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But Max was poher.
He touched my wet pussy with excitement.
Oh, you fucking! You flow like a bitch.
He already inserted the head into my narrow pussy.
When she was completely immersed in me, I felt pain and.
a wish? I wanted him to plant my huge dick deep in there.
Max was not long in coming.
In one motion, he planted me his penis on the most eggs.
I screamed and got a gag in the shape of a piece of my blouse.
Something sticky was running down her hips.
Max planted my dick for me, almost pulling it out, then driving him again to the very eggs.
The pain gradually

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disappeared and I even started podmavat his ass.
Well done, whore, ”he said hoarsely, and began to slap my ass.
And I wanted only one thing – that he planted me deeper.
And finally, with a wild moan, my pussy squeezed and tightly wrapped around his cock.
I was shaking from experienced ograzm.
Max abruptly pulled out his dick and mumbled something stretched to the bedside table.
I didn’t think well and therefore I understood his actions only when my anus began to be smeared with some kind of liquid.
I groaned through the gag.
What, whore? Like? I told you you will be delighted.
Max painfully slapped me on the buttock and put the head to my poor undeveloped hole.
Surprisingly, he acted slowly and slowly, so I relaxed a bit and let the head of the penis slip into my ass.
The pain was, but tolerable.
Rather, I was even glad this pain.
But this was not enough for Max.
He abruptly drove his penis right full-length into my hole.
There were tears in my eyes, I screamed, the pain became simply unbearable.

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But Max with incredible speed continued to peck my ass.
When it seemed to me that I was about to lose my senses, he breathed hoarsely and pulled out his penis and turned me over and thrust it into my mouth.
I had no choice and I began to swallow the red member standing like a stake.
Max groaned and twisted my nipples.
Five minutes later, he jerked and with a moan his cum gushed into my mouth.
I coughed, but Max wheezed: Swallow, bitch.
I obediently swallowed every last drop, and only after that his dick left my poor mouth.
Max sat on the bed and stretched.
Then he smiled smugly and said: “I sounded pretty good at you, bitch.
There was blood between the legs and from the ass.
I quietly whined from the pain, but did not dare to move.
Max untied me and ran a finger over my pussy.
I flinched.
Oh, how bad it is, – he laughed merrily and dragged me to the bathroom.
While he was washing me, I looked at the water reddened by blood.
He humiliated me like no other, but I liked that.
Max watched me dress.
Torn blouse, skirt.
Max abruptly rose to his feet and pulled to him.
Listen, bitch.
I want to fuck you one more time today.
You would not hurry to dress.
I obediently knelt down.
Max nodded and sat back down on the sofa.
With a lazy gesture, he pulled out his flaccid penis.
Sit where you sit, bitch, – his voice sounded imperious.
– And I will say what I will do with you.
First, I will put you in the throat at the very eggs and will fuck so that you could not speak tomorrow.
Then I will take it – he got a huge plastic phallus – and I will put it in your pussy.
And just try to cum, bitch.
And I will fuck you right in the ass, long and painful, so that you remember forever.
Oh, you bitch! You flow, slut.
I really flowed, so much so that beneath me a puddle was formed right on the floor.
At that moment the doorbell rang and Max went to open.
A couple came in – a blond girl with a big breast and a tall boy of about 25, unfamiliar to me.
The girl looked at me frightened and then at her companion.
What, whore? – the guy slapped her ass.
– I didn’t give it normally, now you will become my hole.
He pushed her onto the carpet and she was next to me.
Olya, take care of our girl, – said Max.
I obediently crawled up to the girl and kissed her on the lips, she recoiled, but I was stronger. Free masturbation cams.

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