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Local hidden camera sex. Polina nodded, and Victor walked out of the room.
“Boys,” a fat girl asked in a weak voice, “I have to wash my face and rinse my mouth.”
Help me up, please.
Holding Cyril’s hand, Polina got to her feet, and slightly shifted into the bathroom — Cyril’s aunt’s house was relatively new, with her own water supply.
Lyosha and Cyril spent her swaying, buttocks flushed red by slaps with fascinated hungry glances.
– Who is first? – asked Lyosha.
– Let’s throw a coin, – said Cyril.
They threw a coin, and first fell Cyril.
Polina left the bathroom after quite a long time, hardly holding a towel that did not converge on her immense thighs.
She washed the makeup off her face and looked fresh and cute.
– Oh, boys, – she sighed, – I am now all yours again. Local hidden camera sex.

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