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From the shy friend he was an hour ago, he turned into a wild, unbridled stallion.
He did not need a second invitation, and he literally ripped off the T-shirt from my Natuli.
There was no bra under her, and he dug his lips into the pink hard nipples on her small, almost childish breast.
Natasha groaned at the sensations of shame and lust that had seized her.
It became very warm in the lower abdomen.
Then nicely pulled.
Together with this feeling, Dima’s strong and confident hands in one motion pulled off her thin panties with her clean-shaven pussy.
She took off her skirt herself, remaining completely naked in front of her best friend.
Shame made her awkwardly cover her pussy, but Dima could no longer be stopped.
The appearance of Natasha awakened in him a male who wanted to possess someone else’s treasure.
He fell on her, indiscriminately kissing her beautiful body.
Sometimes it is very gentle, sometimes a bit cruelly nibbling on tender flesh.
Briefly lingered on the already wet pussy.
He could see the droplets of her juice rolling over her thighs.
He pulled her to him, putting him on his knees and merged into a kiss.
Natasha seemed unaware of what was happening, fully trusting him as a slave confided in the master who bought her.
The hand slowly but firmly lay on the back of her head and tilted the guy to the crotch.
Understanding everything without words, out of respect for Dima, she rested a little bit and, breathing deeply, whispered: “Please do not, Dima, I ask, do not be so.”
My Natasha, even in this situation, remained the true lady and made him understand that she has both pride and girlish honor.
Whispering these words, she signed her own “sentence”, arousing him even more.
He pressed hard on the back of the head and his dick standing with a not yet naked head entered into my favorite mouth.
Natasha felt trapped in her own feelings.

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As if nature itself staged this performance of life, where the actors were their souls.
Shame, shame, humiliation mixed with wild animal excitement and desire to obey.
She sucked his dick with such zeal that Dima moaned loudly.
He didn’t even moan, but roared like an awakened beast.
She was scared of him and accepted her role.
All thoughts focused on what to please, to give him pleasure.
A member of the piston entered the obedient mouth, pulled out all wet from the drool and again broke into the very throat.
Nata wheezed a few times

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, but did not allow herself to cough and let him out of her mouth.
The price was too high – she could disappoint her boy.
Dima realized that a few more frictions and he violently poured into this angelic mouth and pulled out a member.
Silently he unfolded the girl on his knees to his ass and already rundly ruffledly ran his palm over the open ass.
Her little hole, framed by a hair flax, shrank defenselessly in front of his gaze.
She was afraid to say anything, afraid to hear her own voice.
Only quietly whined when Dima’s hand penetrated into the vagina hole dripping with juice.
“Just put on a condom if you fuck,” she squeezed out of herself.
– With him is not the feeling, dear, – Not that kindly, not that mockingly said Dima.
– I beg you, dress him, I’ll do everything for you, I will try, – Natasha begged on her knees.
“But I don’t have it,” Dima tried to insist.
– There, in the bedroom, in the bedside table, – Lepetala Nata.
– That’s it, on.
And how do you know that? Friend said? Natasha tried to turn her back; the situation was clearly out of control.
The guy immediately put it in place, quite slapping hard on the exposed buttock.
Then another.
– I do not.
Just then I will buy another one and put it in its place, – She tried to justify herself.
– So, well, say whose is this hut? I’m listening to! – In a tone of a seriously angry man asked Dima.
Natasha only quietly sobbed, fearing the truth, which is now coming out.
– Well, get up, cheater, quickly into the bedroom.
There you are doing with your favorite sex.
And I mean only on the sofa in the room allowed? No, she herself spread her legs, let’s complete, – This time, clearly enjoying their superiority, said Dima.
“Don’t get up on your feet, crawl on all fours, little bitch.”
I never would have thought you were such a fuck.
And then you would have fucked you for a long time.
I thought you were a noble maiden.
– Dimochka, do not be with me like that, I tried for you! – She begged.
He led her by the hair into the bedroom, directly to the bedside table.
– Come on, look faster! You do not see, because of you, my dick already fell.
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