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Groping for the clitoris, she began to suck on him, Lena was in strong ecstasy, she was reclining on the couch, and her strict boss was between her legs and delivered her orgasm for orgasm, she was very pleased, and the bliss filled Lena’s whole body.
Finally, the girls’ strength dried up, Olga got up, sat on the sofa, she was also quite excited, her vagina was also all wet.
-I gave you pleasure, now you deliver me.
Clean your tongue inside me dry, while I caressed you, she herself was very excited and a little wet, this thing needs to be corrected.
Lena had nothing to do, how to execute the order of her boss.
Reluctantly she went down to Olgina crotch and began to lick her.
At first she didn’t like to do it, but gradually, she got more and more into the taste.
Olga corrected Lena.
– Work your tongue more boldly: Better lick: Press your tongue harder: Give me pleasure: Lena with Olga’s tips still managed to give her satisfaction, she licked Lena’s pussy dry.
– Well done beauty, come to me, I’ll kiss you.
Lena rose to Olga, and they again merged into a protracted kiss.
-Well, how did you like it? -In general, yes, Olga Borisovna.
-Ah, you tried to make love with women before.
-No, not once, there was no such opportunity, but sometimes she dreamed about it.
– I want you to always be with me, we will become mistresses, we will have a lot of time ahead, which we will spend very well with you, this is just the beginning.
Guys don’t interest me at all, and never interested me, I always liked only girls.

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After the first time I saw you, I told myself that you would be mine, no matter what it cost me.
I couldn’t reveal my feelings to you, this bitch Katka stood between us, how could I, for that I hated her.
She was the owner of the company at the time, and I was her slave.
Do not be surprised, I was a real slave, I did not have any rights, taking advantage of the moment, Katka enslaved me, she trampled on me, completely subjugating her will, to her whims.
I don’t even know exactly whether it was slavery, voluntary or compulsory.
I liked to obey her, but not as much as she demanded it from me, over time, I hated my slavery, so, most likely, I believe that it was still forced slavery.
Olga told Lena in detail about her life, how she became a slave, how she lived with Catherine, how Katya gave her freedom, and how she became Madam.
“You see how it happens in life,” she finished her story.
Lena was very surprised by everything Olga told her, she was very impressed with this story.
-Now you know everything, I told you everything, it can all look crazy from the outside, but, believe me, this is life.
-What should I do now? -I suggest you live with me, we will enjoy each other.
You will have everything, cars, beautiful clothes, slaves, I will give you, whatever you want, you will

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live on everything ready, like a queen.
Do not be afraid, I will not make you my slave; for me, they are enough, I will soon buy a new batch.
I need you as a friend, as a lover, and not as a slave.
I fell in love with you and want to love me too.
You yourself know a lot of money, you will not experience lack of anything.
You do not need to do anything, everything will be done by slaves for you, you will dispose of them as you like.
You won’t have to go to work either.
-Thank you, Olga Borisovna for such a proposal, I can think a little, I am not ready to answer you right away.
-Do not call me by name, patronymic, just call – Olga.
And let’s move on to you.
Think, in five minutes you will tell me the result, I will not give you more time to think.
-And if I refuse your offer, what will happen.
-We agreed to contact each other on you. Arab live sex webcam.

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