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We agreed on a new meeting.
All toys Elizabeth categorically fell into one of two categories, invented by her.
She was a pedant and never changed her rules – this beauty always labeled exquisitely.
She preferred to languidly and for a long time enjoy the expensive things of the European standard, while Elizabeth’s Chinese penny items were broken and ruined in a short time, thrown into the garbage bin as unnecessary garbage.
In her collection there was only one special thing, like an expensive rare book.
Naturally the thing itself did not realize that it was something special, the situation did not even allow one to think about such things.
The name of the toy was bizarre, in her opinion, – Danila.
But she never called him languidly Da-ni, breathing out the last vowels with a moan and savoring the melodiousness of the combination of sounds.
She preferred with anger in her voice and sternly utter “Creature” or with a laugh “Nipple.”
It was these two words that gave her the most pleasure when her thing was in her absolute power.
Elizabeth was going to the ballet: trying on an expensive necklace from her rich boyfriend and a pair of ruby ??earrings, looking at her reflection in the mirror.
Her favorite thing was replacing the stool, and with a creak of teeth, she strained all her muscles, afraid to give up the slack and drop the Lady from her back.
– Shut up the creature! – the girl said rudely, grabbing her thing by the hair wet after a shower and lifting his head up.
“From your sobs, I forget what I was thinking.”
The red-haired fire beast knew that she had to deal with her expensive thing very toughly

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, otherwise she would cease to obey and Elizabeth would no longer feel the refinement of her taste.
From the drawer of her table, she pulled out a gag and immediately put the guy on her mouth, squeezing soft shaved cheeks.
In some places on the face of Danil there were cuts from the machine for shaving, and Elizabeth had a special pleasure with her long nails, glaring at the fresh wounds.

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“I have a present for you, nothingness,” the Lady said with anticipation.
The thing was silent – Danya could not disobey.
There was finally silence in the room.
Elizabeth grinned, smiled lightly, scrolling through her fantasy in her head again and again.
“My lover has gone to a press conference in Minsk today, so you will accompany me to the theater,” the girl said quite boringly and patted her thing by her hair, drowning her fingers in the wet curls.
She felt her dear thing startled by the news – a blissful moment.
Elizabeth finally got up from her slave and walked over to the closet, pulling out hangers with shirts and costumes.
She liked to choose their own clothes for their erudite things.
It is worth noting that her property was not among the usual henpecked, which are already mass, he was talented and intelligent, with an extraordinary ability to attract others to him.
He wrote his candidate’s work at night and, it seems, sometimes in his dreams historical pictures and twisted concepts were replaced by dreams of the Mistress.
The imperious woman chose a marble-colored suit, a maroon shirt, and instead of a tie she threw a leather collar onto the bed with a single ring in the middle for the leash.
She wanted not only to publicly show everyone her dear thing, but also to enjoy the evening, dispelling boring moments during the ballet with a cocktail from the sweet words of her slave.
Half an hour later, the couple were already in a taxi.
Mrs. smoked a cigarette, holding it in a long mouthpiece, and shook the ashes into the open palm of her toy.
She didn’t even give him a glance, only in time did she take the redhead, like her hair, a light from her hand, so as not to leave burns on the soft skin of Danil.
She liked his hands, a well-groomed manicure on them, a clear interlacing of veins.
To spoil his beauty was unacceptable, even if he himself prayed for it.
– Can I do something else for my Lady? – Daniel asked timidly, afraid to move his numb hand.
Elizabeth could hit her calm.
She did not ignite, like gasoline, from the mere spark of anger.
Master: in this word her ability to instantly find the right words and actions was hidden.
From her purse she took bright scarlet lipstick, took Danila by the chin and gently emphasized her lips with a greasy layer of makeup, then gently took the slave’s hand in the ashes and smeared the lipstick on her surprised face.
She knew perfectly well how hard it was to wipe red lipstick off her skin.
– I asked you to keep your mouth shut, what now this cultural driver will think of you? – with irony asked Elizabeth and again returned to the scenery behind the glass of the car. Webcam new sex.

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