stockings and studs.
The hair was loose.
Valentina closed the door behind Valery and embraced a kiss with a passionate kiss on the lips.
But they were kissing, she ran her hand into the pants and squeezed the already swollen member.
– Mmmm, what a cool baby! – Valentina began to purr, and taking Valeria’s hand launched into her crotch.
The entire perineum was shaved smoothly, which pleased Valery.
“Oooh, you still managed to shave yourself!” Umnichka! – Valery praised her.
– Yes.
I tried to make you nice to lick my holes! You like smooth holes, don’t you? – frankly masturbating Valeria and looking into his eyes asked Valentine.
– Highly! We can begin right now, – Volnov offered.
– And dinner? – asked Valya.
– wait! You are my dinner! I want to eat you all! – passionately kissed Valentina Volnov, having already untied her robe and rubbed her labia with his palm.
– Ahhh, naughty! Well what are you doing? I am so.
could finish
– wriggled under the caress of Volnova Valentine.
– Okay, let’s go to the cot more.
Or do you want to lick me right here? – Valya laughed.
– I am ready to lick you everywhere.
Though on the balcony.
– answered Valery.
“I promise we’ll do it at night.”

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It already turns me on.
– grabbing Valeria’s hand, Valentina led him into the bedroom.
Throwing off a dressing gown on the way, she remained only in stockings, stocking belt and stilettos.
Having settled on her back, Valentina lifted her legs to her chest and parted to the side, stroking her smooth pubic hair.
– Come to me, my dear, kitten.
Come on mommy! Lick her holes! – playfully Valentine invoked, watching as Valery takes off his clothes.
– Mmmm, how beautiful you are! And what is your press! What hips! Bum, just bastard! Well, you have the best member! He is so delicious! Webcam young boobs.

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