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Julia sobbed.
Then it seemed to hit her with a current, she heard the voice of Lenochka.
– Where I am? Help! Untie me! Julia could only mumble, the night gag made it impossible to speak.
Vlad sat in a chair and watched two girls, Julia was tied to the “goat” in a pose of cancer, her legs were spread apart, her hands in handcuffs behind her back.
Lena was lying on her back, in a gynecological chair, her legs were spread wide apart and tied.
Vlad was examining Yulia’s holes filled with corks so that they would not fall out, he glued them with scotch strips to the pope.
Helen didn’t study yet, waited until Julia would wake up.
Both holes Lenochka were clearly visible.
Vlad got up, went up to Yulia and whispered in his ear, “I brought you a girlfriend so that you would not be bored, she was a little upset, you need to make her a pleasant one.”
He pushed the gynecological chair on which Helen lay closer to Julia.
Both holes Lena were right in front of the face of Julia.
Vlad whispered “lick her everything!”.
Julia felt the smell of not washed pussy, began to lick.
Lenochka moaned out, the sensations were pleasant,

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only she really wanted to go to the toilet, she had to endure for a long time, she was embarrassed to urinate with someone.
Vlad watched as Julia diligently licks anal and vagina to her friend.
The first 2 days taught her that everything they say should be done and done so that it was nice.
Vlad got up around Julia’s priests and started pulling the cork out of her anal mouth, Yulia was sick and she stopped, stopped licking, right there the sensitive cotton on the pope reminded her that we should not stop.

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She began to lick even harder, a friend moaned and said “oh, just do not stop, a little slower, like this.
“Yulia was very nasty, usually she was embarrassed to even peck her friend on the cheek in a friendly way, and here it is.
Vlad began to pull out the second traffic jam, and then Julia could not stand it, from both the holes poured what had accumulated overnight.
Vlad whispered to her “again the girl described herself and even crap one’s pants, well, I’ll wash anything now,” Julia felt a cold stream hit her in the vagina and ass, all washed Vlad prepared the enema and decided to rinse Julia well.
I smeared the tip of the enema with grease and began to insert Julia deeply into the anal.
Julia felt something go into the anal, but it was less cork.
Vlad turned on the enema and Julia felt cold water began to pour into the anal, the sensation was not pleasant.
So that Julia was not distracted from her friend’s vagina, Vlad reminded her – with several tangible blows to the pope.
The booty has not yet receded after yesterday’s whipping, it turned out quite painful.
Julia screamed and began to lick even faster.
Vlad whispered “if you want to be a bad girl today, I will blow you right through yesterday’s wounds, so be good.”
Julia was scared, she remembered what happened yesterday, it was just a hell that did not end.
All the water from the Klysma spilled out, Julia twisted her stomach, but she could not do anything, the hose was firmly seated in the anal.
She could only moo.
Lena was already having an orgasm, Julia felt that her girlfriend’s thighs were shaking a little, the vagina began to release a lot of moisture, then Leno was shaken and she screamed strongly, twitching with her whole body and finished.
Yulia knew that while they didn’t tell her, she couldn’t stop and licked on, Helen started screaming so she stopped what she wanted, she was shaking all over, but Julia continued.
Vlad pulled out a hose and from Julia’s priests hit a jet of water mixed with feces, when the jet stopped, he pressed on her stomach and she continued to defecate.
When it was over, Vlad smeared the dick and Julia’s ass and quickly entered it, after 2 nights with traffic jams, the priest Julia stretched out and it became easy to enter the Vagina. Arab hidden cam sex.

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