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The sweet and luscious smell of a woman excited Nicholas.
He poured the entire vagina into his mouth, choking with excitement, bit his teeth and groaned.
Realizing that he was losing his head and he had to calm down, he called for all his will power and again began to gently arouse her clitoris with his tongue.
Svetlana often breathed and, from time to time, slightly moaned with pleasure.
When everything between her legs was wet from the saliva of Nicholas and her discharge, he tongue touched the anus, licked everything around him, feeling the small hairs framing the hole, and tried to get inside.
Svetlana made a loud moan and bent her ass toward Nicholas’s attempts.
The tip of the tongue was inside, and he felt the sphincter reflexively contracted.
Svetlana was shaking all over.
Nikolay, ducking under her legs and being behind the back of a weary woman, ran his whole palm through her wet perineum, simultaneously pressing his back with his other hand, bending her body.
Svetlana got up on her knees on the edge of the sofa, spread them out wide, and bent deep, revealing her dark pink, moist vagina, over which a brilliant anus darkened.
Nikolay slowly spent his tense cock in her charms, from the falcon to the clitoris, and, lingering on him, began to tickle him, enjoying his elasticity and liveliness.
Then he slowly entered the vagina.
Rhythmically leading a member, he was surprised at the heat that was inside her.
Her lips shamefully eagerly clasped his penis, bulging or hiding inside, following his movements, trying not to miss what they had been waiting for.
Putting his palms on Svetlanina’s ass, Nikolai helped her movements, admiring the sight that had opened up to him.
A little apart of her buttocks, he put the index finger of his right hand on her anus and began to massage it, gradually increasing the pressure.

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Svetlana’s groans became almost louder and almost continuous.
Her hands frantically tormented the couch cover, and her body, severely bent in the back, squirmed.
Nicholas took out his penis from the vagina and rubbed on her anus, trying to moisten him with liquid.
He succeeded, and he immediately returned it

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to its proper place.
Svetlanin moans became hoarse.
Slightly plunging his index finger into the moist hole, Nikolay carefully began to irritate the sphincter, feeling how the reflex and at the same time supple ring of muscles was reflexively compressed and opened.
After waiting for it to relax, moving his finger a little deeper, he felt his moving member inside her body and began to do the same translational action with his finger.
Sensing synchronous movements simultaneously in the vagina and in the anus, Svetlana froze, spread her legs even more, almost tearing off her crotch.
On her body, convulsions began to pass in a wavelike manner, which became stronger and stronger, she moaned loudly, stopped, and Nikolay felt with his penis how her liquid poured into her vagina.
Having made a few more strong movements, which were now accompanied by a quiet squish, he also stopped.
Once again, already voluptuously, Svetlana groaned and sank on her stomach.
A member of Nicholas, leaving her, made a smacking sound and froze, exposing his head.
Looking over her shoulder, she smiled: – Do not worry, now everything will be fine.
Turning to face his red-and-purple member, she smacked him straight into an almost purple head from tension.
Then she squeezed the very tip of her lips and pushed it into her mouth.
Irritating the head with her tongue, Svetlana at the same time, as if chewing a member with her lips.
Her hands were busy with testicles.
She played and played with them.
Turning over on her back, she moved Nicholas’s one knee to the sofa, then pulled her further to the side, spreading his legs.
She took the penis with both hands, and with her tongue began to carefully lick his crotch, gradually approaching the sphincter.
Through the half-closed eyes, he saw her legs gradually spread to the sides, opening his still wet vagina to his eyes.
Svetlana’s tongue already caressed his anus when she stretched one hand between her legs and started rubbing her clitoris, while the other massaged Nickolay’s hand with her hand.
Suddenly Svetlana’s tongue passed through a tight ring of muscles, and he felt it inside him. Teen lesbian amateur webcam.

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