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She went out, holding a blanket.
She laid him on the grass under a tree.
She sat down on the bedspread and began to unbutton her dress.
I was already starting to shake with excitement.
When she unzipped the dress completely, it turned out to be not only without a bra, but also without panties (at this moment, I took a picture of it) !!! She was not big, but beautiful breasts and not shaved pussy, but I was a little worried

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I took off my pants and T-shirt, remained in his shorts.
In them there was already little room for my hard as a stone member.
Lyudmila came up and ran her hand over my chest, then she sat on her knees and took out a member of her panties, began to suck him.
With one hand, she grabbed a member, and the other pulling my balls.
How nice it was! Then, taking off her robe, she lay down on the bedspread and I began to caress her breasts.
Clasping my chest with one hand, I began to bite her nipples, and with the other hand I stroked her clit.
Lyudmila began to moan.
Then I put on a condom (he was in his pants pocket) and slowly began to insert the penis into Lyudmila’s vagina.
She lay on her back and threw her legs on my shoulders, I started to fuck her.
After a while, we changed position.
I already lay down on the bedspread, and Lyudmila sat on me, or rather on the penis.
She slowly began to “ride” on him, I wrapped my arms around her hips.
She increased the tempo, and her breasts began to jump in time with her.
It aroused me even more! Then she got up “cancer”, from behind I joined her, continued to fuck.
She moaned with pleasure.

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I fucked her so fast that when my balls knocked about her, it hurt.
She can already be said screaming from orgasm.
Lyudmila finished! And I have not yet.
I continued to fuck her, poking a finger in her ass.
When I was at the peak of the eruption, I pulled out a member from Lyudmila, quickly removed the condom and put the member between her breasts.
She squeezed her breasts with her hands and I began to fuck her between the breasts.
I finished a powerful jet of sperm in her face! Lyudmila licked the remnants of sperm from my dick! I have never had such sex! I was as good as if I was in paradise! Then we had a little chat and satisfied, I went home!
That completed the first year of study at the university! Studying on a budget basis is always a big test.
For such students, the requirements are always higher than for students for a fee.
After all, we will not receive a bottle of Armenian brandy or a postcard with five thousand rubles inside.
The building of the institute is also not updated at our expense, and not a single penny of our money drips into the salaries of teachers.
Why would you make any concessions to the person whose success you are not personally interested in? In this regard, I understand them, but all exams were difficult the first time.
And the more joyful it was to close the last test, drink a bottle of beer on this occasion and go on vacation to my native provincial town.
“In the end, the employer will certainly give preference to the graduate of the free department.
After all, he achieved everything by his work, and not just sending money to anyone who follows, ”I reassured myself.
Under hard rock for four hours on the bus to my county town flew by unnoticed, and now I’m at home.
There is no need to hide that I live is not rich, and a significant part of the parental budget goes to my hostel, food and other necessary things.
That’s probably why I still haven’t had a girlfriend.
Trite nothing to start it.
Girls now love men richer, sexier, in extreme cases, stronger.
Their mind is not in high esteem.
Signs of the times, alas.
Based on all this, my leisure was straightforward – computer games and the Internet.
By the way, about the Internet.
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