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Annie also jumps off and clings to the chief’s dick to get his sperm in her mouth.
They come out of me, I turn, kiss Alexey on the cheek and go to the exit, feeling a sperm stream running down the inner side of my thighs.
We change clothes, if you can call it that.
Now we are real sluts – stockings, fastened to the belt with thin ribbons, piercing the delicate skin, bras without cups, so that the boobs remain visible.
The boss personally goes to fasten to the nipples of the chain at the clamps, and the same chain with a bell to the lips.

Now, when walking, we not only feel a pleasant twitch both in the nipples and in the folds, but also we emit a melodious tinkling.
We thankfully kiss the boss, snuggling, he strokes our ass and pushes to the office.
Annie has already cleaned up, all the papers in place, glasses, cups and chocolate have disappeared.
The boss starts to end the negotiations.
We sit on the sofa without prefaces.
I am now with Michael.
Immediately I run my hand in my pants and, smiling sweetly, I suggest listening to my boss more attentively.

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Dick in my capable hands hardens instantly.
As soon as the suppliers agree to the next item of conditions, I incline and gently take the pommel in the lips, caressing the very tip of the tongue.
Negotiations end.
Boss rises, shakes hands with guests.
He invites guests to have fun with the girls, says that he will also join, only send a fax.
Annie enters.
She was ordered to undress, which she does.
The boss leaves us, and Lena and I are already sucking away from Michael and Alexey.
At the same time they undress, and we are trying not to let their treasures out of their mouths.
Then Aleksey removes Lena and takes Annia into the chair.
Michael does not mind – he remains with me and Lenka.
He asks us to lie down across the couch and pull up our legs.
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