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And yet someone else doesn’t fall in love, you don’t have any problems, mom joked.
And the only one who could probably be interested in her, Timurka, has long forgotten about her, since he would rather agree to a fire, than stop at any woman or girl.
So gradually everything calmed down.
We also walked with the girls.
They ran from them to fucking.
In general, they lived their usual lives.
It was summer.
The boys every time they saw my mother remembered her with a kind word, but they licked, she looked standing, threw some compliment whenever possible, she only smiled in response, which warmed the memories of that March night even more.
Timur ran and changed the women, where did he just take them? Probably already in the second round.
The boys were joking, so that at least wrote down already conquered.
Autumn came.

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morning, Timur called me and said that I needed to talk.
We met with him after an hour in the cafe.
Vladik damn I have relatives here came to visit with Azerbaijan, with them three brothers, it is necessary to treat well, dear guests after all.
– began Timurka.
Well, what’s the problem in the sauna and the grub and the girls more, I wondered.
What kind of girls, you listen, you need to get acquainted with normal girls, but the bros in Russian only know how to swear, in order to get to know this will not work out, what a gift, and to treat prostitutes is somehow not good, undignified.
I really want to treat, as real people explained Timur.
And what do you need to borrow money, I have a bit there, I will not give up a problem, thinking that the question has been solved, I answered.

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What money, money I will give you myself.
I want Valentina Alexandrovna us with the brothers for the evening, to treat them to a real Russian woman, I told the brothers about her, they are waiting now, do not let him down, he pleaded.
No, she does not agree, even talk about it will not, and certainly will not go anywhere.
She was worried about her last time, as you did, and here strangers, and not from Russia, you understand the dead number.
– I said soothingly at Timur.
Yes, no need to go anywhere, tell me when to come, we will come, and there you know me, she will be pleased, and he will be assured of me even after me.
Yes, yes, I believe you, everything will be fine, well, I will try, I said.
We sat for an hour more chatted about nothing and dispersed.
Saturday has come.
Father as always rushed to fishing.
I gave the sister money and sent it away, saying that friends would come so that they would not be confused here.
Mom had a rest in her day off, rested.
I suddenly asked if she had any periods.
No, she answered in surprise.
I said that I just care, which surprised her even more.
I phoned Timur and somewhere in half an hour Timur and his three brothers came to me, with a package and flowers, two years for twenty and one years so twenty-five.
I spread them in the kitchen, they got food, wine.
I set the table.
I walked gently, pushing my mother, saying that we have guests and that they ask the hostess to greet, treat and give flowers.
Mom smiled got up said she would tidy herself up and now she will come, I went to the table.
Five to ten minutes later, a mother appeared at home, as befits a hostess, but slightly made up and with beautifully gathered hair in a ponytail.
And she was surprised, strangers were sitting at the table, and even from the Caucasus.
These are my brothers, Timur said and introduced everyone to each other.
And this is for you, he gave mother flowers.
And what at home, would go somewhere, mother said with shy flowers.
We told you directly to Timur’s mother.
Mom immediately realized that they want from her, and obstinately.
No Timur is out of the question, I do not agree.
– as mum cut off.
Yes, we do not force you, you sit down with us, drink wine, sit, please us with your beauty, softened Timur. Sex web cams video records.

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