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Ah, Elmiren, I didn’t notice how you came up – now the voice sounded quite normal, and the fire in the fireplace, which had been quiet, was in a fireplace made of carved stone, began to flare up again.
Already the first timid tongues of flame began to break out behind the iron fence, glancing toward the mysterious woman at the window, as if trying to guess her mood, to give a signal to her, they say, now you can calmly burn and crackle.
Oh, forgive me, Madam, that I so embarrassedly disturbed your peace — in the emerald tints of a languid velvet voice there was a sincere regret and annoyance.
“I brought you dinner, my lady.”
– With these words, the girl whose clothes were only black sandals on a small platform with 15 cm.
with a hairpin she walked timidly into the middle of the room and with a stirring graceful movement she set a silver patterned tray on a table made of ebony, whose antiquity could only argue with his strength and solidity.
Soon, small dishes and a decanter with a carmine-colored drink appeared on a dark, polished surface, which would envy the refinement and taste of the Eternal Pir of the Gods, where, according to legends, only the valiant war, heroically fallen in battle.
You’re walking naked again, – reproach in this half-question semi-statement was not an iota.
Yes, my Lady, in a different way, I don’t want and can’t walk in front of you, ”the girl almost whispered, while her cheeks were filled with a thick blush.
What are you a slut, Ren, – from these words, uttered in the ringing silence (the fire in the fireplace, though flared up, did not dare crackle yet) in such an imperious voice, the face of the girl who served the table was all filled with paint of shame.
D-yeah, Madam, – her voice trembled with surging excitement, however, like her beautiful body.
Breathing has become speeded up and intermittent.
The woman finally took her eyes off the gloomy, gloomy landscape on the street and proceeded to the table with a grace that cats can only dream of.

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Her long legs were covered with black shiny boots above the knees with a metal stud.
Leather maroon corset favorably emphasized the already almost perfect forms, on his hands thin gloves to the color of the boots.
She came close to the girl choking with passion.
Thin fingers, stretched into elastic matter, lay like a black spider on the girl’s snow-white lush chest, topped with a dark red halo of nipples, which were now harder than stone.
From a light, but at the same time so imperious touch of the girl broke a loud moan of pleasure.
Gradually gentle caress gave way to rougher.
Neat touches were replaced by steel grip, her breasts mercilessly crushed, as if the dough, smeared over the body, carried from side to side, brought them together, and then pulled up, as if trying to lift the whole body.
The nipples also got it – they mercilessly twisted, cling tenaciously between the fingers.
A couple of minutes of such affection Elmirena was ready to finish.
Between her legs, she just oozed out, she felt so lustful, so depraved, just a current female and no one else.
Awareness of this scourge of shame burned her soul, but the result.
was diametrically opposite – excitement only increased to the limit.
And with every shy thought this chapel grew and grew, and behind it the excitement rushed upwards.
On your knees, bitch! – the voice again sounded like a thunder whisper from everywhere, and the bolder fire in the fireplace immediately sank into a quivering orange lump.
A naked girl immediately collapsed on all fours, appealingly arching her back and pulling out

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her round ass.
In her right hand, the woman who was giving away orders was weaving a thin, flexible whip from the air.
He was as black as the night, stretched outside the window, and even blacker, it seemed he was absorbing any light around him, absorbing it into himself.
The whistle of cut air and the loud sound of a whip strike were drowned out in a tender groan, more expressing pleasure than pain.
There is a thin red stripe on the snow-white buttocks.
For the first blow was followed by a second, third.
Elmirena meekly stood on the spot and took a similar punishment.
For what? Does it matter? Lady wanted to, and she should do everything to satisfy any whim of her mistress, especially since it is so nice.
It is pleasant to be an HER thing, a property, a powerless slave, a lustful bitch, only dreaming of more and more humiliations.
With each burning fire blow of the whip it raised a desire to serve the Lady, belong to the Lady and still finish, violently stop to carry out the execution of humiliating orders and self-awareness as a worthless slut, who did not know for what merits she was honored to serve. Sexy 18 cam.

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