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Her rational calm easily found a response in the soul of the girl, and she felt a close relationship with an unexpected companion, whom she had last seen in her distant childhood.
Why so? At your age it’s time, the woman was surprised.
Christina hesitated how she could explain to a relative those feelings that arise when she speaks to representatives of the opposite sex.
There was no one else I fell in love with, ”she said instead.
Really none? The girl looked down.
No, of course, there were a few, but all of them are not for me.
Why so? Aunt Zoe, look at me.
The woman on the run looked at her companion and did not understand.

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So what? A friend of mine told me that I was a living collective image of all the desires of a man.
Well, probably it is so, you are very beautiful, – Aunt Zoya smiled in response.
And I do not want to be just collected together desires! I want to be considered a person, not a “doll”, – the girl even barely heard a sob, saying the word that half the guys who tried to stick to her spoke to her.
You know, ”Aunt Zoe said thoughtfully,“ I once experienced the same feelings.
My figure of course has never been so attractive.
like yours, but I’ve always had enough boyfriends.
Christine looked at the woman with understanding.
In the end, apparently they were quite similar.

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Beautiful figures were all women in their family.
Beginning with great-grandmother and ending with Christina, everyone had a large chest, a fairly narrow waist, wide hips and long legs.
“Collective image”.
The truth with Christine could not be compared to any of the relatives.
She was probably the most ideal of all.
Of course, she could not be the ideal of any man, but certainly suited for most.
As soon as she put on tight clothes that accentuate her figure, the men, in conversation with her, stopped talking at least something meaningful.
Those who were well brought up tried in vain to distract from her body, those who grew up on the street tried to drag her into bed, and the most impudent shamelessly paw.
Her breasts, the eighth size was too big to be loved, but for the best trophy the winner fit one hundred percent.
Waist size barely reached eighty centimeters with one hundred thirty centimeter thighs, it seemed aspen.
Of one hundred and sixty three centimeters of its height, the length of the legs was ninety-five, that is, almost from the ears.
The soft oval of the face attracted the femininity of its lines.
The long, straight hair of almost black color was perfectly combined with large brown eyes, the iris of which was cut through by clear lines of bright amber color.
A light crook on a thin line of the nose of medium length, which appeared after an unsuccessful fall in childhood, did not spoil the general impression at all, but on the contrary added to the girl’s face identity and charm.
Not the most plump lips enchanted with the elegance of their lines, with barely raised from the nature tips, reminiscent of a slight smile.
All this beauty crowned high, thin neck.
As soon as it seemed to her in the company, in addition to different types of courtship, she began to receive offers from various directors, photographers, artists, modeling agencies and others. Teen hidden cam sex videos.

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