Office sex caught on camera.

Office sex caught on camera.
Then I again heard approaching steps, and now, not waiting for the door to open, I leaned back and took a position over the toilet.
The light came on, then the door opened and entered the toilet: Julia.
Of course, I knew with my mind that this could happen, but, probably, I didn’t feel it to the end, I cannot explain anything else that storm of emotions that flashed through my head when I saw it.
She came in, looked at me with her head over the toilet, and began to lift the long skirt she was in.
She lowered her panties and lifted and gathered her skirt in front of her.

She did all this, facing me.
Then she turned around, stood up just like Lena before her — legs on either side of me and started to sit on me, while looking down between her legs, as if searching for a place to sit.
Just like Lenka, she pressed her crack to my already open mouth, but she sat down not so lightly as that, but with almost full weight, or it seemed to me that she was full.
After that, she, unlike Lena, immediately started writing and a strong jet of her urine flowed into my mouth, which tasted more salty than Lena’s.

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Remembering my previous experience, I did not wait until my mouth was completely filled, and began to swallow almost immediately.
Since she was obviously not holding back, she wrote very quickly, and I had difficulty swallowing.
But, nevertheless, I managed to swallow everything without spilling, not a drop.
When she finished, I remember Lena, wiped her tongue crack.
I expected her to immediately get up, but she continued to sit on me and I began to lick her.
I started licking her labia when she stood up a little and moved so that I could reach the clitoris with my tongue.
I quickly began to lick it quickly and felt like her vagina, which was above my nose, began to moisten.
Office sex caught on camera.

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