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But instead of getting rid of the nightmares of the front line, an excited member was already swaying, already released from the pants and boxer shorts.
Twenty centimeters in length, covered with tubercles of veins, with a large bright red head, he was even handsome.
I stared at the bare head, like a rabbit on a boa.
At the very tip of the penis, a small drop of grease had already gathered.
– What are you staring at, let’s suck, – Ruslan’s voice brought me back to reality, – And I’d rather like how you blow.
And not that disfigured.
Head poked in my face, leaving a trace of grease on his cheek, rests on the lips.
The smell of a member (sweat, urine, and even something that deprives the last remnants of the will) is disgusting, but strangely pleasant.
I frantically sob and open my mouth.
Ruslan nods in satisfaction, unhurriedly, stretching pleasure, holds his lips with a prick, and then enters with one jerk.
I feel a salty-bitter taste, my mouth begins to fill with saliva, and the smell seems to surround me all over, soaking into the skin and hair.

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Palms lie on the back of my head and begin to press me to my page, pushing the member further.
No, do not – it is so huge.
I’ll just suffocate! I’m already suffocating! But here, fortunately, the pressure eases and I move back.
A smacking cock comes out of my mouth and sways right in front of my face.
It is wet and from it to my lips stretches a thin shiny thread: a mixture of grease and saliva.
My saliva.
While trying to catch my breath, they take me by the chin, they lift up my head.
I look straight at Ruslana: on his face is a mixture of pleasure, celebration and contempt.
– How, I have a delicious dick? I can not hear! A string of thoughts flashes through my head in an instant: “Well, that’s all — now you are a fag! No! How not: fuck you in your mouth – it means a fag.

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I did not want! And they pokrenu, whether you want or not.
SchA will be continued.
What should I do, what should I do? To begin to decide, do you want to get out of here whole, or beaten? Beaten up ?! Not! Then remember the wise advice: you can not resist – relax and enjoy.
More precisely, in our case – please.
Make him happy.
If you already started to do – do it well.
yes, very good
very tasty – I still could not catch my breath.
– And then, – Ruslan smiles, – Member of a real man.
Come on, try my balls.
Lick them.
to be pleased.
“- I bring my face closer to my scrotum, but I don’t find in myself the determination to immediately lick it, and kiss it instead.
Rumors and vulgar comments are heard nearby, but I try to get rid of it.
I stick out the tongue and begin to diligently lick the eggs, remembering all the previously watched porn with blowjobs.
The jokes subside, now only heavy breathing and my smacking is heard in the toilet.
From eggs I turn to dick, several times I spend the tip of the tongue around the head.
On my head again lay strong palms, and the member breaks into my mouth.
I suck, although it is rather, I fuck in the mouth.
Each time, Rustam moves further, and in order not to suffocate, I try to take the member as deeply as possible.
Sore throat, nausea appeared, tears are rolling from his eyes, and he is accelerating.
Somewhere above, no wheezing is heard anymore – a growl, as if a hardened predator is tormenting prey.
A few more endlessly long minutes – and the member leaves my mouth again, opening the way for the blessed air.
I am almost unconscious, covered in sweat, drooling and tears, gasping for air, and do not immediately understand that my lips and face are beginning to fill in something.
Ruslan, with an expression on her physiognomy, ends up plentifully right on my face.
Forces to close your hands or turn away no, and will my rapists approve of this? I do not think.
at last there is enough air to decorate the atmosphere of the toilet with mournful sobs.
Yes, in the course this is my destiny today: tears, sobs, and now – also the bitter taste of semen on the lips.
– Well, how? – this was Simon who had not spoken a word before.
I saw a smartphone in horror in his hands.
– Record, – Ruslan again pulled me already limp member, – Lick come on.
Working mouth, boys, you can and should use.
Who is next.
– I fucking! – Grisha literally jumps up to me, on the move lowering his pants along with swimming trunks, – Suck it, come on! Lesbian sex cam.

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