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Without opening her eyes, she climbed off the couch, her legs went numb, and she almost fell.
Somehow getting to the bag, began to sort through the contents, looking for a pipe.
Here! Here he is, damn him.
– Hello.
I listen – in a low and deaf voice, I woke up, said into the phone.
– This is Arkady Palych.
I don’t understand why you, my dear, are not at work? As I know, I did not give you time off.
– But I.
– The fact that you were detained overtime yesterday is not a reason to hammer a bolt to work !!! Do you know what time it is? – I.
– What am I? You have exactly one hour.
It is now 14–00.
If at 15–00 your explanatory board does not lie on my desk, then at 15–30 in the personnel department there will be my order regarding you.
– I’m already running, Arkady Palych.
In the tube short beeps were heard.
Heck! Here is a pancake, so be it.
She overslept.
She quickly began to gather.
Office equipment, for women in their company, should consist of a light monochromatic blouse, with an open neckline and a dark, always above the knees, skirt.
Only classic shoes with heels, not less than 10 centimeters.
At any time of the year stockings or pantyhose, but only with an open crotch.
On red days, women rest, unless there are special orders from management or special orders from customers.
All the rest is not forbidden.
In the office there is always a stylist.
Therefore, hairstyles, makeup, manicure and pedicure do not make up problems.
By the way, this is all due to the company.
The company also provides its employees with decent housing, of course, on credit, but on very good conditions.
Plus a salary that you never get in other places.
Catching a taxi, she entered the stylist’s office in 15 minutes.
– Op-pa, whom I see – said Green.
He’s been here for five years now.

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All women in the company, from Green to You.
It is as blue as the sky in July.
In the course of all events and knows everything, who with whom and how.
– I thought that after yesterday, you had a day off.
I went to the guards in the morning, they just cleaned the video with the signing of the contract.
Well, you, mother, hit.
Itself as? – What is up.
You saw it.
I honestly do not remember how I reached the house.
Such a feeling that the sperm from the ears flowed – and added in a whisper: – The pussy is still swollen, and the ass hurts, as if I was fucked in the ass with a soldering iron – she moved her eyebrows, pouted her lips and shrugged her shoulders.
– Count up, these Freaks, only sperm and saliva ass lubricated me.
Cheekbones hurt, almost all night sucked at everyone and not once.
And my legs were so stretched, I thought they would tear them apart.
In my heels I am going now and I am afraid to fall – she continued to complain, trying to arrange her weary ass in the chair more conveniently.
– Grisha, these bastards, I was so nagged and bitten tits, it was painful to touch the nipples – she wrinkled her nose and squeezed both breasts with her palms.
He gently ran his hand through her hair, glancing into his eyes, suggested: “And do you want me to give you a healing massage, tongue?” – Greenie’s eyes sparkled.
The hand lay on the thigh of the woman and slowly began to rise to the crotch, lifting the skirt behind her.
“No, no, Grin — she stopped him when the stylist’s palm reached its naked body, above the lace band of its stockings.”
– I’ve got so much in the pussy that most likely I don’t feel better from your

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And no time.
Arkasha at three o’clock explanatory demands.
Greene sighed and began to look at his ward.
He likes to lick, especially after someone’s dick visited the vagina, and better a few.
Well, if a woman has not yet been able to undermine after sex, for Grini this is a SPECIAL tsimus.
Fortunately, here in the office, there are no big problems with this.
Many clients specifically come to get sexual relaxation, under the pretext of interest in the elite suburban real estate.
During the working day, each of the women, at least a couple of times, comes to Green.
What would put himself in order after a business meeting, or after a serious conversation with his boss in his rest room.
For the main rule of the company is the FULL fulfillment of the wishes of the client.
Starting with the selection of a personal realtor and ending with the organization and holding of a banquet on the occasion of the acquisition of the selected object. Live sex chat web cam.

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