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All six places did not have enough, so the two girls periodically stood on a damp stone floor.
Only Olya was sitting on the sackcloth all the time, because for several days she had been coughing hard.
The children no longer cried, they didn’t call for help, as they did in the early days, they just talked quietly.
Olya and Nina vomited up their food, and Dasha, Bonyachka, Yanka and Carrot were able to digest the gifts of the sponsors.
At night, the girls were taken to the office of the manager, where Zoya Dmitrievna forced them to stand in the knee-elbow position and for a long time looked at their parted, striped ass.
Finding that Dasha’s ass is not quite in condition, the woman took an extension cord and, folding it several times, added a dozen strong blows, while Dasha was forbidden to shout and change position.

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Covering her mouth with her palms, the girl with bulging eyes silently endured the spanking, bending with her whole body.
The head was satisfied with her work and, having smoked, put out a cigarette on Dashka’s back, after which all the girls were taken back to the punishment cell, where they sat until morning.
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) When it was dawn, they washed all the girls, gave them clothes and took them to breakfast in the usual manner.
They gave liquid millet porridge and half a slice of white bread with tea without sugar.
They could not sit punished, so they were forced to stand on all fours and eat from plates without hands.
Hunger was so strong that this situation did not prevent them from quickly cleaning the plates.

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At the evening of the teacher chose two new victims: Nastka and Zhanna.
They have not been punished for a week already; moreover, it was them who was asked to be taken away by Veronika Sergeyevna, who today stood up for the night shift.
All day the girls, including those already punished, wondered which of them would have to endure the bullying that night, and after dinner Nastya and Zhanna were ordered to undress and go upstairs.
When the soft steps of bare feet subsided on the second floor and the door closed, the girls in the bedroom hid what would be there? Soon they called Bonyachka and Dasha to watch, as a warning to bad behavior.
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