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I so want you to be very good with me! For you to experience unearthly bliss !!! I want you to cum in my mouth, I will swallow your sweet white seed without losing a bit

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, and then I want you to kiss me on the lips before losing a pulse !! I want to dissolve in you, become a partial you, give you all the stars from heaven !!! But we will continue.
Have you forgotten you’re still attached? And I did it for a reason, because now I want to take on myself! I’ll start to caress yourself in front of you! I will stroke my body, breasts, hugging and squeezing them, taking hold of the tips of the nipples, they will stick out with excitement, then my hand will penetrate under the little white lace panties, and I will start to caress myself there, my girl is wet and hot for a long time, and I I caress my lips with my clit.
You ask me to move closer and tear off my panties with my teeth, and I continue: I lean on the back of the bed, right in front of you and start shamelessly caressing myself, teasing the clitoris with my finger, he comes up from his little house and wants I went on like this !!! I get a vibrator in my other hand, and he enters my hot, flaming girl, and I begin to moan with pleasure.
It is a pity that you did not want.
Hello! I want to tell you a story that is based on real events, but of course its main purpose was invented.
For a long time I spent time on the same virtual dating site.
And one day I met a very sweet and charming girl.
Her name was Alexandra, or as she called herself Sasha.
Despite the fact that in her questionnaire it was written that she was a lesbian, I really wanted to talk with her more closely and in the end I got my way.
Sasha was a pretty girl of nineteen years old, a brunette, not tall, with a neat second size breast and a plump, trimmed ass.
When communicating, she gave me some of the conditions one of which was that I had to constantly be in the image of a girl and I had to call her Sandra.

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She wanted me to become her virt-slut, so in the future I will describe the story in the image of a girl.
It seemed funny to me and I agreed.
We talked for a long time and in the process of communication, I realized that the topic of Futanari incredibly turns it on.
For those who do not know, I will explain, Futanari are such girl hermaphrodites who have a huge penis instead of a clitoris and a pussy under it or not at all, often they are found in the fantasy or hentai world.
I also liked this theme very much and we fantasized with it for a long time using all sorts of subjects, but over time I began to miss this.
I really wanted to see and talk in real life.
I persuaded her for a long time and finally she agreed.
We lived in different cities and when I arrived, I immediately rented a hotel room and at the appointed time I was looking forward to our meeting.
Finally, this time has come.
There was a knock at the door.
I opened.
– Hello, my little slut, with a smile on her face, she said hello.
– Hi, Sandra, I replied.
In the lower abdomen, I felt very excited.
In life, she seemed even more sexy and attractive, and therefore I, like a bewitched one, stood in the aisle, not knowing what to do next.
“Will I come in?” “Yes, of course.”
I seemed to wake up.
– Come on honey.
She came in and gave me some kind of package.
– What is it? I asked.
– This is a gift, put on things from this package, and no questions asked, but while I go to the shower and dress up too.
I dutifully got the contents of the package.
There were black lace stockings and the same panties, and even a first size bra, just for me, I thought.
The panties were not ordinary, there was a specially made slot in the back of the anus, but I did not betray this value.
There was also a toy for anal games, a cork in the form of a cat’s tail.
At first I was confused, but having understood what was required of me and why the cut quickly undressed in my panties and pulled on stockings with panties, I hardly fastened my bra and sat on my knees after having pre-smeared my hole in the ass with saliva slowly inserted a cork in my ass, sat in the middle of the room and eagerly awaited Sandra’s return.
When she entered, she wore a short burgundy skirt in a large cage, a snow-white blouse with a top button and a similar little white knee-high socks, and claret sandals were on her feet.
The hair was straight and on the face there was a bright make-up.
All this reminded me of the hentai cartoony heroine, which was even more exciting.
– I see you’re ready my girl.
With these words, she gently as a cat went to the bed and climbed on it.
– Well, go quickly to me, my dear. Toptoys666 webcam sex.

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