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Slowly twisted around the trunk, passed over the head.
There were no sudden movements, no sudden attacks.
Sonya just shared her feelings with Oleg.
And she did it for ten minutes, and maybe more.
Olya lost track of time.
Sonia’s slow movements bewitched her, hypnotized.
She did not see Oleg, did not see his face.
Just as I did not see Sonya’s body.
All her attention was riveted to a single part of the picture – to the lips of a girl who lovingly clasped Oleg’s member.
We moved up and down, causing a storm of feelings in Olga.
She wanted to learn this.
Although she understood that it was not the technique that was important, but the feeling itself.
The very willingness to do so.
Absolute disinterestedness, no ulterior motives.
There was no persuasion in the spirit of “you make me a blowjob, and I will tell you.”
There was no doubt about the abilities of the partner, there was no inner voice whispering, “but surely he will lie?

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Is it good?” Sonya shared her feelings, not hoping for reciprocity.
Or just knowing that Oleg will do everything in the same way.
There were no questions, no doubts.
Sonya last time took a member deep in her mouth and slowly released it, until the last time clinging to him with her lips.
She crossed through Oleg and, like a cat, lazily crawled higher, hanging over the guy, barely touching him with her breasts.
And he reached out and slowly and deeply kissed her, as if trying to thank for her gift.
The girl reached out, bulging her ass into the air, passing her tongue over Oleg’s body, and got up, pulling the guy by the hand.
He succumbed and sat on the couch, dangling his legs.
And Sonya turned her back to him and, after first having run a finger over her pussy, sank directly on his penis.

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Spreading her legs wide apart, she sat down on the mighty phallus of Oleg.
In one motion.
And she did not stand still in this position, namely, the village, with all her weight leaning on the end of her friend.
There was a long moan of pleasure from the girl.
Sonya’s eyes were closed, and her lips were slightly open.
With her hands she rested against Oleg’s legs and so she sat, slightly leaning forward and tilting her head to the ceiling.
I sat for a minute, and then I began to gently slide back and forth.
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