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I decided to arrange a romantic for him – an erotic evening, I asked her to leave somewhere today.
So he called you.
He did not tell you that we have an anniversary? – Honestly, no.
The first time I hear – I answered in bewilderment.
“Apparently, he himself forgot that he has an anniversary, and not a booze today,” Katya said.
– I’m already sick of it – What is it? – I srosil – booze these.
– said Kate – He often drinks? – Not rare.
Every weekend.
And the most important thing is that every time he gets drunk to a pig squeal, like today.
As a result, every weekday he is tired, t.
He gets up to work very early, arrives home, and at 10 o’clock he flops to bed.
I come from work only about 9, that is, I have time only to feed him with dinner.
And on the weekend he’s one day in the insole, the second day he’s gone – he sleeps for half a day, then he takes a couple of hours to soak in the bathroom, then he’s lying on his head until he falls asleep.
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