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you burst into me.
! Oh god this is what i have been waiting for so long! What I thought for days and delirious in the evenings.
You are inside me.
we are not talking.
do not.
you fuck me fast
no less
all the faster and deeper plunging me into his penis.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I finish right after a few seconds of your stay in silence.
and I ask you to stop for a moment.
how sweet and languid your name sounds from my mouth.
and as soon as the muscles of my vagina more or less relaxed, I myself give you a meeting.
how can I cheer !!! so glad.
my whole body rejoices.
desire rolls over.
yes Bear
Yes sun.
fuck me like that
you are my darling.
and then quickly changing position, I become a crustacean.
Well, do not think for a long time in what hole.
do not.
come on
I’m going to explode.
Well, let’s at least go somewhere !!!! if only vomne !!!! MISHKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
yes you yourself are already at the limit.
I see that your desire is strong.
I saw your cock pulsate.
how his head quivers.
Oh please.
if you are not logging in now.
I probably lose consciousness.
and you, putting me a crayfish, just as quickly and passionately, strongly, burst into my pussy, as you write, it is so wet, so hot, cramped, the lubricant flows straight through my thighs and your eggs.
from the moment you entered me again desire fills me.
you fuck me fast
all pulling on myself.
DAAAAAAAAAA do not feel sorry for me.
I, too, want you very much, God.
from such a delight, you can probably lose the rostrum.
everything ceases to exist.
there is only me and you.
and our desire for each other.
and when I feel how tight your penis is in me when your orgasm is so close.
I also give free rein to my feelings.
orgasm covers us together.
God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I feel like you finish in me.
I am pressing my body to you more and more.

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my body convulses.
orgasm is very strong.
to hold back the cry of pleasure that breaks from my chest is simply no longer strength.
He breaks loose.
i scream
as through a veil I hear yours in my ear.
your words reach your consciousness.
I bite my lower lip so as not to scream again.
orgasm all rolls and rolls on me.
and stay in me for a few more seconds, you come out of me.
fall on the bed.
I lie down beside you.
we are very hot.
we lie without touching each other.
and silent.
our breathing levels off, becoming more and more even.
having cooled down a little, you moved to your room by extending your hand to me.
and my head is on your shoulder.
we are still lying silently.
you smooth my hair
leaning against me inhale my smell.
my says I smell.
us so harasho together.
so calm, you gladish me, barely touching my shoulder with the pads of my fingers.
the orgasm discharges are still rolling over my body.
orgasm was very strong.
I feel so good with you.
how am I with you harasho, and lying like that in your arms, I understand.
how beautiful the world is !!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon we returned home.
The pregnancy of my women has already been confirmed.
We decided to take an abortion closer to the deadline in an elite private clinic without any risk to the health of women.
I will not describe in detail all of our regular meetings and rather monotonous threesome sex.
Large fucking and spree have been with us only a couple of times, but there is nothing new, nothing special.
Gradually, from the pregnancy, my girlfriends scored a few more seductive kilograms, their already rather big tits became even larger, a

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full size 5, and possibly 5 plus, closer to the sixth.
Finally, next week we decided to go for an abortion.
The deadline was already two and a half months and it was dangerous to pull on.
Before that, they decided to make a serious fuck.
But where? It was not too warm in nature, as the first days of September were already going.
We did not want to go abroad now.
We decided to just find the right partners on the Internet.
On the same day I went in search.
In Moscow, I think, this problem could be solved easily and without problems, but in our city with a population of less than a million people, there was no such wide choice.
Finally, in the evening I seem to have found the right people.
These were two friends, trakhara, and as I understood from their profile, they willingly mated with everything that moves, and maybe even with real estate too: In short, a good option from all sides.
I wrote to them that I needed to help me fuck two gorgeous pregnant tits whore and sent them real photos of my women.
The men immediately agreed.
And the girls and I went to my country house away from the city and from prying eyes. Free live sex feeds.

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