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We clinked glasses, drank it all and went to the taxi.
We were sitting in the back seat, brandy was pretty tight in the head, and Tanka was giving me a dick with my hand all the way, after unbuttoning my jeans.
With her other hand, she was pulling her pussy under the dress.
The taxi driver pretended not to notice anything, but he constantly glanced in the rearview mirror fidgeting on the seat.
We drove up to the front door, we paid off, and, straightening our clothes, came out. Well, holes for a fight? – fun wife asked Yes, damn.
We will get today.
– even though I was very agitated, but it was a little scary, all the same for the first time. Not ssy, Serezhenka.
It is necessary to begin sometime.
Let’s go – Tankin’s voice trembled with excitement.
Opened to us a lady, about 40 years old, dressed in a dressing gown and big shaggy sneakers.
Tall, almost as tall as I am, a little bit thick, with a wide ass.
Her face is stern and beautiful, her hair is black and tied up.
Without a word, she missed us in the spacious hallway.
– I squeezed out of myself.
– Mmy Sergay and Tatiana Who!? – the Hostess asked again and suddenly slapped me a strong slap in the face.
Tanya saw it first: thumped on her knees Forgive him, Madam! We are your slaves.
I am a bitch, he is a cock.
Ready to serve you.
Now it is clear.
– quietly said Mrs. – So.
Fuck me.
– and went deep into the apartment.
She led us into a large room and pointed to the envelope on the table, said – This is your fee.
Tanya hid the envelope in her purse.
Stand there and undress.
– now you are ours.
We quickly got rid of the clothes. She examined us. Good whores.
And the dick’s rather big at the fag, and the udder is cool.
I’m busy now.

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So become a cancer in this corner and wait.
Do not jerk off, do not fuck.
Soon the Master will come, and we will deal with you.
We became a cancer, otklyachiv asses, and the Hostess went into another room.
How are you? – Tanya asked in a whisper.
Fucking great – I whispered.
– And how are you? Fuck up Already imagine how I will lick this shit! Do not fuck there

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!! – came the voice of the Mistress.
– I’ll hear another sound – get both fucked! We stood there for about 15 minutes, just looked at each other.
The doorbell rang and our Master came.
He immediately went into the room and approached us.
It was a man under 50, tall below his wife, but very strong and broad-shouldered.
The hostess also went after him.
She had already changed her clothes and now looked just gorgeous: high boots, a leather corset and bright makeup.
Because of the corset, her huge ass seemed even bigger.
Between the legs were visible the thick lips of the shaved cunt.
What a gorgeous bitch! – the Master has extended in thick bass.
– Yes, honey, you were right.
Good specimens.
Just seeing Tux.
Bitch – stand up, hands behind your head! condom – on your knees! He suddenly ordered.
Tanka jumped up as scalded, and put her hands behind her head.
Her breasts bulged forward and bulged out of her bra.
I quickly knelt down.
The owner walked around us, looking around.
Then sharply pulled Tankin bra, saying that this garbage superfluous.
The bra burst and flew off to the side, revealing chic, my favorite breasts.
The owner gladly polapal them, weighed them in his hand, and sharply twirled the nipple.
Tanya screamed in pain, began to hiss, but her hands didn’t bring Yeah, the udder was good.
– and launched a hand in my wife in pussy, – Yes, you flow like a bitch! You fucking like when you chmyryat in front of your fag? Answer, creature! Yes, Sir, really like it.
– according to Tanka’s voice, I heard that she is on the verge of an orgasm.
That’s good.
Now you perdilnik check.
– and Tanka slammed hard on the asshole, – But for a start, your pidorok will raise my dick with his fucking mouth.
– The owner unbuttoned his pants and dumped a decent size half-standing dick.
– Fuck open! – I opened my mouth and sucked the master’s cock.
I began to move my mouth over the swelling trunk.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tanka literally devouring the whole process: for the first time, I was sucking dick on her eyes.
She even legs gave way from excitement.
I sucked, the owner groaned quite, holding my head with one hand, pulling Tankin with another with the other. 121karina livejasmin.

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