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“Lie still, Dima, everything will be fine!”, She said and rubbed the boy’s priests with alcohol, after which she stuck a needle in there.
The poor child roared again.
“Quiet, quiet!”, The nurse calmed him again, “now we will inject a medicine.
Well, okay, “she pressed the cotton to the injection site,” and now another one the same.
“Dima endured, gritting his teeth, trying with all his might not to cry.

“I should not rejoice these aunts,” he thought with himself, “after all, they are just waiting for me to disgrace myself in front of them.”
Indeed, the girls carefully watched him and were slightly disappointed that the guy did not cry and did not physically resist as they did the first time when they were injected with medicine in the ass.
“Well, he suffered this, but what will happen to the enema tonight?” Valya whispered to herself.
“Are you saying something to me?” Asked Dima.
“No, I’m talking to myself,” Valya snapped.
During the day, the girls and the boy had already managed to get used to each other and even to some extent make friends.

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They talked about this and that, played cards and, if necessary, made little use of their pots (Dima also brought such an item to the nurse), especially without being embarrassed by each other.
Before dinner, the doctor came, ordered everyone to undress to the waist, listened to the light children.
Valya, as a girl, whose breasts were already beginning to appear, closed it during the inspection with both hands, thus causing a mockery in the first place from her neighbors in the ward.
“Laugh, laugh, while you still have nothing to hide there, let’s see how you behave at my age,” Valya was offended and talked to Dima more than to the evening than with girls.
She learned that he has two adult sisters who are very shy of him and never change clothes in his presence.
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