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Again our lips parted, and we began to help each other get rid of the excess clothing that had become so superfluous.
He unzipped my pants and began to abruptly, with the shorts down.
I squatted down and began helping me to release my legs that were tangled in my legs.
My cock stood up and began tapping it on the head.
The guy lifted his head, grabbed my cock and asked in a hoarse voice: – Can I? And having waited for my nod, I still had to undermine, I thought weakly, and sent it into my mouth.
Blowjob, he also did great! I was already close to orgasm, but somehow I didn’t want it to end.
I tore it from the member, raised and turned his back to me! He turned his face to me, on which I saw a HAPPY smile, nodded to me, and then, with his hands on the table, he slightly pulled out his butt!

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I began to caress his silk back and cover her with kisses.
He handed me a tube of baby cream – hurray! Go on taking the bastion! At first he cried out, when I hardly penetrated his hole, tight and virgin, for a long time nobody seemed to be there – and it began! He moaned, whispering sweet words mixed with curses, I snuffled and sweated! Oh, and hard this work! And then! Then we embraced for a long time, caressed and kissed! He pulled away from me when his son groaned and whimpered.
I looked around and thought it good to dive into the bath, quickly drank a member there, pulled on pants and pants, the socks were already dry, I put them on, and then quickly went to the balcony for a raincoat.
From the bedroom came the voice of my lover, who persuaded his little son to sleep.

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I found a clothes brush in the hallway and began to clean my pants.
The guy came out with a wandering smile on his face.
His gaze clouded, suddenly cleared, and he asked anxiously: “Are you already going?” I just nodded, then he began to help me clean my cloak.
Finally, I stuck my feet in the still wet shoes, but not scary! And the guy sadly looked at my fees! – Here are my phones – and he handed me a business card.
– Will you come again? I looked at her! And, it turns out, his name is Igor! – Well, bye, Igor! The boy whimpered again, I quickly smacked Igor on the cheek and hurried away.
The door closed behind me, but for a long time my eyes stood before my eyes, sad and questioning.
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