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Sharply grabbing Sasha by the shoulders, the boy kissed him, to the pain in his lips.
He pulled away and said bitterly: – Yes, I would be for you.
Oh you.
Sashka really did not understand what was happening with this psycho.
That is ready to gobble up alive, then kisses! He definitely doesn’t have everything at home.
– Listen.
– for the softness of character, Sasha rushed with consolations.
– Listen.
Don’t be mad at him.
Denis is good.
You can even make friends, honestly!

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And I will be friends with you, if you want.
Zhiche did not have time to answer anything, he just opened his mouth, however, the headwoman swiftly walked along the corridor.
– How could you! – She said, looking in the eyes and shook his head.
– How could you.
Such a stain.
This is in no frame.
I will definitely tell your father! – Inna G., but what did I do? – He asked the usual question for any child.
– Here you will ask Sasha! – cut off the director.
– After the holiday! He will remind you exactly how your meeting took place the day before yesterday! Refresh your memory! Zhyche swallowed, jaws came on his cheekbones – he realized that Denis spilled a little.
But Ziche was not scared by the colony and not the lyceum sanctions; he was frightened by the reaction of his father.
If you don’t kill him right away, he will beat it so that you won’t sit for a week! He didn’t make excuses, but Inna Grigorievna didn’t listen – she opened the door, let Sasha and Denis go ahead, came in next.
Zhyche did not go to the hall.
His stomach was empty and cold, the boy crouched right at the door on the parquet, with his head lowered.
It’s time to think about what he has done.
When the headmaster appeared, the music subsided and the couple fell apart — everyone took their places.
– Guys! said the headmistress loudly.
– Dear parents! There was a slight misunderstanding, but I would still like to complete the award ceremony.

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Yes, it is really a boy! (murmur in the hall) Hush, hush, please! And he will not be able to become the Queen of the Ball with all our desire, if only because she must be a high school student! So it will be fair.
But we cannot leave this wonderful couple without a reward either.
Remember, with what enthusiasm you watched their dance? Even I held my breath what to hide there! And therefore I propose, since this young man appeared on Balu in such a manner, to reward him with the title of Princess! Well, Denis Stroyev, respectively, will be the Prince of Pushkin Ball! I suppose there will be no objections this time? A flurry of applause was her answer – this decision suited everyone, and even Denis with Sasha even more so.
At the sign of Inna Grigorievna, they submitted a crown – not the one, the royal, the other.
Royal was made in the form of a hoop, and this one – in the form of a diadem, a semicircle.
But Sasha liked her even more.
The headmistress solemnly put a crown on Sasha’s head, hiding her ends in her hair.
– Congratulations! – she proclaimed and stretched out her hand for the second crown (they made several copies, the stock does not pull the pocket, if generous sponsors) Deniskin was also decorated with a thin tiara, the boy turned red with pleasure.
He did not see himself from the outside, but Sasha looked great.
“And in the forehead the star is burning!” – Pushkin reminded of himself in Deniskina’s head.
It flashed a large diamond, frozen in a transparent drop in the form of a third, wide-open eye.
Most likely, and even surely, it was a rhinestone, but it looked very impressive.
“Thank you,” muttered Sasha, barely audibly.
His eyes glittered suspiciously, the boy raised his head and circled the hall — everything seemed to him like a bright rainbow.
Having relieved tickling in the throat, he repeated again: – Thank you.
Pushkin reigned not only in Deniska’s soul now, but his immortal lines were in the whole room.
In this atmosphere there was no place for cynicism and vulgarity of the modern century, the nineteenth century was right here.
And no one thought about something indecent when Deniska hugged his friend and lightly touched his lips.
It looked so natural that the audience broke their palms.
– I believe that I will express the general opinion if I ask our royal couple to do another waltz tour! said the headmistress, and the boys obeyed.
The Viennese waltz sounded, the pair spun.
The views that they were accompanied did not conceal the slightest hint of something negative, only kindness and love, and bright sadness in adults about past childhood.
Without realizing it, Denis led his partner not to the center of the hall, but to the door. Online hd sex clips.

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