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Forgive me, forgive.
He muttered, licking her like a watchdog.
– How could I be so mistaken in you, my pure, bright girl, my joy, my miracle.

Affection swelled in her throat, infecting Karina, and she responded to Viktor Evgenich, for the first time hotly kissing him – with force, from the heart, butting her chest and shoulders – not excitingly, but impulsively grateful, with sobbing and hugging.
Every minute they became more and more inflamed, smearing each other with saliva and tears, feverishly wrapped themselves around each other, as if they wanted to grow together with their breasts and stomachs, and violently licked furiously, not knowing who was licking whom and where; clothes seemed blasphemous, and with Viktor Yevgenich, rags flew like leaves from an autumn tree — and he, naked, wrapped Karina with his hands and feet, enveloped her in her body, and she wrapped herself around him in the same way, waving a sticky pussy into his thigh, and licked him frantically, with a sweep, looking into his eyes and laughing with tenderness.

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org) Karina snorted under him, choking him with kisses, wrapped her arms and legs like a monkey, and hung on him, pressing his chest into his chest, and they both laughed, mumbled some absurdities and sucked each other’s lips like fish, scrubbing each other’s nails and rolling on the floor.
A lump of tenderness swelling, bursting in both bodies, swelling and bursting, and bitter tenderness poured out of them with licks and tears, streamed out between the legs, wasting away with a tickling geyser, bitter-sweet, like a tongue licking tears.
– I.
– croaked Victor Evgenich, when he could speak.
– In my? – mischievously smiled Karina.
– Not.
They laughed, and Karina, pink and happy, climbed onto his chest.
– Fight! – She said, butting him.
– Hello! – In my opinion, I am.
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