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– Why does anything happen.
I’m a man.
– the doctor laughed.
– Sergey Anatolyevich, I have many questions for you.
“I will try to answer them, because you are my student,” Shevchenko answered seriously already, “but first breakfast and coffee.”
He pressed the invisible button, and Oksana entered the office gracefully with a tray.
She, too, was indescribable beautiful.
Luxurious light, dropping to fragile shoulders, slightly snub nose, big blue eyes and very regular features.
The figure was just perfect.
The girl left them breakfast.
smiled and disappeared.
“Yes, I liked her too, I did it for myself,” said Shevchenko with a smirk, when Oksana came out, “if you want, you can get to know her closer.”
But this later.
– And a lot of such wonderful cyborgs work for you? – Alex has already got used that the doctor can read his thoughts.
– Our girls are exclusive and you can say piece goods, expensive to play.
Only to order! And Irina and Oksana – an experiment of a new generation of office workers.
There is, also Sasha – Irina’s partner.
– Partner? Sex and the city movie online free streaming.

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