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I wanted to hook one of these serious girls and so that she, for me, sniff impudently, took it.
I wanted the sexy girl to have real power over me, not play power.
This is not practiced in the world.
Behind the “half-games” is the future, and this future is not far off, I am only one of the first to start doing this.
The essence of this game is in its reality, which is so extreme and beautiful because this gentle trembling runs all over the body.
This game is a small hybrid of sexy pervert games with a famous thing called Prank.
The victim should not guess that she is bred.
The most important thing: She must be blind and one hundred percent sure that it is she who plays with me, and not me with her.
Anyway! The essence of this thing you will understand in the course of the story.
In my case, I looked and should have looked like a stupid juvenile jerk who, from his own impunity, decided to make fun of women on the Internet.
In principle, it is, but in a different way.
I took the girls for a long time and finally I was lucky! One dark-haired, beautiful girl, slim girl, with strict facial features, named Maria answered me.
I first gave her that I wanted to fuck her, then I said that I wanted to be her slave and lick her heels, then I said that it was time for my parents not to dress as a girl and dab myself at the point.
In general, everything that was in my head – I said! I thought that I would go now, as I did all the other times in three funny letters with lots of exclamation marks.
She wrote: “Parents know about this?” Yes! The girl is serious! I ran into It gave me both sweetness and fear.
A little shaking hands from her head.
The fact that inside the quotes is inserted conversation quotes, the rest is comments.

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I: “About what?” She: “What are you doing!” I: “No, of course!” She: “What do they do?” This question was strange! I didn’t know what to say, but I was excited and I wanted more and more “lights!”.
I: “in the sense of?” She: “Where do they work?” I: “Father in the realtor! Mother does not work!” She: “Are you alone at home?” This is all to what? I did not understand, but answered.
Me: “No! With Parents!” She: “I want to talk to your dad!” Yeah !!! Schaz !!! I inserted from these words, specifically! I: “About what?” She: “About your behavior!” I: “M.
do you want me to be punished and spanked like hell !? “I went into a rage.
She: “Yes! You deserve it!” You would know how I felt! Me: “What else besides the belt?” She: “House arrest for the whole summer.
Will you sit in a room without the Internet and contentment, and think about your behavior! “Is she serious! ????? She thinks she’s, I just took her out and gave myself the whole info ??? Naive girl.
I: “Oh! How scary !.
I’m afraid of you !!! “It was true.

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The data on your parents tell me.
And she seriously, mind you! I do not.
I’m scared of dad! If he finds out, he will kill me! ”It was true.
She: “Are you afraid of punishment? And you were not afraid to say such a stranger to a girl? You have to answer for your actions! Speak your father’s name and his mail!” And here I was struck! Why I, such an idiot, did not create in advance the page of the “father” and did not live it in, giving it a real look.
Then I would give his address and calmly end, and she would be full of triumph, having dealt with me! And everyone would be happy! But not in this case.
I: “I am afraid! I will not give!” She: “Alive! I’m waiting! Otherwise it will be worse!” I do not.
Masha, I do not want to give! I’m afraid! “She:” I said quickly !! Give him his mobile phone.
Dad should know what his son is doing in his absence.
He will be very happy to find out.
” Me not!!! I’m not a suicide! “She:” It will be worse! If you give it now, he will only learn about the fact that you are pestering everyone.
If I find it myself, then I will tell everything! And about how you dab at the point, disguised as a girl, and therefore tell all this.
I’m still lying, that you shared with me that you have a blue friend, and that you get up while your parents are not at home.
“Wow! My defense just fell in! But her bluff was obvious! Firstly! The fact that she finds me is bluffing! She decided to buy me! Secondly! She would have told him everything, even if would give her a phone or father’s mail! Watch sex online.

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