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“Oooh,” Mark snarled, and began to spew his seed, continuing to masturbate and moan with pleasure.
My excitement did not pass, and I wanted more, but Mark, having received satisfaction, decided to return to what he had begun.
“Lisa, it was just great,” he said, taking a deep breath, “the daddy pleased.
Well, now we continue.
– And so, – continuing to pull at the faded member, but still looking quite massive, Mark began, – attach the phallus with a suction cup to the table and point the camera at it.
“I sent you a video,” Mark continued, “turn it on and do everything there.”
Strengthening the phallus, I opened the video.
He had the contented face of a girl who was sucking dick, sitting at the feet of a man who clearly shot it.
I began to repeat after her.
At first, I thought about the difference in the sensations of caressing an artificial member or the present.
But I was so fascinated by performing the same manipulations as the girl that she stopped noticing it.
I sucked with such frenzy that I did not notice how a new wave of excitement rolled toward me.
And as soon as I, just hold out, by inertia, my hand and touch my aching pussy, as I once again covered another orgasm.
– What? I can not belive it.
You’re coming from sucking cock, Mark exclaimed in surprise, seeing my grimaces on his face from the pleasure.
– You’re just a real fuck !!! – he stated.
I glanced at him, and seeing the delight and admiration in his facial expression, I felt a sense of gratitude towards him.
“Thank you,” I whispered, taking his words for a compliment. Scoreland model big boobs.

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