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That night, for the first time in a long time, I fell asleep alone in my cell.
The next day, the animal looked even worse, and no one touched it – instead, the owner began to give all the attention to me, and after another sex, I even gratefully whined something, kissing his head.
Everything went again as before, when we were alone.
And a few days later, when I discovered that the animal was already stiff on its mattress, I even experienced something similar to happiness.
Only one thing saddened my joy – that now there would be no place to receive my own orgasms.
But my hands were already free for a long time, and I consoled myself with this.
We carried the corpse of an animal together.
The owner opened the gate of the fence, and we, holding the stiff body in our hands, went together into the depths of the forest.

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The first time I was outside the fence, and I did not like it.
It was cold in the forest, the branches painfully dug into the bare feet, but I had no choice – the owner could not cope alone.
After some time we came to a deep hole dug in the ground, and I, dropping the corpse there, began to shower it with earth.
Only when I filled the hole to half, I realized that there was a shovel next to the pile, but I still did not understand what was the use of it.
Finally, the pit was filled up, I warmed up, and we went back.
The owner held me by the waist, and I, gratefully clinging to him, tried only less often to attack the bitches scattered everywhere.
It didn’t matter.
Porridge, mattress and cell were in place, and this was the main thing.
I no longer remembered whether the hair on the host’s chest was always gray, but that didn’t matter either.

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Sometimes, waking up at night, I remembered for a long time his face, his strong hands, the taste of his penis in his mouth, and felt how I was overwhelmed by quiet, incomparable happiness.
I have long had a new animal, which had once entered our house a boy of ten years.
Then for the first time the owner gave me the opportunity to carve him for some kind of offense, and I got carried away so that he himself had to reassure me with a blow in the face.
But the back of my animal was so tight and elastic, and my mouth was so tender that I could not even dream of anything more.
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