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I stupidly stared at them, so Nadia, sighing, rolled them herself and helped pull the tights to her feet.
They were made of the finest bodily caprone, and they bound my legs very much.
I embarrassed squeezed my knees, and looked at her friend.
“Not aesthetic,” Nadia snapped.
“Here you go,” she handed me two snow-white and weightless air lumps.
– What’s this? – I asked, wondering.
“My knee socks,” she explained.
– It will be better, put it on.
It was stupid to say that I am a boy and do not wear white knee-highs like little fifth-grade schoolgirls, when I was already wearing a bra, bodily tights and a skirt with a blouse.
So I meekly put them on myself, pulling almost to my knees.
Thus, we really closed my legs, and only a few centimeters between the golf courses and the corner of the skirt were bare.
The socks were very girlish, dazzlingly white and all in some kind of lace patterns.
I stood and crept, not knowing what to do now in this form.
Nadia, on the contrary, looked pleased.
“Well, now you look like a normal girl, a bit modest and quite pretty,” she said with a smile, and I blushed.
– I think my shoes will be small to you.
– She said thoughtfully.
– Maybe give you my ballet flats? Although they are also small.
– And maybe it will go like that? – I looked at her timidly.
“Do you think I will let you smudge my socks by walking on the floor without shoes?” – chuckled Nadia.
“Besides, how will you walk down the street?” Finally, she took out a pair of black boat shoes with an average heel and gave them to me.
– Try it.
I stuck my foot in them, which I immediately squeezed in my shoes.

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It was very uncomfortable: firstly the shoes were very open, and secondly, the heel was very high.
I slowly straightened up, standing on his heels.
Unaccustomed to me, I was very reeling, and I was afraid to take even one step.
“We will learn to walk in shoes,” Nadya commented on my actions.
– You must learn to easily flit on them, like any girl.
“Must actually,” I replied.
“Well, no, it will be very strange if I call you by a male name for all, when you have my little skirt on you,” Nadya snapped.
– So you will now.
Well, for example, Lucy, and so that you are not confused, I will always call you that way, even when there is no one.
– Well, this is too much, do not you think? – I was indignant.
– What is the bust? Everything is very logical.
So do not argue, Lucy, better go to the mirror, and we will put you in order.
“What is the order?” “You look like a boy who has changed into a girl, even though my things go to you.”
It’s good that you are not a very large figure.
But now you need to do the appropriate hairstyle and makeup.
– Makeup? Yes.
– I wanted to be indignant, but Nadia gave up on me: – Calm down, you’re already tired of me! Or do you want me to tell all your classmates how you put on my clothes? – No one will believe you! – I was outraged by such an unexpected arrogance of my girlfriend, not even noticing that she again turned to me in the feminine gender.
– They will believe, especially if I quickly take a picture of you and show everyone a photo.
Yes, I’m not going to do that, only you do not argue with me, please, I do everything for your sake.
The threat of Nadi had an effect on me – indeed, quite unexpectedly for myself, I was at the mercy of this girl, so I had to obey her.
I had rather long blond hair, which Nadia quickly combed and gathered into two small tails.
– So, let’s see what can be done here.
– she thought, and quickly braided me two short braids, securing them with colored rubber bands.
Then she pinned my hair at the edges with two hairpins, and took hold of a beautician.
Pulling out her lipstick, she put on my lips, then with a pencil she let her eyebrows down and began to tweak

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some eyelashes with a brush.
Then shadows fixed my eyes.
After that, Nadia got something like a powder box and began to paint my whole face, especially her cheeks. Skype free sex cam.

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