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As a result, we both ended violently and decided to continue in a week.
All this week, we corresponded with her, talked about tights, she told me everything and I listened intently.
On the appointed day, she could not seem to me, so we decided to postpone for another couple of days.
Soon to school.
I’ll say right away that we didn’t manage to fool around on Skype anymore, but she told me that I would always have tights on me when communicating with me.

I certainly did not mind.
When I came home from school my parents were not at home, and I could enjoy being in tights.
My assortment was replenished with 2 pairs, and now I had 5 tights: black and very thin, solid, brown and also very thin, and new 2 pairs, namely black, more dense with a pattern (like Gzhel painting probably) and white, like little first graders.
My favorites are white and brown.
I began to wear them at every opportunity, but so that my parents would not be burned away.
And somewhere around September 20-25, I have a thought.
“And if I do not go to school in tights.”
With this thought, I spent about a week thinking about everything and gathering my courage.

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About whether I went to pantyhose to school or not, you will learn in the next part, but for now, probably everything.
Waiting for reviews and ratings, good luck, bye.

After that, my new friend disappeared for a while, but thoughts about the video did not give me rest.
And a week later the bell rang from him.
He advised me not to plan anything for the evening, I realized that I would be in the evening.
After 7, he himself drove after me and we arrived at a rented apartment.
– Go to the bathroom, put yourself in order.
This time there was no rudeness from him, only calm, monotonous speech.
I quickly took a shower and wore white stockings with a belt, a set of red lace underwear (thongs and bra) on top of a pink peignoir that shone through and barely covered the ass.
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