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So you lost a bet, said Natasha, addressing my wife.
– I propose a toast – Lena poured champagne on wine glasses and distributed them all in order – For the replenishment in our ranks! When we clink glasses, Sveta looked at me.
Her eyes sparkled.
I was lying on a huge bed in the captain’s cabin, resting from.
Itself not zanyu from what.
Just lay, basking on the satin linen, enjoying the relative purity.
Sheets were nothing to replace – it turned out that the captain forced them to wash only before going to sea.
Well, in principle – we are, after all, a day, as we sailed away from the Palace of Knavtia.
Just think, cap has been poured a couple of times with me, but a little earlier with Mali, still the majority of sperm got into Mali’s sensual mouth.
My own hygiene has been a simple thing since I felt like a witch – a couple of palm movements – and

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my skin becomes clean and fragrant, like after bathing in Caesar’s fragrant pools.
After I immobilized Luzio, and Mali dexterously entangled him with ropes, we faced the problem of clothes – I arrived on the ship completely naked in sandals, and Mali’s clothes were destroyed by a cap when he raped her – even before my appearance on the ship.
Unfortunately I could not make clothes.
And for a long time I didn’t try – something inside me said that only a witch could do this, and I was just a witch.
Fortunately, in a huge drawer that served as the basis of the bed, there were armfuls of clothing and piles of jewels.

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Unfortunately, most of the clothes did not suit us.
But the jewels went with a bang.
Mali and I immediately began admiringly trying on the treasures and by the middle of the night we were just as naked as at the beginning, only all hung with gold.

Even Luzio did not bother us at all, even though he followed our fittings.
Anyway, he fucked us, as he wanted, our bodies were familiar to him to a centimeter – not only by sight, but also by touch.
Okay, who am I kidding? We completely forgot about the bound captain! Only when I hitched two brooches to my nipples, holding them with pins, and Mali lifted my breasts to admire how stones play in the candlelight, a squeal of moans could be heard from the corner.
We both jumped in surprise! The captain still reclined, leaning against the bulkhead.
He, with bulging eyes, looked at us, and between two turns of the rope his cock rose up – thick, thick, firmly knit with a plush head, similar to a mushroom cap.
“Yeah,” I said, defiantly approaching the cap.
– Even in this position, you get pleasure from us.
Is it a bit of honor? – And you sit on it, witch, – you’ll like it! – Mmm, are you sure that I need this? And to force a girl tied so that her heels are tied up above your head, did you like it? I moved my bare flesh with firm flesh, caressing my trunk twined with fingers: – Do you like it? Cap, nodding, groaned, and his eyes stuck to my pussy.
– Hmm, do you like Vidocq? – Yes, my sweet.
I like it so much that I would have dug my mouth into this view! – The offer is certainly tempting, but how about suffering to begin with? With the last words, I kicked the male member.
There was a wet slap, and then a stifled whipping.
The captain curled up and began to roll over on his side, but I held him by the rope around his neck.
Sitting next to the captain on my heels with one hand I held him in a semi-sitting position, and with the other I grabbed a member that had not lost its hardness.
– Well, well, cap.
See how sweet my hand is? I moved the foreskin to the eggs so that the skin on the scarlet head stretched to the limit. Hd sex tube online.

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