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You know, the story in the forest did not end with that.
Someone from our school managed to photograph us, and in two days the whole city knew about it.
My life turned into hell, I was ashamed to just go out.
Mom drove me to hysterics every night.
I wanted to move to another city, but we were going to Germany and saved money.
The mere memory of this time gives me pain.
But you know, thanks to your repressive hypnosis, I realized that sex with dad is the best thing that happened in my life, and if I had the opportunity to return at that time, I would do the same.
So here.
– I understand you.
– Not.
You are certainly a genius in this field, but even you cannot understand me.
Lets change theme.
Tell me, did you invent this? – Lie still, you need to rest.
Let’s just say I greatly improved this technique.
By the way, this is called regressive hypnosis, not repressive.
You are hungry? Bring you something? – No, thanks, not now.
What happened today.
I’m too excited to eat.
– Do not be silly, you need to eat.
I have to warn you that your childhood experiences overlap with the ecstatic state produced by LSD, which is probably why you take sex with your father as the happiest moment of your life.
– Not.
You can hardly understand, the woman feels it.
I really loved him, wanted to have children from him, and would give my life for him.
It is difficult to understand a person who has never truly loved anyone.
– Well, OK.
By the way, about children, I have to give you a lecture on genetics.
I’ll go look for something edible. Sex and the city season 4 free online.

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