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Bongacams zlatafox.
I was moving towards a medium-sized member dressed in a condom, which is exactly what I would like to constantly fuck without feelings of pain and discomfort.
Timur took me by the hips with his hands and fucked like a girl.
Right now Timurchik will stretch you a little, deepen, and then I will go, and while you suck, do not be distracted, ”said Slavik.
I continued.
The brackish grease was felt in my tongue and it turned me on even more.
Cock moving in my ass and expiring man with a dangling cock in my mouth.
It was cool.
Timur, let’s flinch, – asked Slavik, – I also want to try Dimkin’s ass.
No problem.
Timur stopped and slowly pulled a member out of me, filling my inner world with cool air.
Removing the condom, Timur took the place of Slavik, who pulled the condom to its root.
Right now it will be the same thing only deeper, – Slavik joked and not hesitating, with a solid speed drove me his hose in the ass.
I seemed to run out of oxygen, because the member seems to reach the throat – so deeply he entered me.
Now it will be all over, – and Slavik pushed his member into me even further, although it already seemed that there was nowhere else.
I courageously endured weak pains in the anus and had already begun to get used to dull and painful blows against the wall of my gut.
And I started to like it.
It was even cooler than with Timur, even deeper.
Timur, having stood aside and vzdrochnu his member, I realized that I had adapted to the member Slavik and now I shoved my own, well-worked member into my mouth.
Good night today, – Slavik puffed from behind, – met such a man.

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Yes, Slav, – answered Timur, – and sucks well and in the ass without any problems.
gives, but we also will not be in debt.
And he sucks better than you, – Slavik laughed.
I agree – he does a great blowjob, I’m far from him.
I really tried, deeply took in my mouth and licked my tongue every inch of a member of Timur.
He rolled his eyes from pleasure, and the only thing that kept him so was the wall.
And at this time Slavik punched me through his member.
I was like a pig on a spit.
I had on all sides and as they wanted.
But I liked it.
Have you ever swallowed a guy? – asked Slavik.
Right now you will, the main thing is not to twitch and do not be nervous.
I dutifully agreed.
Timur left my mouth alone and now he jerked off himself, and Slavik was preparing to finish in my mouth.
It seemed to me that Slavik was not pulling out his penis from me, but a long hose, for so long he had been doing this.
Turn around !, he ordered.
I quickly turned to face him and knelt down.
Slavik inserted his pulsating member into my mouth and pushed it into my throat and so deeply that it seemed he would crawl out of my stomach.
I remembered the words of Slavik and therefore did not twitch.
He made a smooth movement of a member in my throat and I felt like a hot liquid rushed into my stomach.
Well done, Chick, you do everything right, ”Slavik praised me,“ and then Timur did not listen to me for the first time so nearly choked.
Slava took out a member of my throat and jerking his trunk a couple of times, let me have a few drops on my tongue.
The sperm was warm and slightly salty.

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I licked everything and stood up with a sense of accomplishment.
You’re doing great, Dim, – praised Timur.
He was still jerking off.
Slavik knelt before him and began to suck on him.
After five seconds, Timur was already dropping the seed into Slavik’s mouth, moaning loudly and holding Slavik by the head.
We did not stretch our pants and lit up.
A member of Slavik really dangled like a long hose between his legs, and my member about which I completely forgot and a member of Timur were approximately the same size.
Without stopping smoking, Timur knelt down and began to suck me.
My boyfriend quickly revived and Timur diligently worked on it.
It took me just one minute, I could not bear it anymore, and began to finish abundantly in Timur. Bongacams zlatafox.

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