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Therefore, within her, more and more female sensual dissatisfaction accumulated.
Every girl wants to be loved and adored, the one and only, it is not just a whim, it is a requirement that comes from the very nature of women.
Tanya is often sad about this, thinking about what awaits her in the future.
About the future of Tatiana thought another, not a very good man.
He was long ago recruited by one of the radical terrorist groups to organize and carry out work to improve the traffic of weapons and special equipment across the state border.

He, as a true professional, tracked potentially useful for the organization of customs officers, who could somehow help in his work.
Tatiana was just recommended for the position, the responsibility of which was to check exactly the traffic that He used.
The gangster decided to look at the girl, study her, her day routine, work schedule, habits and so on.
He watched Tanya when she walked around the city, following behind her, when she was at home, looking at her through binoculars, wherever Tanya was, behind her, he walked with invisible shadow.

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Having studied the girl He made a plan.
One day, Tatyana, out of habit, went for a walk around the city, hoping that the fresh evening air would dispel her sadness and sadness, free her from sad thoughts and even slightly, reduce the feeling of female loneliness.
She put on her favorite dress, shoes with heels, and took a handbag, in which she put the phone and the keys to the apartment.
Tanya had a favorite route, which passed through the streets and squares of the city, where there are not very many people and there are no cheerful companies.
In one place where the sidewalk abruptly wrapped around the corner of the house, a minibus was waiting for her.
As soon as the girl walked around the corner, two strong men grabbed her and, without even letting out a squeak, they clamped her mouth with a rough palm and dragged them to the car.
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