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I finished and hugged, and we merged again in a tender kiss.
We lay there for some time looking at each other and occasionally giving each other sweet kisses.
“Didn’t it hurt you?” “No, my sweet, you are very gentle and did everything neatly! We lay for a quarter of an hour, embracing.
I caressed her buttocks, gently stroked her back, kissed her insanely beautiful breasts, neck, lips.
In the evening we went to bed in the same bed.
We were a little tired and quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms, to the evening birds singing.
I dreamed of something insanely erotic and I woke up with a wild riser.
I was lying on my side, and my right hand was lying at Lena’s lower abdomen.
She was lying on her back with her legs slightly apart.
She was wearing a T-shirt with thin straps and light shorts.
I very carefully put my hand on her pubis and began to stroke him very very gently.
A few minutes later she let out a few deep breaths and spread her legs a little wider.
I moved down and gently lay between her legs, so that her crotch was in front of my face.
I began to gently touch my lips to the panties, which barely covered the sweetest place.
Suddenly, Lena slightly pouted her tummy and her breathing became faster, and she whispered: – Sunny! Oh, you bully! Come to me! and pulled me to her.
– Len can I take off your T-shirt? I pulled her up and her delightful breasts swayed in front of me.
I lay on her, and we began to kiss each other on the lips.
Then I went down a bit and wrapped my lips around her nipples.

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I sucked him like a baby, so Lena began to breathe deeply lightly, trembling all over.
I lowered my hand under her shorts and gently felt the clitoris with my finger.
Her crotch was already all wet and my finger very gently slid on her swollen clit.
Then I plunged my finger into her hole at full length and began to slightly press on the front wall of the vagina.
Lena began to breathe very deeply.
– Dimka, honey.
I’ll finish now.
My dick had already ripped a wild strut, and I, too, was ready to release a portion of sperm.
My finger movements became more frequent and after a few seconds she jerked and barely holding back a moan, she pressed her lips to my lips and twitched with her whole body.
It was bliss when you feel the orgasm of the most insanely beautiful and dear woman.
Her body calmed down a bit.

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I felt like her entire vagina was contracting inside.
I gently pulled out the entire wet finger and licked it.
“Well?” “I’m losing my mind about your taste.”
“Let me try now,” she said with a smile.
I took off the panties and sat on her lap, so that she remained lying beneath me.
She pulled me to the buttocks to her.
I took a member in my hand and started to drive it across my chest, then I began to lick it and gently suck.
– I can not stand for so long! I will finish so quickly! – Well, how do you want to finish sweet? – I really want to kiss you there (I showed her pussy with my eyes) and finish with you! – You are my sweet, come on, lay on your back.
We lay in position 69 and I began to lick her crotch.
I licked and caressed her like crazy.
Then Lena leaned forward a bit and I hugged her ass and frantically licked her anus.
In the meantime, she just lay on me and enjoyed my caresses.
Feeling an upcoming orgasm, she took my dick in her hand and became very gently caressing my head.
My face was already all wet from her lubricant and my drool.
I introduced the tongue into her vagina and actively rotated it inside Lena.
Her ass went shaking and it gave me insane pleasure.
– I am ready to finish the bunny at any moment, how are you? – almost in a moan said Lena. Webcam sex zrelki.

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