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Suddenly, the old man grew up in front of my noses, I again screamed, it seemed so hard that he clamped his ears.
“I’m sorry,” I mumbled, blinking my eyes.
“Are you so screaming all the time?” “No, I just didn’t expect it to end, they didn’t surprise, I stopped as if I’ve been digging, but I didn’t see anything except tall sunflowers and suddenly everything was bare, nothing was revealed to me naked land.
Grandfather Ignat, that was his name, turned out to be nothing, really coughing all the time, probably from the fact that he smokes a lot, he brought me milk and honey, and also white bread, I probably devoured all the supplies, so I wanted to eat something half a loaf, in life so much has not eaten.
He just groaned, well, just an old tree and everything was trying to catch at least something on his old receiver, but he only groaned, hissed and sometimes hissed like his owner.
Out of nowhere, a dog appeared, husky, smart eyes, if she knew how to smile, she would surely smile at me.
Her tail was spinning, she whined and jumped, she didn’t pay attention to Ignat’s grandfather, got used to it, but I, a new face in this deaf and abandoned place.
– And here is the Puck, – the grandfather stated.
Involuntarily, I pressed my hands to me, as if he would bite me now.
“Do not be afraid, he is kind, he feels not only fear in people, that’s when he barks and is ready to pounce, he trusts you, rarely is this,” he scratched behind his ear, he added, “that’s a bitch.”

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He is already old, but sometimes frantic, be careful with him.
– Bite? – I asked.
– No, I hardly, – having scratched the back of my head, grandfather finished, – he can tumble down and jump.
– How come? – not understanding his words, I asked

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The puck was wagging its tail and rubbing against his legs, he licked my hands all over and if I had lowered my face lower, then his face was the same.
“Though he is an old dog, he still has a good deal, he does not miss a single bitch.”
Then it began to reach me.
I looked into those open eyes, a hanging tongue, in some places the wool hung in shreds, the dog was sitting on the ground and looked at me devotedly.
I didn’t sleep at night looking for an approach to everyone, crying, sometimes sobbing, and yet I did it, well, not everything I wanted, but it worked out, not as scary as they draw, nor was I the first one, and it probably calmed me.
I know that if I want something, I will definitely get it, it’s not a whim, it’s my desire, but my desire is the law.
I really wanted to go to that field where sunflowers seemed to grow forever, I remember very well the road where the path stretched along the coast, where the cliff descended to the water itself and had to climb through the bushes, and around the corner were overgrown with willows.
I became friends with Puck, he often met me in the village, sometimes he ran for me all day long, especially when there was no Leshka, he replaced me with a friend, I talked to him, fed him, stroked and bathed.
It seems he was everywhere wherever I went, everywhere I met him, as soon as I left the village to the forest and he was right there, I climbed the ruins of an abandoned village and the Puck was right there again. Free live big boobs.

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