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My stupid boy, you just have to clap your eyes and look at me just like that, with your slave eyes.
Elena grinned to herself, you know well that oh how much now depends on you, on my mood, desires and complacency.
The obedient thing, my slave, is exactly the fate I have prepared for you, and now you cannot get anywhere from it.
Maybe give him a lick of my sweeter part, Elena thought to himself lazily.
But she didn’t have such a mood.
Well, you will be enough, and my legs, grinning, she decided.
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) Holding her finger tightly, like my favorite candy, I gently sucked it.
– Now the second, slave! – Mrs., suddenly abruptly and rather unceremoniously pulled her foot from my lips.
Raising the other leg, Elena played for a while, running her fingers over my lips and mouth, preventing me from accepting it.
– Okay.

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– Elena took pity, pushing the thumb of her next leg.
I began to perform the same actions as with the first one.
– How stuck.
– the girl grinned loudly.
– Like? I moaned in the affirmative, shyly averting my eyes when she looked into me.
Elena for some time allowed the slave to suck her second finger.
It was already far over dinner, if you could cope with hunger, then it was very difficult to put up with thirst.
And when the lady pulled out her leg from my mouth, having played enough, I decided to ask.
– Madam.
you could not let me quench your thirst.
so thirsty.
– Drink? – Elena thought about something for a few seconds, after which her face lit up with a smile when she came up with some more entertainment for herself.
“Good slave, I’ll give you a drink.”
Get on all fours and wait here!

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The girl, happily thinking about something, quickly left the room.
I got on all fours, sighing, as I had been on my back for quite a long time.
In her mind, I well understood that she had invented something again.
Oh, she will never stop, and will invent all new and new entertainment for himself, I understood, and will frolic with me, in all known and accessible ways.
Standing on all fours, I waited, listening to the sounds.
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– Crawl over me, slave.
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