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Hidden camera mom and dad sex.
About anything else could not think the whole next day.
Waited for a call from his beloved wife.
Cursed her for silence.
Again in the late afternoon she called: – Well, how are things with you? – What is my business? I have – as always.
Tell me! – Oh, well, just can not tell, my dear losik! (Losik – he heard, and the excitement covered his head).

– Why losik? What? Did it happen? – And you roll your head.
Horns do not interfere? Yes, perhaps the horns! – Do not torment! So you were with Jack? – Ha! It was – put it mildly! Okay, I’ll tell you a little.
In the evening, Jack invited me to walk along the embankment, go to the cafe.
Listen, maybe you won’t believe it, but while we were there, the women present were just eating my Jack (my!) Eyes.
I saw that almost everybody was ready, without much thought, to spread her legs in front of him.
I was even jealous of him.
Therefore, at the very first “ballad” I pulled him to dance, until someone took the initiative.
His hands immediately fell on my ass and began to stroke and caress her.

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I immediately became excited, and began to kiss his chest, not covered with a shirt.
Damn, by the end of the dance, when Jack started kissing me on the lips, I just flowed and was ready to surrender to him right on the dance floor, on the spot.
I was so excited that right after the dance, I dragged Jack to the beach, where there were no lanterns.
We just found a more dumbing spot, as I knelt down and undid Jack’s pants fly.
You should have seen what “dignity” from there fell out right in my face: 20 centimeters long and fat — e — e (I’m not lying!) I climbed into my mouth.
I just could not believe what I saw, and for five minutes I licked, kissed, sucked, swallowed Jack’s “club”, getting more and more excited.
Yes, he himself ofigel: so that on the first evening of the rest the Russian blonde would give him a deep blowjob on the beach, not particularly embarrassed by casual viewers !!!
Hidden camera mom and dad sex.

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