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It lasted a second.
She did not push, but did not answer.
These were all my successes.
At the same time, we had quite friendly relations, we could sit in a cafe, eat ice cream, just chat.
That was the situation before the fateful call of Andrew.
I even remember the number: September 14th.
The beginning of the conversation was standard for friends who had not seen each other for a month, Andrei, speaking about his successes, asked, naturally, mine, and received an answer that there was nothing to boast about, I am in the so-called stagnation period.
– What, really, even a little adyulterchik not planned? – joked in his style Andrew.
– Imagine, no, probably the excitement is gone, or maybe just aged.
– Good, 27 years old – this is not old age, and the excitement may appear at any moment.
I do not understand, you work in the city center, there are a lot of pupae, nobody really likes it? Take at least this cutie Madelena, what is bad? (I don’t understand myself, but my friend got into the very ten) Yes, nothing, you know that I’ve liked her for a long time, but nothing comes out, and then you met her, I don’t intend to jeopardize our friendship.
(At this moment, I confess, to my shame that I was insincere, you know) – Oh, first of all, I have not been with her for a long time and will only be happy if my best friend leaves the stagnation band.
So I will be sacrificing for your ex-girlfriend.
Yes, and secondly, I know the 100% recipe for the conquest of Madeleine.
– Yes, all right, there is no such recipe! – Of course, in the book about tasty and healthy food you will not find it, so listen.
The method is not entirely correct and honest, but in no other way.
Understand, she is stupid, she was programmed that sex is bad and she gives NO to all standard methods of courtship! The only chance is to simply deceive her, think of something that will interest her, she will bite on the most unreal story, I know that for sure.

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– What to think of? – Well, bro, it already depends on this particular situation and on your imagination.
Talk to her, find out what worries her and act.
Yes, I have one condition: you must keep me informed of all the events! Promise.
– I promise.
But I’m not sure that I can come up with something and that it will work, but thanks for the advice.
You are a true friend.
Well, come Andryukha! – Good luck Vlad! I admit honestly, Andrey’s advice seriously sat in my head.
I have already come to terms with the thought that this southern beauty is too tough for me, and here a new hope, new plans, not gentlemen at all, I will tell you straight, but a man who dreams of dragging his favorite girl into bed is capable of much, if not everything.
And so, literally from the next day, after a landmark conversation, I began to think about what Madeline might be interested in.
Nothing good came to my head, and I decided to start off just to talk more with her in order to understand what the subject of my longings was worried about.
I began to invite her to dine during a break in the nearest cafe, the good lunch hours we have coincided.
We drank coffee or tea, ate sandwiches or cakes and just chatted, but I, as a hidden intelligence officer, waited for the right moment, and waited at the third meeting.
It all started with the fact that she said that she was very glad that she had a friend like me, with whom it was always fun and interesting.
It is always nice to listen to compliments, but at that moment I decided to seize the moment and said: – Madeleine, you consider me your friend, and I am pleased, but I feel that you are worried about something (it was a bluff, of course, nothing I felt) and you do not share with me.
I would be very happy to help you.
– You are right Vlad, I have a problem, and a very serious one, but I cannot share it with you, but you can’t help me and solve it.
– Well, this is premature conclusions on your part, maybe I can’t solve the problem, but I can give

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you advice that is useful to you.
And, in general, it’s just a matter of trust.
My answer obviously puzzled her, and she thought for just a couple of minutes.
– Ok, I’m getting married.
My father agreed, but according to our laws, this means that everything has been decided.
And honestly, I myself do not mind, I liked the guy, tall, handsome.
– Can I congratulate you already? What is the problem then? – Vlad, the problem is very serious, I met your friend Andrew, you see.
I myself do not know how I allowed this.
It was only two times and it ruined my life.
Then she really burst into tears.
I felt genuinely sorry for her, so sorry that I have already mentally abandoned all my plans.
– Sunny, do not worry you so, any problem can be solved, including yours. Livejasmin free private teasers.

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