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More precisely, he lay on it.
They did not cease to caress and kiss each other.
Moving his hips Vitya tried to find the entrance to the vagina.
Irina spread her legs wide apart and moving her pelvis as quickly as possible to substitute this entrance for him.
This did not last long, and soon the head of his member felt the soft and moist flesh of the vagina in one motion, he plunged into it.
Ira made a sweet moan.
He began to move in her.
Ira groaning biting her lower lip.
Victor twisted and began to kiss and suck her breast.
Her nipples hardened and he nibbled them slightly, causing Ira to draw a long groan.
Her hands slid across his back from neck to ass and back.
He felt that her breathing was somehow intermittent, now something had to happen.
He felt his mother dug his nails into his buttocks, and seemed to be trying to push all of him into himself.
He intensified his tremors in the womb of his mother.
Then she let go of her lower lip and she broke out: Ebi.
Ebi is stronger.
Yeah-hh! After these words her whole body began to shake.
He felt that she was coming, her vagina was squeezing and releasing his cock.
And unable to stand, he also began to finish, filling the mother’s womb with sperm.
Each portion of the sperm was accompanied by a strong impetus, from which Irina moaned even more and sagged under him.
Having finished, they both froze.
Vitya tried to support his body on his elbows, so as not to put pressure on his mother with his whole body.
When he felt that the member is not so tense, he took it out.
He got up in his arms, looked into Irina’s eyes and, breathing hard after sex, said: Mom, I love you.
These words now sounded completely different, not like the words of the son to the mother, but as the words of a loving man to the woman he loved.
Behind that, he bent and kissed her in the half-open mouth, she not only accepted this kiss, but responded to it.

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Then he gently got off her and stretched out beside him on the bed.
For a while they lay, breathing deeply, silently and not moving.
After some time, Irina turned to her son, moved closer to him.
She put her head on his chest, hugged her with one hand, put her leg on his, and pressed tightly.
He also hugged her with one hand and helped her pull closer to him.
You know, – Irina interrupted silence.
– I feel so good now.
You can’t even imagine it.
I feel like a little defenseless girl, next to a strong loving man.
I know that it sounds trite, and every woman in love says this to her man after having the desired sex, but probably you will not say anything else about this feeling.
In response to

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her words, Victor pressed her to himself a little harder, tilted his head to her head and kissed the top of her head.
Ira slightly raised herself and put her head on his shoulder, then continued to say: You know, when I started to talk while dancing, I was afraid.
What are you afraid of, mom? I was afraid that after all that I tell you, you will be an impenetrable moralist.
Push me away.
Then an insuperable gulf would have formed between us.
We would be strangers to each other.
I can not imagine how we could then continue to live.
More precisely, not we, but me.
You would have the opportunity to leave home, and I would have disappeared without you.
Vitya grinned and asked with a smile: Mom, tell me where at such a happy moment you have such sad and silly thoughts? Probably from there that I’m afraid this unexpected happiness scare away.
She raised her head and stretched her lips to his lips, he moved to meet her and they kissed deeply, hickered, but not for long.
After the kiss, she again laid her head on his shoulder.
He with his hand, on which she was lying on his shoulder, stroked her gently on the back, shoulder, hair.
Mom, you know, if you hadn’t started that conversation, I would never have decided to start it myself.
Even if I knew everything that you told me.
And we would toil each on our own with our desires.
Now I am glad that I had the courage, but then I really took a great risk, and the risk paid off a thousand times.
With a smile, she summed up.
Her hand is hugging her son, began to slide on his stomach, chest.
Mom, I did not assume that you know how to swear.
– Vitya broke the silence.
Sorry, I held on as much as I could, even bit my lip.
Well, your lip suffered in vain, – Victor began with a smile, – I really liked it.
I even wanted to say something myself.
Why did not you say? – In the voice of Ira heard annoyance.
I was afraid that you would not like it, and I would spoil everything.
– The son was justified.
Well, in vain! – Ira indignantly said indignantly, – And I am lying now and worrying that with my obscenity I brought you into shock. Hidden cam nude wife.

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