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Fully erupting his sperm into my ass, he took out my penis and lay down next to me on the bed.
Fortunately, Lyosha managed to leave to his room earlier than Andrei, after saying goodbye to his friends, went up to the room, and I pretended to be asleep.
“Master! Master!! Take the phone – the women are calling! ”Then hit Sam Brown from“ 9? weeks.
Understanding nothing, I open my eyes.
The room is dark as a negro in the ass, just on the bedside table glows phone.
On the outdoor monitor, an unfamiliar number was highlighted.
Hello! In response, only someone’s nervous sniff, then the phone was thrown.
It’s twenty minutes past three.
Who wants it at this time? I turned on my stomach and began to fall asleep again.
From half a nap I snatched a second call.
Hello! Hello! Did you recognize the voice? Svetka? What the fuck are you calling me, and even half past two nights ?! I wanted to talk to you.
I feel bad now.
Four years ago, you yourself decided everything.

I am a sucker, a loser, a muddle, a drunkard, a loafer, I have a mind like an eighth-grader, for me my friends are in the first place, just like me.
So what should we talk about, your highness? I realized that all this time I loved you, and not Gregory.
We divorced, I took my daughter and went to live with my parents.
And this goat still aggravated me that I left him and fired me from work.
These are your problems, they no longer concern me.
You divorced, and I got married, made a career, live in another city, I have a completely new life.

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Sveta hung up.
Who’s there? The wife asked in a sleepy voice.
Sleep, Ale, the number was wrong.
I did not sleep and heard the whole conversation, do not lie.
Who is this bitch? Oh well.
Svetka called, my former.
I wanted to cry in a vest, I sent her to hell.
Oh yes! This is the one you talked about.
After the call, I tossed for a long time and could not sleep, not letting my wife fall asleep.
You do not sleep, baby, think about this stupid call? Let’s help sleep.
Sex is the best cure for insomnia.
Sex Elina loves more than anything in the world.
Raising my penis with her hands and mouth, she leaned back on her back, attracted me to her and sent me with a gentle hand.
Pleasant voluptuous languor spread throughout the body, driving out of my head unnecessary thoughts.
About ten minutes later we ended violently.
I fell asleep right on my wife, without leaving her.
At six o’clock in the morning we were awakened by an alarm clock, we continued without changing the position.
An hour later, I

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rolled on my black “Kalina” in the morning city.
Throwing Elja to the sanatorium, where she works as a nurse, I drove to the other end of the city, where I work as a chief accountant in a construction company.
On the way, the phone rang again.
Sveta again! I did not pick up the phone, but the call was repeated.
Stop calling me, it won’t do anything.
Your calls only irritate me.
I’m driving now, after all! – I already nervously shouted into the phone.
We need to meet and talk.
If you want it that way, I will leave you alone later.
I’ll stop now and talk normally.
Where did you dig up my room? – I abruptly turned to the side, almost ramming a moped standing by the curb.
Number Luda gave.
Slavik, I really want to see you and talk.
Ludka is Svetkina’s younger sister, with whom I am still in a normal relationship.
Well, only then will you leave me alone.
And also: I will come to the meeting with my wife.
I met Svetka at the institute during the winter session, when I was a second year student.
During the break, her purse fell out of her purse, she did not notice, and I picked it up and returned it to her. Anal live cam.

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